Pella Windows Lawsuit

December 23 2004

A consumer fraud/product defect class action lawsuit is currently pending in Illinois against the manufacturer of Pella Windows. The owners of Pella Windows may have defective windows installed in their homes or commercial buildings which were manufactured by Pella beginning in 1991. These windows may be causing damage to the structure and/or may be internally defective so damage is not visible to the naked eye. Typically, the windows are alleged to allow water to intrude through the seams and edges and the water then damages the internal mechanism of the window and, in some cases, causes structural damage.

The windows are marketed and sold to consumers as a "top of the line", high-end product for new construction or for the replacement of existing windows in existing construction. They are used in homes, residential buildings such as condominiums, apartment buildings and townhomes, as well as commercial buildings. The windows are advertised to the public as being "worry-free" and bearing a lifetime warranty.

Pella Windows Legal Help

If you own property (including homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, etc.) that have Pella Windows installed in the building that were manufactured after 1990, please fill in the form to the right to send your complaint to a Pella window lawyer.

Last updated May 23 2007