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January 1 2003

There are hundreds of people who have received threatening letters from Secure Signals International, a subsidiary of DirecTV/Hughes/GM. They are requesting that people who purchased Smart Card readers send them $3500-25,000, or else these people will be sued.

A suit has been filed against DirecTV/Hughes/GM alleging improper debt collection practices and other unlawful business practices. Anyone who has already paid money and/or forfeited valuable property to settle DirecTV's threatened lawsuit (in response to one or more of their Demand Letters) can participate in this class action. You may also participate if you have not paid any money.

A class action is also being filed for those who have not yet signed settlement papers.

If you feel you qualify for damages or remedies that might be awarded in this class action please fill in the form to the right to submit your complaint.

If your injustice does not match the complaint described above, please use this form to register your complaint. Thank you.