Business Computer Training Institute

January 14 2008

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the vocational school for allegedly defrauding students. The lawsuit was filed in Pierce County Superior Court on behalf of Oregon students alleging the Business Computer Training Institute (BCTI) falsely promised prospective students it would train them for high paying professional careers. The suit alleges the school recruited vulnerable people outside welfare and unemployment offices, and enrolled students who could barely read and write.

The class action alleges BCTI graduated students regardless of academic performance and left many with student loan debts. Instead of high paying jobs, many graduates wound up working at department stores, fast food restaurants or telemarketing firms. BCTI provided computer training and had seven campuses in Washington and Oregon when it closed in 2005.

The school's owners recently settled a similar lawsuit filed on behalf of BCTI students in Washington state. More than 1,300 students received a share of the $13.25 million settlement.

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