Bank of America Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Credit Protection Plus (CPP)

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Irvine, CA: A consumer fraud class action has been filed in federal court against Bank of America Corporation ("Bank of America" or the "Company") related to the Company's Credit Protection Plus service ("CPP" or the "Plan"). CPP is a program available to credit card holders that charges them roughly 1 percent of their credit card balance in exchange for allowing them, under certain circumstances, to defer their monthly minimum credit card payment obligations.

The complaint alleges that Bank of America is engaging in unfair and deceptive trade practices in connection with the sale and administration of CPP.

Bank of America allegedly enrolls card members into CPP without first determining whether the consumer is qualified to ever receive benefits under the Plan. The result is that card members are paying fees even though they can never receive benefits. In addition, Bank of America is allegedly enrolling card members into CPP without their consent or authorization and subsequently charging a recurring monthly fee.

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bank of america has gave a mortgage under my name , has gave strangers my information so they can qualify for mortgage . i had to change my ATM card 4 times because of bank of america. Talking about bully Bank of America is the biggest bully , they destroyed my life , my family my business. i work 22 years just inside the house so i can save money and one day to be able to expend my business, right , when i went to apply for a business loan i was told you have a mortgage and you are behind , i thou i was going to pass out , i been fighting with this bully for over a year , do they care no they don't , they tell the will solve it no they don't . im losing money every day , im stock in the house every day because of them , i hardly can walk because of them i can not afford to hire staff to help , because of them , they don't care they are somewhere making fun of poor people that they mess around with they're problem solver don't matter how just qualify them , that was and is my case . Who wants to stop the Bank of America Bully Anybody ......nope i thought so .....and they know it .

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Credit protection for both citibank and wells Fargo credit cards major fall surgeries loss of job income they refused to honor their obligation to defer payments. Citibank set up payment plan froze account plan was suppose to be 0 interest however only lowered it from 29 to 19 refused to adjust balance to reflect then sold balance to several collector's most recent calvary/winn law group. In California they have been reporting it on credit report as new debt almost 4 yrs now a summons and threat of judgement the behavior against consumers on fixed income or families starting over is deplorable

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