Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit Filed

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Santa Clara, CA: A consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed against the makers of Banana Boat Sunscreen, alleging the products do not contain the amount of sunscreen advertised.

Specifically, plaintiff Paul Lambrakis alleges he bought tube of Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 in May after a Consumer Reports study found that it and many other sunscreens were overstating their protection factor. Lambrakis then sent the tube to a laboratory in Winston Salem, N.C., for testing, according to the lawsuit. The results showed that while the product stated it was SPF 50, it turned out to have less than half the sunscreen stated on the packaging.

“The investigation concluded that Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 sunscreen, clearly labeled as containing SPF 50, shockingly contained only an SPF of 12.69 and a measured UVA protection factor of 4.88,” the lawsuit states.

“Defendants have known, or should have known, for years that Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 products contain less UV protection than Defendants advertise,” the lawsuit states. Defendants named in the suit are Playtex Products, Edgewell Personal Care Company and Sun Pharmaceutical.

According to the complaint, Lambrakis and others in the class action suit were forced to “overpay for the sunscreen based upon false, inflated SPF.”

The lawsuit comes after a Consumer Reports investigation found that 43 percent of the more than 60 sunscreens they tested failed to measure up to the SPF claims advertised on their bottles.

“In May of 2016, Consumer Reports research revealed that among ‘the most problematic products were Banana Boat Kids Tear-Free, Sting-Free Lotion…which [was] labeled as SPF 50 but [was] found to have only SPF 8,’” according to the complaint.

Plaintiffs are represented by Napoli Shkolnik PLLC.

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Reader Comments

well you guys got lucky... i used spf 15 oil spray( (FIRST TIME EVER USING ANY SPF) and had an instant reaction, hundreds of those red bumps , and a permanent allergy to sunlight. bumps come back when i go outside. THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE... I AM GOING TO SUE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU
Posted by life ruined on

Add me please, got very badly burned in Cuba... my three kids and myself. To the point my kids are afraid to go on vacation because they’re afraid to burn like that again.
Posted by Sharon Homem on

Add me. I got sunburnt from this product even after reapplying often.
Posted by Sarah Gaspard on

Banana Boat's SPF 50/Kids product, at least the one made for 2017, is dangerous for another reason: Severe eye stinging and burning, despite their promise of a no sting, no tear product.

Making the problem even worse is a compound formulation that makes the product not only stick to where it is applied and resist being washed off, but also SPREAD to adjoining areas intentionally left without lotion...such as the eyes.

I sustained stinging and eye cloudiness for over three days from this horrible product, as it also resists being flushed from the eyes!

I consider the product dangerous and unsuitable for either adults or kids, irrespective of the SPF factor issue.

Has anybody else had this problem with the current formulation? Why isn't there a class action suit regarding the danger to product users' eyes?
Posted by Consumer Fred on

I was extremely burned a few months ago using DOG 50 Spray to point scared of sun right now! I kept the product I used that caused me configuration in a way.
Posted by David Cowan on

Please add me to this list. May 2017 I bought six bottles of the new son comfort SPF 50 spray on. I went to the lake with my husband and was only on the lake for four hours and I reapplied the spray on sunscreen every hour. After the first reapplication my skin was burning but I thought it was because I needed to reapply the sunscreen, and after the third time of reapplying I told my husband that I needed to get out of the kayak and off of the lake because I was so sunburned. I took five of the six bottles back to target and they would only give me half price back for them and also I just got off the phone with banana boat today and they told me that they would be sending me a box to send the sunscreen back and that they would send me coupons for more banana boat products . Why on earth would I buy more banana boat products after I was so sunburned and used their products? I was not even able to enjoy the Fourth of July or the week after because I was so sunburned I wouldn't even step foot out of the house. That is a very hard thing to do when you have a 2 1/2-year-old that wants to go to the pool every day . I never had this problem with Coppertone sun screen!
Posted by Alaina Starling on

Used 60 spf kids on my daughter during lake vacation. She had itchy raised red rash all over the applied areas which lasted nearly 10 days. It ruined her vacation and caused a great deal of stress for the family.
I would like to know more about joining the lawsuit.
Posted by A W on

I used the banana boat baby SPF 60 on my 8 month old (reapplied 3 times) and he was severely burned. I have photographs as we were on vacation.
Posted by Katelyn Bullock on

I purchased this product from costco for our March break trip to Mexico. I thought my 7 year old was having a reaction to the sun and then realized it was the sunscreen it was actually helping the sun burn her face. She had 2nd & 3rd degree burns on her face. Caused by this sunscreen. She had been fine all the other vacations with other sunscreen brands. It ruined our vacation. We kept her out of the sun when we should have just stopped applying the sunscreen.
Posted by Teresa Mazzotta on

I used if for myself and kids just because I've heard a good review from a teacher. How disappointing!
Posted by Irina W on

