DaimlerChrysler 2.7 Engine Problems

There have been countless reports from consumers who purchased brand new DaimlerChrysler vehicles with 2.7 liter V6 engines which failed unexpectedly. In these stories, the engine simply seized with low mileage and regular maintenance. When contacting the dealer or the Daimler Chrysler Corporation, the warranty was not accepted and the owner was left with the $4000-$8000 responsibility for a new engine.

Experts believe the engine problems may be due to engine defects or oil sludge build-up that is common in 2.7L vehicles. The Center for Auto Safety has received five times more oil sludge complaints on Chrysler 2.7L vehicles than other vehicles such as Toyotas.

These defects can be financially and emotionally taxing and also may be physically dangerous as drivers and passengers may be severely injured in car accidents when the engine seizes in traffic.

Oil sludge and engine complaints involve the following Dodge and Chrysler vehicles from 1998 to present:

  • Dodge Magnum
  • Dodge Stratus
  • Dodge Intrepid
  • Chrysler 300M
  • Chrysler Sebringv
  • Chrysler LHS
  • Chrysler New Yorker
  • Chrysler Eagle Vision
  • Chrysler Concorde
The warranty on new vehicles covers the Powertrain for "seven years from the date the vehicle has been in service or 70,000 miles on the odometer, to the first owner." Unfortunately, these warranties are not effective as the company blames the consumer for the engine problems due to poor maintenance.

Legal professionals believe that DaimlerChrysler may be violating consumer rights under Lemon Laws or other consumer-protection laws. Lemon Laws are designed to protect and compensate consumers when automobiles consistently do not meet certain standards of quality and performance.

A lawsuit filed against Daimler Chrysler alleges that certain vehicles manufactured by the company were defectively designed, making the engines prone to accumulating engine sludge, which can cause engine failure.

"By complaints of its customers, DCC (Daimler Chrysler Corporation) was on notice that the 2.7 litre engine was defective and would fail prematurely regardless of routine maintenance," the complaint (found at states. "Nonetheless, DCC has routinely denied, and continues to deny, claims made under its extended powertrain warranty, and its extended warranties, and/or otherwise refuses to reimburse the costs of repairing or replacing these engines."

The lawsuit alleges breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty of merchantability and unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Register your DaimlerChrysler 2.7L Engine Complaint

If you own or have owned a Dodge or Chrysler vehicle that had a faulty engine, you may qualify for damages or remedies that may be awarded in a possible class action lawsuit. Please fill out the complaint form at right for a lawyer to review your complaint.
Last updated October 11 2017

Reader Comments

I have the 05 Dodge Magnum I have about a hundred sixty thousand miles on the car my water pump went out cause my oil pump to to clog up I am now trying to repair the engine and everything because that is the only car I have I would really like assistance you're welcome to call me at 760-910-xxxx I would really like to talk to you and get your help thank you
Posted by Vincent Franco on

We have a 2007 CHRYSLER SEBRING with a 2.4 liter engine. The oil pressure light comes on while engine is ideling at a stoplightt. We drive the car about 20 miles day.
How do we correct the problem?
Phone number 559-270-xxxx
Posted by Duane A Doig on

Bought 2006 Chrysler 300 with 120000 miles ran fine .Oil changed regularly going down I85/NC car quit running. Called brother, he's #1mechanic at Chrysler dealership:he told me 2 check water/oil.I told him I had and it sounded like the motor had locked up! MANY hrs later he came by and gave me the bad news,the motor was toast.He told me if he had known I was buying a 300 with a 2.7 he would have told me to run from it !So I'm now have a blue yard ornament waiting to see if Class Action Suit is in the courts.This Motor is a piece of s**t!Who thinks putting a water pump behind a timing cover so when the water pump fails it dumps water into the oil, is a total DUMB ASS.I have looked online and believe the 392 Hemi& 3.5V6are also done this way if you look up front view of short/long block assembly at auto parts store. Also Chrysler says to change the water pump every 70000 miles to prevent this from occurring! $1000 job over a$65.00 part. Brilliant absolutely brilliant!
Posted by Steve on

Bought a 2005 chrysler 300base 2.7liter brand new off the lot in 2005. Car started acting up when car was still under warranty with several issues and was taken to the dealership each time for repairs. On one trip to the dealer ship was told it was the torque converter and was was not covered and the cost would be over $1500.00. The car has been sitting for 2 years due to the cost to have the engine repaired. Regular oil changes were maintained on this car. I even called head quarters several times to find out why this was not covered under warranty.
Posted by Young on

