Lawsuit Filed Against Brazilian Blowout Formaldehyde

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Modesto, CAA major controversy brewing over Brazilian Blowout has escalated after the filing of a lawsuit earlier this month against the manufacturers of the hair-straightening product. KTXL 'FOX40' television in Sacramento reported November 11th that the Attorney General for the state of California filed the lawsuit in Alameda County Court over the presence of formaldehyde in the product.

Formaldehyde is used commercially as embalming fluid. The manufacturer insisted that its product was free of formaldehyde, but recently admitted that formaldehyde content amounted to .0011 percent of volume in each bottle following testing by the manufacturer.

To that end the manufacturer employed a test known as 13C-NMR in order to measure the presence of formaldehyde in its Brazilian hair-straightening treatment. However a chemist at the University of the Pacific (UOP) told FOX40 that the 13C-NMR test is the incorrect test for that purpose, and thus is incapable of accurately detecting the reviled chemical.

"It is grossly incorrect to present 13C-NMR (Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy as an analytical technique adequate for formaldehyde trace analysis in cosmetics," said Dr. Andreas H. Franz of the UOP's Department of Chemistry.

FOX40 reported that after several complaints of burning eyes, the owners of Streaks Hair Salon in Modesto paid to have Brazilian Blowout tested at a lab in Rancho Cordova. California Laboratory Services reportedly came back with the finding that the sample of Brazilian Blowout tested contained about 13 percent formaldehyde.

The makers of Brazilian Blowout hair treatment dispute that claim, alleging the test used to arrive at 13 percent was incorrect and are standing by their own testing.

In the meantime, Streaks Salon owner Daydre Eastwood told FOX40 "it's bad for the stylist, it's bad for us. I have a stylist that does Brazilian Blowouts that is pregnant and that was one [sic] my issues with the formaldehyde with her breathing it and her doing [the treatments]."

Eastwood went on to say that whenever she contacted the manufacturer to apprise them of a complaint from a stylist or client, Eastwood alleged she was always told the same thing: "'The acai berry is in such raw form it's like an onion burning your eyes,' and I'm telling my clients all this stuff and now basically, I'm a liar—because it's chemicals that are burning your eyes."

Brazilian Blowout formaldehyde will be dealt with in the courts of law following the lawsuit filing in California. Brazilian Blowout side effects will most assuredly have a thorough airing during proceedings.

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