Class Action Investigations

Class Action Investigations

Consumer complaints under attorney investigation; no lawsuits filed yet. When certain consumer complaints affect a larger number of individuals, an attorney may begin a class action investigation. The number of people affected in order to begin an investigation can and will vary depending on the nature of the product in question and the complaint involved. For example, a serious auto defect can lead to a loss of many lives and prompt a class action investigation based on a small number of complaints; a mislabeled food product might be recalled but not result in actual injury to anyone and, therefore, not prompt a class action investigation. If an attorney determines there is cause for legal action, a class action investigation can lead to a class action lawsuit being filed.

  • City of San Diego, CA Affordable Housing
    City of San Diego, CA Affordable Housing
    May 30 2006

    A lawsuit filed against the City of San Diego by the San Diego County Building Industry Association (BIA) claims the city must repay millions of dollars in affordable housing fees it collected. The BIA board wants the money repaid to homeowners and...

  • Caremark Rx Inc. Back Dated Stock Options
    Caremark Rx Inc. Back Dated Stock Options
    May 30 2006

    A lawsuit claims that Caremark Rx Inc. shortchanged its investors by allowing senior executives to backdate stock options. The suit claims that the president and CEO and vice president were granted stock options on dates just before a sharp increase...

  • Ford Motor Co. Employee Racial Discrimination
    Ford Motor Co. Employee Racial Discrimination
    May 29 2006

    Several lawsuits seeking class actions status claim Ford Motor Co. discriminated against African American employees for years. Plaintiffs claim the automaker denied them job promotions in favor of less qualified white employees; paid them less than...

  • Sioux Valley Hospitals and Avera Health Uninsured Patient Billing
    Sioux Valley Hospitals and Avera Health Uninsured Patient Billing
    May 29 2006

    South Dakota Supreme Court has been asked to reinstate two class action lawsuits against Sioux Valley Hospitals and Avera Health that were dismissed earlier. Uninsured patients are required to sign a contract that does not specify prices and the law...

  • Simply Basic Lighted Mirror
    Simply Basic Lighted Mirror
    May 29 2006

    About 110,000 Simply Basic Lighted Mirrors, imported and sold at Wal-Mart stores, have been recalled due to exposed wires inside the mirror that could potentially cause an electrical shock hazard upon touch by the user. The mirrors were sold...

  • Kole Imports Baby 2 Pack Pacifiers
    Kole Imports Baby 2 Pack Pacifiers
    May 29 2006

    Kole Imports has voluntarily recalled approximately 3,600 packages of "Baby 2 Pack" Pacifiers. The pacifier's nipples can be easily detached from the guard and potentially cause a serious choking hazard. The recalled pacifiers, which were sold at...

  • House of Thaller
    House of Thaller
    May 24 2006

    Approximately 160,000 pounds of ham salad, chicken salad, turkey salad, tuna salad, seafood salad, seafood salad mix, pea salad mix, shrimp salad, artichoke shrimp dip, crab dip and cajun crab dip, manufactured by House of Thaller Inc. have been...

  • Made-Rite Sandwich Co
    Made-Rite Sandwich Co
    May 24 2006

    Approximately 27,000 chicken and tuna salad sandwiches made by Tennessee -based Made-Rite Sandwich Co. have been recalled because the celery in the packaged sandwiches was not properly processed and may potentially contain harmful bacteria...

  • Jumbo Foods Lunchbox Sandwiches
    Jumbo Foods Lunchbox Sandwiches
    May 24 2006

    Jumbo Foods Inc. recalled 762 Lunchbox Smoked Turkey Sandwiches with an expiry date 092500 due to a potential health risk. The sandwiches, weighing six ounces each and bearing a red and blue label, may be contaminated with Listeria...

  • Veterans Affairs Identity Theft
    Veterans Affairs Identity Theft
    May 24 2006

    On Monday, May 22nd, The Department of Veterans Affairs made an announcement that the files of approximately 26 million U.S. veterans were stolen during from the house of a government employee. The data taken was stored on a laptop and external...

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