October 10 2004

Aspartame, used as a sweetner in "diet" products, can have multiple neurotoxic, metabolic, allergenic, fetal and carcinogenic effects. Commonly known as NutraSweet® and Equal®, Aspartame is now used by over two-thirds of the population.

The FDA approved Aspartame as a low-nutritive sweetener in 1981. It is a synthetic chemical consisting of two amino acids, phenylalanine (50 percent) and aspartic acid (40 percent), and a methyl ester (10 percent) that promptly becomes free methyl alcohol (methanol; wood alcohol). The latter is a severe poison.

Some of the reactions to Aspartame include the initiation or aggravation of diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, convulsions, headache, depression, hyperthyroidism, hypertension and arthritis; the simulation of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and lupus erythematosus; aspartame addiction; and it is linked to brain tumors.

When Aspartame use has been stopped, the prompt improvement of symptoms (grand mal seizures, headache, itching, rashes, severe gastrointestinal reactions) and their recurrence within minutes or hours after resuming Aspartame, provides direct evidence of its adverse effect on humans.

Six pilots who had lost their licenses for unexplained seizures while consuming Aspartame products, sought to have their licenses reinstated by demonstrating the affects Aspartame had on them.

Aspartame in the News
(Jun-26-07) Aspartame linked to cancer: study [SYDNEY MORNING HERALD]

FDA Studies Link Aspartame to Brain Tumors [CLICK PRESS]

FDA studies show aspartame is linked to brain tumors. For 16 years, the FDA resisted pressure to approve aspartame due to safety studies linking the artificial sweetener to numerous adverse reactions, including the development of brain tumors in animal studies. But it was approved in 1981 with a published a list of dozens of symptoms of aspartame poisoning. The FDA admits the adverse affects of aspartame, such as headaches, blindness, seizures, tumors, and death involve 80% of the consumer complaints they receive each year. [ORGANIC CONSUMER ASSOCIATION]

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