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A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of members alleging the company's customer billing practices are deceptive and illegal. The class claims 24 Hour Fitness takes up to two full months to stop charging month to month customers after they quit and turn in their membership cards and that this practice imposes an illegal penalty on all monthly customers who have ended their memberships. The lawsuit also alleges the company collects illegal fees by setting expiration dates on pre-paid, personal fitness sessions.

Case Monitor

Apr-07-06. The case is still in the initial phase. Defendant 24 Hour Fitness has demurrered to various allegations and causes of action stated in the Second Amended Complaint, and plaintiff is opposing those challenges. A hearing on the defendant's challenge is scheduled for Apr-13-06.

[California Overtime Settlement] (Mar-14-06)

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I called to cancel on Sept 17th. They told me they would continue charging me through October. I said this was ridiculous and demanded that they stop charging me immediately. After the conversation, I canceled my credit card so that they wouldn't charge me. Then they contacted me after Sept. 25 (my normal billing date) and told me I had a balance of $45 because my card had been cancelled. I refused to pay. I have yet to suffer official damages but I'm afraid that they will report this unfair debt to the credit bureau. I don't know how to fight them if they claim I owe them money.

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I signed up with 24 hour fitness on 01/01/2007. I signed up for 6 fitness sessions and a monthly membership (at $30.99 / month). I paid my first AND last month dues upfront, and also had to give them my credit card info at sign up.

I was DIS-SATISIFIED with their trainers, who insisted that I use up ALL six sessions within the month! I planned to use one session / month and the salesman told me that it was acceptable. The 'training' head told me that sales was not aware of the 'restrictions' that trainers use - they require a MINIMUM of 2 sessions/week (they want you to use up your sessions really fast - they need to those $$ desperately). After much complaining and bad attitude from the sales manager, the training head agreed to give me one session a week. So far, not too good.

It gets worse. On Feb 27/28, 2007, my wallet (containing my credit card, DMV license etc) was lost/stolen. I paid cash at their front desk on March 4, 2007 and called their corporate office to tell them of the loss of the card and not to charge it. Then my issues began.

Everytime I went to exercise, the front deskers would tell me that my membership had been suspended, even though there were no unpaid dues. This was simply because I did not have a current credit card on file. I got heartily tired of being bullied into giving them my new credit card info (I told them I'd pay by cash every month and they refused!) and so I gave them notice to CANCEL my membership assuming that I would be able to work out until May 1, 2007 (my last month dues would go to credit April, 2007, I believed) but they would not admit me into the club after April 1, 2007. They said my membership was cancelled and that since they had NO credit card information that I could not use my last month's dues. Calls to the corporate office merely included a demand for current card info, EVEN THOUGH I HAD CANCELLED MEMBERSHIP AND ONLY WANTED TO USE UP THE LAST MONTH THAT I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR. This company is a criminal and a bad apple, and seems to earn money and then refuses to let them use their services.

Secondly, why are they SO insistent on having credit card information? I have done business with many vendors in the past but NONE have ever been as insistent on having your credit card info as this company. They obviously need that info for a reason and they go even to the extent of letting you use their equipment, even if you are upto date on your dues. These are no better than common thugs and need to be investigated thoroughly.

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Called customer service who said they made a mistake. They offered to send vouchers to reinstate my family member, who had paid $200 upfront to be added to my membership--these vouchers have not arrived after one month. I talked in person to the club manager, and was put off about the matter until they talk to customer service. No followup ensued.

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I started my initial membership on a month-to month $28 plan and paid for the first and last months up front. Then a few days later they had the 3 yr prepaid special so I agreed to sign up for that . The sales rep who I dealt with the first time said it was no problem, called his manager for approval and then charged me the $750 for the 3 yr (mind you they recharge you a processing fee and a membership fee AGAIN although you are already a member). He promised that the original $56 would then be refunded. I bought an additional 5 training sessions for $259 and the trainer was having problems setting up my sessions. The sales rep told him to use a certain number which turned out to be the pre-paid membership number. These people have the most antiquated IT systems on earth! Then I get charged another monthly fee on 5/25 - I go in and ask whats going on and the sales rep says he's working on it but its because i have a trainer. Then he said it would be taken care of when my first 5 sessions were over, then it was only after the second set of 5 sessions was over, then on 6/25 I get another monthly charge. I go in an ask what is going on and he again claims he is working on it but that he needs someones approval to stop the second billings. I called American Express and am disputing the charges. Expand your lawsuit please to cover these types of activities!

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