Sharper Image Corp.

January 22 2007

San Francisco, CA: A class action lawsuit was filed against the high-tech gadget retailer in regards to the sale of Ionic Breeze air purifiers. The suit claimed the product did not perform up to the company's claims that it would clean the air of airborne irritants, allergens, and pollutants, as well as eliminate odors and freshen the air. The suit also claimed the product did not meet federal ozone emission regulations. The suit was filed on behalf of all those who purchased an Ionic Breeze air purifier from Sharper Image since May 6, 1999. Under the proposed class action settlement, Sharper Image will offer $19 merchandise credits to each of the roughly 3.2 million consumers who have bought an "Ionic Breeze" purifier. Sharper Image also agreed to tone down its advertising claims about the power of the Ionic Breeze and pay up to $1.87 million in fees to the lawyers who filed the suit. (Jan-20-07) [CBS NEWS: IONIC BREEZE SETTLEMENT]

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