I have a Chrysler 2010 300 2.7L engine. I was pulling up to a stop sign and car quit on me in traffic. No lights came on, regular oil changes, (often at Chrysler dealership) every 3000 mi, we'll maintained. They are saying I need a new engine. Mileage on car is approx 65,000.
Posted by North Carolina on

Chryslers is awesome cars got 06 magnum with 2.7 lots of power 150000 mileiage never no problems I got friends who got a sweet 05 300 hemi and 99 intrepid that is all rock solid never no problomsPeople you complaine cuz your car died you need to maintains it like changing your oil and coolant you prolly byed a used one that was thrashed dont piss and mone cuz you get a awesome car and it not maintain no car gonna last if not maintain
Posted by Gil on

2003 dodge intrepid blown motor sludge build up blown head gasket needs motor
Posted by Aaron green on

Bought chrysler 300base 2.7liter the engine died with only 56,000 mile. They say that the timing chain broke. Lots of engine sludge found even with regular maintained oil changes. It also had water pump issue. Cost for a new Engine 6,200.00
Posted by yusuf holloway on

I have a 2005 dodge magnum 2.7L. The engine stalls and stops when the car is at a stop. Like many other owners of this vehicle, they experience the same problem and some even when driving. I believe this is very dangerous and can cause someone to have a serious accident or even death. I have had numerous tech check my car to no avail. Please find a solution for this issue and have a recall of these vehicles
Posted by Leroy Aleem on

Engine oil light coming on, leaking oil through timing chain cover. Dealer said engine is about to go out due to sludge. They suggest not repairing the car & I should buy a new one.
Posted by Missouri on

Just purchased this vehicle used and it failed with less than 70,000 miles on it.
Posted by Washington on

I am installing a used engine with 160,000 kilometers at a cost of $2,000. I have incurred other charges such as towing
and taxi fares.
Posted by Ontario on

This car is not even paid for yet and already I am supposed to replace the entire engine. I cannot afford to do that, and so now I will either be paying for a car which I cannot drive or I will stop paying for the car and have it repossessed, which will ruin my credit and prevent me from buying a car in the future. This has caused me great emotional and financial distress, and will continue to do so until there is some type of fair resolution for this ridiculously defective vehicle.
Posted by Florida on

Car stalled on highway, towed to garage, replaced cam and o2 sensors (that's what the mechanic said was the problem), 4 days later while driving car stalled at a stop sign, would not start back up, towed to different garage, mechanic said it was catastrophic engine failure due to oil sludge build up.
Posted by Pennsylvania on

I have not been able to repair my car as of yet because the cost is more than I can possibly pay. I've been told a new engine and installation of engine will cost between $4,000-$9,000. Unfortunately, I still owe $12,000 on this car! The oil was always changed on time. My warranty just expired.
Posted by Illinois on

Driving at normal highway speeds, the engine rpms started slowing down without an increase in engine temp. Got car over to side of road and then it dies and would never start again. The 2.7L I replaced it with now has top end noise after 300 miles.
Posted by Wisconsin on

While driving home from Nevada to Minnesota with my 3 year old and 21 month old my car stalled 56 miles from the nearest town. Leaving us stranded. Had to leave the car in Montana. I am a single Mother with limited cash and no way to get my car. The place I left the car is telling me it would cost from 3000 to 4000 dollars to get a rebuilt engine for it. The place where I left it is going to send it to the junk yard if I do not get it in 2 weeks. I have no means to do that.
Posted by Minnesota on

My car stopped running and I had it towed to the nearest Chrysler/Dodge Dealership. The car had 66,000 mi. and was running on synthetic oil. The engine needs to be rebuilt/replaced and dealership estimate the repairs to cost $9,100 for a rebuild. The car is only worth $10,000 in todays market and I'm still making payments.
Posted by California on

I was driving within 7 miles of my house with my two children in the back seat when the temperature gauge started to rise. I immediately started to pull off the road when the engine died. I could not steer the car and the breaks were not performing. I had to use the emergency break to stop. If I had not paid attention, I could have lost my life and those of my children's on a narrow two-lane road.
Posted by Virginia on

