Pneumo Abex Corp.

June 26 2007

Bloomington, IL: (Jun-22-07) Nancy Malcolm filed suit against several defendants, including Pneumo Abex Corp., a manufacturer of asbestos, alleging her husband, Daniel Malcolm, died as a result of asbestos exposure. Malcolm was a Bloomington High School teacher from 1968 to July 1994 and worked at a foundry at Caterpillar's East Peoria plant from June to August 1964. The complaint filed in May 2006 states that Malcolm was exposed to asbestos at the school and foundry assignments. That same year, Malcolm was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a disorder commonly linked to exposure to asbestos. In a settlement reached after Malcolm's death in March 2007, his wife received about $3.8 million, ending claims against several defendants, including Pneumo Abex Corp. [PANTAGRAPH: ASBESTOS DEATH]

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