March 3 2005

Dex-Cool is an engine coolant, that allegedly claims it will protect engines for up to five years or 150,000 miles. Instead, consumers have had numerous problems with the product, and costly repairs were needed because of damage caused by Dex-Cool. Dex-cool has been linked to corroded and clogged radiators and radiator caps, eroded water pumps, rotten radiator hoses, leaky cooling system gaskets, chronic overheating and engine damage.

Dex-Cool Articles

Dex Cool Settlement: Interview with Eric Gibbs
"From the perspective of our clients, the Dex Cool settlement is quite an achievement," says lawyer Eric H. Gibbs, of Girard Gibbs LLP. "There are over 100 named plaintiffs and hundreds of thousands of class members, making this one of the largest recoveries arising from allegations of automobile defects that I know of."

Dex-Cool Customers Losing Their Cool
A disgruntled Malibu owner from Albany, New York was not pleased that she had to replace the intake manifold on her GM vehicle after only 47,000 miles. Grace drives a Malibu, but she couldn't drive it for the time it was in the shop having a repair that cost her $683 out of pocket after the factory-installed Dex-Cool antifreeze destroyed the manifold gasket.

Disgruntled Car Owners will have their Day in Court
General Motors Corp. may be held responsible for hundreds of thousands of disgruntled car owners' out-of-pocket for car repairs thanks to Dex-Cool antifreeze. The bright-orange coolant used in many GM vehicles over a period of about 10 years has come under fire for not only breaking down well before the promoted five-year, 150,000 mile window, but for laying at the root of millions of dollars of needless repairs incurred by vehicle owners.

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