Masco Contractor Services Inc.

May 16 2007

Masco Contractor Services Inc. are facing what is believed to be the largest class action involving wage claims by Latino workers.

Many Latino workers, fearful of their immigration status, and ignorant about their rights, will not jeopardize their employment by filing lawsuits against their employers for labor law violations.

Because employers know this, they feel they can ignore wage and hour laws when it comes to Latino workers.

Masco, with net annual sales of $12.7 billion, refutes the claim and says they are in compliance with all state and federal laws.

However, Daniel Gutierrez, lead plaintiff in the case, says he and other workers received as little as five hours pay for 10-12 hours of work, because they weren't allowed to count time spent traveling, unloading equipment or doing paperwork.

Gutierrez was also asked by his supervisor to reduce the number of hours on his timecard.

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