Kia Sorento Defective Parts Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit

New York, NY: Kia Motors is facing a consumer fraud class action lawsuit over allegations that its Sorento model is prone to catastrophic engine failure.

The lawsuit, entitled Robinson et al v. Kia Motors America Inc. et al., Case No. 13-cv-00006 U.S. district Court for the District of New Jersey, claims that Kia Motors knowingly concealed a manufacturing defect in the crank sprocket of its 2002-2009 Sorento models. This alleged engine defect can lead to a catastrophic chain of events beginning with severe heat buildup, the release of debris, and subsequent loss of steering control, engine failure and the potential for a hazardous accident, the plaintiffs allege.

“Not only did Kia actively conceal the material fact that this particular component is defectively designed (and requires costly repairs to fix), but it also did not reveal that the existence of this defect would diminish the intrinsic resale value of the vehicle,” the lawsuit states.

The plaintiffs further claim that Kia motors has been aware of the engine defect for several years, as evidenced by numerous online complaints, but has withheld this information from consumers while making numerous statements about the quality and reliability of the Sorento. As a result of Kia’s “scheme of false and misleading advertising and marketing” thousands of people have purchased a Sorento, without knowledge of the defect, in preference to another vehicle without the alleged defect.

The lawsuit also allege that Kia Sorento owners who sought repairs for their vehicles while under warranty received only temporary repair of damaged parts, which may have included using similarly defective parts.

Additionally, the plaintiffs claim that Kia profits from the alleged Sorento engine defect by performing unnecessary parts replacements, computer reprogramming and software updates, despite knowing the true cause of the problem.

The lawsuit seeks to represent a nationwide class of consumers that purchased or leased the first generation Sorento. It is seeking damages, injunctive relief, including a recall to repair the alleged defect, and more for alleged breach of warranties, breach of contract, negligence and violations of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. The plaintiffs are represented by the Law Office of Schmuel Klein PC.

Kia Sorento Defective Parts Consumer Fraud Legal Help

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Last updated January 8 2013

Reader Comments

Posted by
John Holmes
I bought a 2004 Kia Sorento for my wife and all we have had is problems with it. The first thing was the Timing Chain went after 50 thousand miles, the next was front end Ball Joints after 60 thousand miles, after that the main Head gasket started leaking oil. The most recent problem is, it will shut off while driving it and now it wont stay running, so with that, it lives in my driveway as reminder not to ever buy another KIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by
Kim Poole
2005 Sorento. Sitting in my driveway. Third time the bolt has caused problems. It's "fixed" but I don't drive it for fear of a fourth event. Fortunately I was driving low speed when they broke, but I had just returned from an out of state trip and shudder to think what a failure on the interstate would have been like.

Posted by
Tim Cayer
2008 KIA Sorento 100k broken crank bolt.

Posted by
l.d. christie
IM SITTING WITH NO WAY OF GOING TO WORK,A PAid for 2003 kia sorento,crankshaft bolt backed out lost power steering i read now that this is a manufacturing problem and kia wont back it up,even if i temp fix it it wont last and would be unsafe to drivee very far,this unjust andd the company should be responsible for there manufacturing malfunction,it should have never passed specs to be sold,,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by
Martina sims
I drive a Kia sorrento 2007 can I claim anything

Posted by
nakiescha Tonia
Crankshaft bolt has snapped and another bolt is bent. Lost control of the truck as I was not able to turn the car properly and landed in a ditch since the wheel locked up on me turning. Mechanic advised me it would be cheaper to replace the motor rather than getting the crankshaft fixed because the defect was in the truck itself and problem could persist. 2004 Sorento and not even 80,000 miles

Posted by
Cynthia Tyler
Per the Kia dealership my $3000+ current repairs were caused by a crank shaft bolt that caused major issues and required replacement of the crank shaft, belts, radiator, etc. While driving my my brake and battery lights went on and then I lost my power steering. The car had to be towed to dealership and I was without the car for over a week. I have service contract on this recently purchased used 2004 Sorento but it would not cover the repairs because it was caused by a bolt.

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