My car started going through a lot of oil the past couple of months. Two weeks ago my car went dead. I towed it to the Dodge dealer that we brought it from (brand new). The dealer said that the water pump, timing chain, oil gasket, and spark plugs need to be replaced at a cost of $1750. I had it towed to a mechanic my family uses that would do this work for $800. They did some checking and told me that I need a new engine. I did call a 800 number and sumitted paper work to see if chrysler will pay for some of the bill.
Posted by Minnesota on

Blown engine. Dodge dealer said engine must be replaced. Claimed that the oil had been overfilled (by Firestone service center), but claimed that Firestone liability could not be proven. Nothing ever said about oil sludge or overfill causing over pressure of crankcase, causing gaskets to blow.
Posted by Illinois on

My husband and I purchased the car in 2004 with only 22,000 miles on it. We religiously changed the oil and had maintenence done on a regular basis. In the summer of 2007 the engine began knocking loudly and then blew up shortly after. The oil had been changed nearly a month prior and when I had my mechanic check into it he told me that those engines were horrible and there was only a life expectancy of about 90k miles.
Posted by Ohio on

Engine seized due to oil sludge between 68,000 and 69,000 miles leaving us stranded for 9 hours and having to pay for towing, rental of a car dolly, damage to the car resulting from the dolly, over $80 in gasoline and taking money we were saving for the downpayment on a home to spend on a new engine.
Posted by Utah on

Engine failed while vehicle idling in my garage prior to driving out. I was completely meticulous with the care of the this vehicle - regular oil changes, stored during winter. I am out $4000 to have a replacement (used) engine installed and I am very angry. I purchased this vehicle for my wife and she loved the car until this occured. Now she won't drive it and neither will I as we fear the replacement engine will also fail. The vehicle is now up for sale. This car was a complete waste of time, money and now we have to deal with the loss of enjoyment and the hassle of selling it.
Posted by Ontario on

My oil light is coming on while idling. I have had the oil sending unit replaced which didn't fix the problem. My mechanic informed me that in his experience this problem usually leads to engine failure. When researching this problem on the internet it seems that there are several Intrepid owners with this same issue which lead to the engine failing. All caused by the oil sludge build up.
Posted by Alabama on

The above problems pose a true safety issue for consumers. I was told that I could not drive my car when I first brought it in as it was unsafe to drive. If that wasn't bad enough, it happened again within a 6 month period. What does it take to remedy the problem so that I am not killed when I am unable to steer my car?
Posted by New York on

On and off for a while now we've been losing cabin heat for no reason - one minute we'll have heat, the next we won't - no one has been able to figure out why. We now have heard that this is also related to the sludge buildup and subsequent engine failure. We spent $550 on repairs just this week when the oil pressure light started coming on. After repair, the light continued to come on and we are being told our car is losing almost total oil pressure at idle. Unless we replace the motor, according to our mechanic, the motor WILL die anytime now. We bought this car new, it now has 90,000 miles on it and has been properly maintained - we still owe $10,000 on it and now we're going to lose the car to engine failure thanks to Chrysler!!!
Posted by New York on

At 51,000 miles, without any of the normal fault indicators, such as lights or gauges, coming into play, the Chrysler 2.7L engine in my 2001 Sebring spontaneously failed. After having the top end replaced at a cost of over $3500, I learned that the lower end had also been irrepairably damaged and I am now advised that the entire engine must be replaced at an additional cost of $5,718 + tax and supplies. This damage was caused by coolant making it's way into the engine oil and causing oil sludge which lead to the engine failure.

My research indicates that this is a common event in this type engine due to design flaws. My service technician confirms this.
Posted by Florida on

I am out the entire car, as it will cost more to fix it ($4500 + taxes) than the car is worth (blue book value at has it at $4155). I now get to go buy another car that - as a teacher - I am not in a position to pay for now.
It has 123000 miles on it and I have taken very good care of it.
Posted by Ohio on

This car has been a nightmare! I was told that with only 66,000 miles on my car that I would have to replace the engine and Chrysler would not cover anything. My warrenty had just run out at 50,000 miles and the gentleman I spoke with at Chrysler was very rude and told me there was nothing they could do for me. I was told by several mechanics that there was a problem with this engine failing but the gentleman I spoke with at Chrysler said he was unaware of any problems with the 2.7 L engine. My car was very well taken care of with regular oil changes and still Chrysler says they cannot help me at all and that they are not responsible in any way. I cant believe that they are getting away with this PLEASE HELP us stop them from ripping off anyone else! I cannot afford another car nor can I afford to replace this engine, I dont know what to do or where to turn. The ball joints and wheel bearings were also recently replaced on this car.
Posted by Ohio on

