Week Adjourned: 9.2.16 – iPhone 6, Tropical Smoothie, Avon

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Do you have Touch Disease? Or, more to the point—does your iPhone 6 or 6 plus? Here are the symptoms loss of functionality by reduced responsiveness or no responsiveness at all, when interacting with the touch screen. The defect is typically preceded by a flickering grey bar across the top of the display. According to the lawsuit, the loss of functionality results from a defective logic board.

Yes—touch disease is an alleged defect in the iPhone 6 generation. It’s referred to as “touch disease”, because the alleged defect, the lawsuit asserts, manifests as reduced touch screen functionality.

An iPhone 6 defective products class action lawsuit was filed against Apple this week. One to watch. 

Heads up Tropical Smoothie Fans…a food poisoning class action lawsuit was filed this week against Virginia-based Tropical Smoothie cafes. The strawberry smoothies have been linked to an outbreak of Hepatitis A. The infected strawberries reportedly come from Egypt.

According to Virginia State health officials, at least 28 cases of Hepatitis A have so far been linked to the tainted strawberries. Last week, 35 cases of Hepatitis A had been recorded, with a majority connected to stores in Northern Virginia, according to state health officials. Tropical Smoothie has locations in Hampton, James City and York counties and roughly 300 stores nationwide.

The Tropical Smoothie lawsuit is filed against by a plaintiff claiming damages and recovery of costs associated with vaccination shots she got to guard against hepatitis A.

According to court documents, the plaintiff had smoothies at a Yorktown store in the last month or so. After finding out she’d possibly been exposed to hepatitis A, she followed health official recommendations and had a series of vaccination shots.

According to Virginia State health officials, customers of Tropical Smoothie outlets could have been infected even if they didn’t order smoothies with strawberries, because the cafes use the same blender to make smoothies.

FYI—Hepatitis A is a disease often transmitted by contaminated food or drinks that can cause liver infections with fever, jaundice and malaise. 

Top Settlements

Avon Ladies to get Compensated…Avon has reached a proposed $1.8 million settlement in an unpaid  overtime class action brought by Avon’s district managers, who alleged the company misclassified them as exempt employees and therefore did not pay them time and half wages they were due.

According to the terms of the proposed Avon overtime settlement, anyone who worked as a district manager at one of Avon’s California locations between April 2009 and March 31, 2016 will be able to claim compensation for their unpaid wages.

The settlement must receive final approval.

So folks, on that happy note, this week’s a wrap. Happy Labor Day long weekend—we’ll see you at the bar!!