Class Action Investigations

Class Action Investigations

Consumer complaints under attorney investigation; no lawsuits filed yet. When certain consumer complaints affect a larger number of individuals, an attorney may begin a class action investigation. The number of people affected in order to begin an investigation can and will vary depending on the nature of the product in question and the complaint involved. For example, a serious auto defect can lead to a loss of many lives and prompt a class action investigation based on a small number of complaints; a mislabeled food product might be recalled but not result in actual injury to anyone and, therefore, not prompt a class action investigation. If an attorney determines there is cause for legal action, a class action investigation can lead to a class action lawsuit being filed.

  • Siemens telephones possible
    Siemens telephones possible
    October 17 2003

    Siemens Claims are being investigated that Seimens residential digital multi-telephone sets are being ruined when there is a power outage or failure. If you feel you qualify for damages or remedies that might be awarded in this class...

  • Baycol
    October 14 2003

    Baycol is a drug prescribed to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. The drug was withdrawn from the U.S. market after reports of severe and sometimes fatal adverse muscle reactions. Although Bayer has acknowledged that over...

  • Verizon Wireless
    Verizon Wireless
    October 14 2003

    Verizon Wireless Class action status is being sought in a lawsuit filed against Verizon Wireless on behalf of subscribers. The suit alleges that the wireless carrier is a common carriers, and therefore may not negotiate with their customers...

  • Intel Pentium 4 class action lawsuit. Submit your complaint to a lawyer
    Intel Pentium 4 class action lawsuit. Submit your complaint to a lawyer
    October 4 2003

    Pentium 4 Litigation Allegedly, Intel has engaged in false advertising and broken unfair competition laws in the sale of Pentium 4 based computers. The allegations claim that Intel and other computer resellers have advertised the Pentium 4 is...

  • Chrysler brake shift interlock
    Chrysler brake shift interlock
    October 4 2003

    Chrysler Minivan Brake Shift Interlock Between 1992 and 2000, over 3 million Chrysler minivans were sold to US consumers without a key safety device, the brake shift interlock. This safety device, which has been standard in most other automakers'...

  • Salomon Smith Barney stock broker
    Salomon Smith Barney stock broker
    September 25 2003

    Salomon Smith Barney stock brokers possible Class Action Lawsuit You may file for losses suffered in stocks such as AT&T, Level 3 Communications, Inc., Adelphia Communications Corporation, Metromedia Fiber Network Inc. and other such securities...

  • contaminated well water
    contaminated well water
    September 22 2003

    Whether you live near agricultural land or an industrial area, you may be equally exposed to water contaminants. People who rely on well water may not be aware of the water pollution caused from sewage runoff, pesticides and fertilizers, and...

  • Lotronex
    September 22 2003

    Lotronex is a prescription medication that was approved to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in women. In 2000 Glaxo Wellcome withdrew the drug from the market due to an increasing number of deaths, surgeries and hospitalizations occuring in...

  • AOL overbilling
    AOL overbilling
    September 16 2003

    A class action lawsuit has been filed against AOL on behalf of California customers who may have been overcharged by the Internet provider. The suit alleges that the company has been multiple billing thousands of AOL customers across the country...

  • Home Depot pressure-treated wood
    Home Depot pressure-treated wood
    September 4 2003

    Pressure-treated wood or CCA-treated wood contains arsenic. Tests have shown that the arsenic may come off upon direct contact by an individual, may leach into the soil around the deck or playset or run-off into the ground. Certain Notices about...

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