I had to wait at a gas staion for about 4 hours for my dad to come and get me on Christmas Eve and he had to drive about 70 miles to come and get me. I paid $65 to have it towed back to Fargo, ND to a mechanic where he informed me that I needed a new engine. I still owe $3124 on it and I have no money to pay for it. I have been under a lot of stress lately that has resulted on a case of hives on New Years Eve and I had bad hemmoroids for a week due to the amount of stress that I have had. Now I am borrowing a vehicle from my dad for a little while until something gets done with my car, hopefully Daimler Chrysler will compensate some of my damages.
Posted by North Dakota on

I purchsed this car used and the previous owner had no problems. A few weeks after I bought it the engine failed. I lost work, almost lost my job because I had no way to get there and I thought I had no recourse so I bought another car. I had a loan on the first car and then had to take a second loan to pay off that car and buy another one. Now I have even more debt and an even older car.
Posted by Ohio on

My son was driving to school on the interstate when the oil pressure came on & the rod started knocking. He was stranded on the interstate & had to have the car towed. The engine is going to have to be replaced. First estimates for the repair are $1600.00 - 2000.00.
Posted by Indiana on

Despite normal maintenance at manufacturer-recommended intervals, the engine has sustained serious damage--due, I believe, to excessive sludge build up. The engine has experienced periods over the past five months when it would die and could not be restarted. It has been towed nearly half a dozen times, and the battery and post cables have been replaced in an effort to correct what I thought was an electrical problem. The car was towed to a mechanic in late July/early August 2007; the mechanic stated that the vehicle needed a new engine. In addition to loss of use of the Concorde, for which I am still making monthly payments, and past (unnecessary) repairs, paying for a rebuilt or brand new engine will constitute an unjust economic hardship on me due to Daimler Chrysler's neglect of its responsibility for the consequences of its engine's design flaw(s).
Posted by Illinois on

Had car towed to repair shop where I was told that the engine was "blown" and needed a new engine or to have mine rebuilt.

Estimated cost: $4,000 to $8,000.

I didn't want to replace a "defective" engine with a defective engine. I looked into repair and was told you can't even find an engine or parts because they have all failed.

Had it towed to my driveway where it sits.

I need resolution to have my car fixed or to be reimbursed so I can purchase another vehicle.
Posted by Tennessee on

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring LX. Back in June my engine seized up while I was driving down a little two lane highway. I had it towed to the dealer, and they blamed me for not changing my oil often enough and said that I would need a new engine because of my neglect. This was back in June. I didn't have the money to pay for a new engine in my car, so I had to wait until November when my little sister sent me $4000 to pay for a new engine. Now I am reading online that these engines are having the same problems mine did.
My mechanic showed me the oil and it is as thick as interior wall paint and even falls off a screwdriver head in strings. My engine was completely locked up and it wasn't because I didn't have it serviced.
Now we are facing the problem of my car not starting with my new engine in it. It has cost me $5500 so far in repairs and it looks like it will cost me even more. My mechanic is giving me every single piece of my engine back including my oil and every nut and bolt. I want Chrysler to reimburse me for all my heartache with this car and for the cost of repairs. This is insane that they won't stand behind their products.
Posted by Texas on

Out of a vehicle to get to work, car is worth $9K cost of used engine is $5K and I owe $12K. This has financially put me in a jam with my employment and work. Insurance will not let me take it off my policy because I still owe money. I can not afford another car payment (totaling $800) plus insurance. Until this car is fixed or sold. I never received a warning on my dashboard for engine problems or did I ever receive an offer from Chrysler asking if I would like to get a new warranty when my original expired. This is not fair, very deceitful and a monstrosity for anyone trying to make ends meet and get back and forth to work to make a living.
Posted by Maryland on

Timing chain broke. Oil sludge and metal pieces in oil pan and oil screen. Engine has produced a knock. Full documentation, car was meticulously cared for. Died on interstate in 5 degree weather with two young children in backseat.
Posted by Wisconsin on

I have no car but am paying on the car. I have a 10000.00 loan on this car and I have no resources to get another car as I am going through a credit rebuild after bankruptcy. I am unable to pay the $4500.00 for another engine until I have saved the money to do so.
Posted by Kentucky on

Burnt electric wiring to starter, timing belt broke off, power steering hose leaked fluid I'm told about the recall hose from service rep and they would replace and reposition hoses far as the fire he didn't know the cause and tried to say I am responsible that someone cut these items of course my reply was that would be you (the Dealer) because no one else but this dealer has worked on the car.
Posted by California on

