More Reports of Heart Complications and Deaths from DaVita and Fresenius Dialysis

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Laguna Niguel, CASons and daughters of parents believed to have suffered cardiac arrest, stroke, respiratory issues and other health problems linked to the use of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte administered at DaVita Healthcare Centers are now considering a DaVita and Fresenius lawsuit.

Although Henry’s mother died in the hospital from cardiac arrest, he knows she was given GranuFlo during dialysis treatments at a DaVita Center. “My mother started dialysis in 2007, and she went to the DaVita Center three times a week without fail,” says Henry. “She got sick about two weeks before she died and was given hemodialysis at her bedside in the hospital. Her blood pressure went down and she stopped breathing; they put her on a respirator and sent her to ICU where she stayed just a few days. Her doctor called to tell me she had massive brain bleeding and passed away.

“When I heard about the Granuflo recall, it got me wondering. I know there are hundreds and thousands of people who are on dialysis and can stay on it for years. Would my mother be alive today if she wasn’t given the recalled Naturalyte Liquid Acid and Granuflo?”

A few thousand miles away in Brooklyn, Amanda says her mom went on dialysis a few years ago and never missed a session at DaVita, where she went three nights per week. “I was shocked when mom had a heart attack, because just a few days before, her doctor said she was fine,” says Amanda. “He checked on her during hemodialysis; he said she was in good spirits, laughing it up with the other patients.” Amanda says her mom never regained consciousness. She was on life support for five days and then passed away.

Robert’s father suffered a stroke during a dialysis treatment at DaVita. He passed away two months later. “My father was only 66 years old and we couldn’t understand why or how he died, until my brother and I saw a commercial on TV about a Granuflo recall and subsequent Davita and Fresenius lawsuits,” says Robert. “We thought it too coincidental so we phoned the clinic and found out, sure enough, that dad had been given both the Naturalyte Liquid Acid Concentrate and Granuflo, and both of them had been recalled.”

Naturalyte and Granuflo lawsuits claim that these drugs can cause dangerously high levels of bicarbonates in the patients, which caused the deaths of two patients cited in recent lawsuits. Attorneys and health professionals believe there could be thousands of unreported deaths and injuries, including cardiac arrest and stroke. That could be a conservative estimate, given the fact that in the US alone about 400,000 people undergo dialysis every year, according to the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

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So what happens if you have a lawsuit against Fresenius do u also sue Davita

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