Class Action Investigations

Class Action Investigations

Consumer complaints under attorney investigation; no lawsuits filed yet. When certain consumer complaints affect a larger number of individuals, an attorney may begin a class action investigation. The number of people affected in order to begin an investigation can and will vary depending on the nature of the product in question and the complaint involved. For example, a serious auto defect can lead to a loss of many lives and prompt a class action investigation based on a small number of complaints; a mislabeled food product might be recalled but not result in actual injury to anyone and, therefore, not prompt a class action investigation. If an attorney determines there is cause for legal action, a class action investigation can lead to a class action lawsuit being filed.

  • Scholastic, Inc. Unsolicited Goods
    Scholastic, Inc. Unsolicited Goods
    January 31 2006

    Consumers filed a proposed nationwide class action lawsuit against the children's books publisher for allegedly duping unsuspecting consumers into a scheme to purchase unsolicited books and educational items. Scholastic allegedly used its...

  • Ameriprise Identity Theft
    Ameriprise Identity Theft
    January 31 2006

    --> Ameriprise Financial recently informed its clients and staff that a computer containing unencrypted company records was stolen in December. This announcement concerns its employees and customers due to the potential risk of identify theft and...

  • State of Minnesota Health Impact Fee
    State of Minnesota Health Impact Fee
    January 30 2006

    A lawsuit was filed in Minneapolis on behalf of three smokers who are seeking class action status for all of the state's smokers. A judge declared illegal the 75-cent charge on each pack of cigarettes for "health impact fee" and the smokers...

  • Ford Motor Corporation and the United Auto Workers Union
    Ford Motor Corporation and the United Auto Workers Union
    January 30 2006

    Retired hourly workers are seeking class action on behalf of all retirees, arguing that Ford Motor Co. and the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) did not have the right to cut benefits on behalf of retirees who do not pay union dues and were not...

  • Visa and MasterCard Price Fixing
    Visa and MasterCard Price Fixing
    January 26 2006

    U.S. retailers are possibly filing a class action suit accusing Visa and Mastercard and several major banks of price-fixing that could cost the credit card industry more than US $100 billion in damages. This suit is the latest in a series of 47...

  • Philip Morris USA Marlboro Lung Canger Screening
    Philip Morris USA Marlboro Lung Canger Screening
    January 23 2006

    A group of Marlboro smokers filed a lawsuit seeking class action status in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, New York, against Altria Group Inc.'s Philip Morris USA, stating that the company should pay for annual screening tests that detect...

  • Spam Blocking
    Spam Blocking
    January 23 2006

    --> While lawsuits are being filed against spammers, legitimate companies are also being punished and blacklisted. Businesses that send order confirmation details, requested newsletters, and other email correspondence are having their emails...

  • Juvenile Smokers Insurance
    Juvenile Smokers Insurance
    January 12 2006

    Lawyers are investigating an action against life insurance companies for charging juveniles smoker rates in life insurance policies. As you can imagine, very few people under 18 are smokers yet a number of life insurance companies charge...

  • Direcway Satellite Internet
    Direcway Satellite Internet
    January 11 2006

    Malakoff Doyle & Finberg, P.C., a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania law firm, is currently investigating a possible class action against the provider of Direcway satellite Internet access. Direcway is a broadband internet provider that offers...

  • Home Depot Equipment Rental Damage Fee lawsuit. Ask a lawyer.
    Home Depot Equipment Rental Damage Fee lawsuit. Ask a lawyer.
    January 5 2006

    Leading law firms are investigating a possible class action lawsuit against California Home Depot stores for deceptive business practices. Two similar lawsuits have already been filed in the county courts of Illinois and Florida. These lawsuits...

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