The engine failed with out warning on Sept 18 or 19, 2007. This is my only car. I have been getting rides to and from work for 8 weeks now. An advocacy company has tried helping but have not heard from Chrysler yet. I missed a job transfer due to no transportation.
Posted by Ohio on

This is the second time this has happened. The first I had the whole bottom of the motor rebuilt because of sludge. Now Im doing 70 miles an hour and my speed is dropping, I have my 4 year old in the back of the car and have to merge over to get to the shoulder all while everyone is speeding around me. Now its going to cost another $2300.00 to fix, god, help please. I cannot afford this again, I could not afford it the last time and now again.
Posted by Michigan on

We have lost several days of work, shelled out $80 in towing twice, 2 $100 deductibles for the extended warranty. The problem started before the manufacturer warranty was up, and has still not been resolved. It is in the shop as we speak. Dodge refuses to accept any fault, and each time they say it is a new problem even though the car does the same thing everytime. I found on the internet yesterday, that we are not the only ones with this problem. There are several Neons on the road with the same issue, that started at or near the same mileage that our problem started. For a year now, I thought it was just our car. I now know that it is a faulty product and there should be repercussions for putting lives at risk. Each time we go in, we are told a different story or dumb excuse. There was a problem before the warranty expired, and they refused to see it stating they "can't duplicate the issue" or that "there is no check engine light on so the car is fine". At one point in time we were even told that the car had power surged and blew out a sensor. The car loses power going down the road, and we worry about getting hit when it does that. There really needs to be a class-action lawsuit, large enough to shut Dodge down or wake them up!
Posted by Illinois on

I have a 2002 Dodge Intrepid which is at the dealership now and has been for a week with no way to pay for a new engine. Chrysler said that I would have to pay a $2,500.00 co-pay for a new engine even though the dealer told them that the car was well maintained and wasn't our fault.
Posted by Michigan on

The dealer had no problem stating that it was sludge build up. I ended up refinancing an engine to the tune of $5188.00 and all oil changes were done and documented on time by the dealer from which I purchased my car.
Posted by Indiana on

We had around 60 - 80k miles on our Concord. The engine died, leaving me stranded on the road and left us with a payment for a broken car and a new car payment since we had to get another car. It did not make sense to pay the amount they wanted to fix it because it was almost as much as a new car.
Posted by Virginia on

Engine failed at 56,000 miles. Dealer says it's my fault - even though regular oil changes were done according to their recommendations. I have been making $291/mo payments since 9/06 on a car that sits dead in my driveway because I don't have $5,000 to replace the engine! And I still owe $8,000 on it! I am a single mom with 3 kids - one of them with Downs Syndrome! This is a terrible situation!
Posted by California on

Stranded on the Mojave desert due to piston failure causing turbo to fail. I was towing my trailer and with no warning the piston blew out causing my turbo to malfunction and loss of power. I only have 158000 miles on my diesel engine. Daimler says it is my problem. Can you help me?
Posted by California on

I loved my 2001 Dodge Intrepid prior to this incident - very comfortable, dependable (I thought) and had good power. I WAS glad that I bought it until it just stopped running all of a sudden. The NADA book value on my car was $5575 one day. Without any kind of warning, it simply wouldn't start the next day. I had it towed to my mechanic's garage who told me the timing belt broke and that it ruined the engine. A dealer offered me $500 trade-in for the car now. What a disaster to me! I am retired and can't afford this.
Posted by Maine on

My car is currently in the shop, 2002 Dodge Stratus w/2.7L engine. The engine is being replaced. The final diagnosis is unknown but I just had the water pump replaced on 9/20/07 and the engine went out on 9/23/07. We believe the timing chain failed which caused defective waterpump which caused bad engine. Not sure yet though.
Posted by Nebraska on

I own a 2000 Dodge Intrepid with 2.7L engine. I bought the car with 57K miles on it and bought an after market warranty for the car. The warranty covers the entire engine. I've always maintained the engine oil changes at 3,000 or 6,000 if using synthetic oil. Some of the oil changes I did myself and some others were done at car shops. Suddenly my engine failed unexpectedly. My warranty company made the car shop take apart the engine and discovered, to my surprise, what they deemed to be excessive sludge. Because of this they denied my claim. I am now finding out about the sludge problem on these engines. So now not only am I not going to get my engine covered by my warranty company, I have a 1,000 bill with my mechanic that did the work. I'm mad as hell!! What can I do?
Posted by New York on