Purchase this product often. Have bottles in my cabinet currently. Always burn but believed it was from needing to reapply.
Posted by Sara Cilloni on

Please add me to the list, I am in the same boat
The sinking Banana Boat, no wonder the kids and I burn. I thought I was doing so.etching wrong, nope it was the company.
Posted by Hattie Hawkins on

I buy this product every year just because the label states 50% . I do apply it constantly to my Grandchildren . They are the only reason I pay extra and buy Banana Boat Brand I thought it could be trusted . We live in Al. And Vacation in Fl. Each summer with the kids.
Posted by Sherry Mcvay on

So I decided to use banana boat spf 50 today because I have super sensitive skin. I was outside for maybe 2 hours max, and I reapplied at the 1 hour mark. I ended up with a second degree sunburn. I'm super pissed right now. Especially since I can't even pick up my 4 month old without it hurting right now. I honestly wish I had known about this sooner or I'd have never purchased it to begin with. I literally ended up at the doctor because of my sunburn. Which has never happened in my life.
Posted by Emily on

For those complaining about getting burns, you MUST reapply, and the explanation of SPF that is usually given is a huge simplification, skin type, elevation, angle and reflection of the sun light, are all factors that they leave out for simplicity sake. I am a huge sunscreen advocate and am hoping to get into that field after I finish schooling. it saddens me deeply that there isn't more testing being done on SPF products. I tried to convince my mentor that it would be a great research project, but it was too complicated and expensive to actually test. I figure that is why noone is doing so.
Posted by Lillian on

I have purchased 2 bottles of Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate 2 in1 50+. Today, I finally used it for my hike up Stone Mountain. After following the instructions and applying as directed, I have a sunburn on my left arm. I am extremely pissed. I normally don't use this product but Walgreens had a sale. I decided to take a chance big mistake. I will be calling the company to complain tomorrow and I will be writing a review on my social network. This is unbelievable.
Posted by Leselinyana Blackman on

We used this on Wednesday as directed on the label. We actually applied every 60 mins instead of 80. We have always used this product in the past and never had an issue. They obviously changed their formula or is was incorrectly labeled. My son was so badly sunburned after a day at the water slides from this product that we ended up in the ER. The doctor said its obvious the product did not do its job. I will definitely be joining this lawsuit or starting my own. This is not okay. My son could barely move he was in so much pain.
Posted by Brooke Janssen on

I have bought this product matter a fact I bought 6-tubes of it being we were heading toward Merdle Beach,North Carolina and then on down into several parts of Florida and on over to Gulf Port Mississippi as well as over into Alabama before returning to Southern Illinois where I have a farm and also thought I would use this product to put on while working around the farm...But after trying to use it I have been burned several times. To suh a point I have quit using it and have went to using coppertone...At least with Coppertone I don't burn as I did using BannaBoat 50....
Posted by Dale Chester on

I used the sun block and still had sun burn on my back, arms and face.

I purchased 4 cans of Banana Boat 50 2.weeks ago. My daughter in law.came.over to swim on the weekend for about 45 minutes. Used the product according to directions and got burned. Not knowing this has happened I used the sunscreen an 5 of my grandchildren the following week during a 2 1/2 hour period. They were coated 3 tomes.and one.was.coated.4.times. they all got blistered. The 10 year old has very dark skin and never burns...she burned. I contacted the company and after a very long conversation they said they would be sending me a check for refund and an envelope to return product. This would take 3 to 4 weeks. That was on June 22. On Monday June 27 I received a check for $25 and NO envelope to return product. The 12 year old is a a red head with fair skin. She was blistered even on her legs which stay submerged most of the time. She was the one coated 4.times.
Posted by Susan Greene on

How can I be in touch with the attorney from Banana Boat? i have information regarding this case. Please comment here. Thanks.
Posted by Joan on

I'm confused: is this now a class action suit? Can anyone join. We used Water Babies spf 50 from BAnna Boat last year on a vacation at the beach, and both my daughters got a bad sunburn, even though we applied it several times to them during the day.
Posted by Brenden OReilly on

I'm so glad they've tested this brand. I have skin cancer and unfortunately used this product many times on myself and my children. Ive gone through 5 skin cancer surgeries and many biopsies. My daughter got so badly burned after using this product at the beach and I couldn't figure out why, that explains it! I stopped using it two years ago because I didn't think it was effective. Hope this company pays in the lawsuit and goes out of business for their greed.
Posted by Wendy Bogart on

Many people in my family have been diagnosed with skin cancer. I take precaution every single day by applying banana boat sunscreen kids 50 spf. I've done this for years because i don't want cancer. I am horrified to know that for years, I've been getting less than half the protection i was promised. When i burned despite reallying, i thought i must have done it wrong, and applied every 45 minutes. I've spent so much money on this exact product, and i have no idea the health consequences that may come from this later.
Posted by Sara Jones on

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