DaimlerChrysler Dodge Durango

August 5 2003

A class action lawsuit has been filed against DaimlerChrysler AG and DaimlerChrysler NorthAmerica Holding Company on behalf of Dodge Durango owners, model years 1998-2003. The suit alleges that that the upper ball joints on the 1998-2003 Dodge Durangos were defective, and would to fail suddenly and violently, or wear prematurely. The suit claims that this problem affects all Dodge Durangos, even those which are not currently manifesting problems. The suit is seeking a recall to install new joints, and is also seeking compensation for the owners of Dodge Durangos due to their diminished value. The suit is seeking compensation for Dodge Durango owners, due to defective upper ball joints on all 1998-2003 Dodge Durangos.

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