We bought this vehicle on June 27, 2007. Little over a month later it is at a dealer needing a new engine. We had just gotten it tagged and registered 5 days before the engine failed and made the FIRST payment 7 days before the engine failed. We now owe 12,000 dollars on a vehicle that is NO GOOD!! It is under warranty but Dodge is not wanting to cover it. We are in a VERY VERY AWFUL financial strain because of it. We CAN'T fix it. They want $5,000-$7,000.
Posted by Arkansas on

Car made loud clicking noise and quit running which our mechanic diagnosed as Timing Chain Tensioner failure and excessive oil sludge. The timing chain tensioner slipped which caused the valves to strike the pistons. This in turn bent the valves causing the heads to crack. Both heads had to be replaced along with the timing chain tensioner and lifters. We were without our car for over a month while it was being fixed. Total cost for repairs was well over $3,000.
Posted by Ohio on

Engine died with only 69,000 miles. I had the car paid off and did not plan on purchasing another car for at least another 5-7 years. The car was year well maintained with oil changes every 3,000 miles. I had to take out a loan on a new car which means I now have an unexpected car payment and am paying interest on a car I shouldn't have had to buy. I have had to spend many hours looking for a car to replace the Intrepid and also had to pay for towing and the car garage to tear apart the engine and look at it. This is the 3rd Intrepid in the past 6 months that the service garage has seen with this engine failure. I am at a loss of 5 years of car payments that I shouldn't have due to the Intrepid's faulty engine. Thanks. Hopefully Chrysler will have to pay for their negligence.
Posted by Michigan on

We had purchased a 2001 Chrysler Sebring from Auto Lenders in Voorhees, NJ in May 2005. The vehicle had 23,000 miles when it was purchased. On 6/12/07, the engine failed while driving on the NJ Turnpike. The vehicle only had 60,000 miles on it at the time. We had purchased a 3 year/36,000 mile power train warranty when we purchased the vehicle, but the vehicle was 800 miles out of warranty when the engine failure occurred. It is costing $2000 to have the engine repaired and we still owe $7900 on the financing for the vehicle. Both Chrysler and Auto Lenders denied to offer any remedies whatsoever.
Posted by New Jersey on

Disabled veteran who no longer has the use of a vehicle. Was told that I did not do proper maintenance and would not be covered by warranty. Purchased extended warranty as well and nothing is going to get fixed under warranty,and my car only has 27,895 miles. Should be covered under 3 year 36,000 bumper to bumper warranty but as stated because of engine sludge build up
they will not honor their own warranty. I am the stay at home parent and depend on my vehicle, now i'm using my wifes van and that is hurting her job performance. Its not right to treat a U. S. Army disabled vet this way or any one else who has put their trust in this lousy corporation and has found out their getting screwed by the ones they put their trust in .
Posted by Tennessee on

We purchased a 2001 Sebring LXI from a Dodge/Chrysler dealer in Feb 2006. It had extensive maintenance records from the car rental agency that had owned it since new. In Aug 2006 the engine overheated and began a loud knocking sound. My mechanic dropped the oil pan and determined that the #2 rod bearing had disintegrated in the engine.
The dealer we bought the car from assumed no responsibility and Chrysler said the car was simply out of warranty. I eventually purchased a re-manufactured engine and had my mechanic install it. The cost for the engine and labor was $6500.
This is a defect in the design that should be covered by Chrysler.
Posted by Texas on

Car stopped running in traffic, due to sludge causing the engine to stop. I had oil changes and even had the engine flushed out to try to prevent any problems after learning that these engines had problems when my son's engine did the same thing with about 40 thousand miles on it. Mine had 88 but I think that was due to the fact that I did the engine flush and started using synthetic oil at about 21 thousand miles. The car was to cost too much to repair and I still owed 5400.00 so I had no choice but to let it go back to the bank. Now I have a repo on my credit report and they are coming after me for the balance owed....... A car that cost 27,000.00 should go much further then 88 thousand miles.
Posted by Florida on

On June 10th 2007 I was driving on the freeway and there was a clicking noise from my engine and then a lot of smoke. Come to find out my engine is no longer good. Chrysler has quoted me $3000 to $5000 for a new engine. They said that my car doesn't fall under the 7yr/70,000 warranty. I was a year shy of being covered.
Posted by California on

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