Bank of America Faces Class Action over Credit Bureau Reporting

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Washington, DC: A class action lawsuit has been filed against Bank of America alleging that homeowners who hold mortgages with BoFA and who made their mortgages payments on time nevertheless were penalized by the bank.

The suit, filed on behalf of Ms. Ana C. Estrada, seeks to represent a nationwide class of similarly situated consumers who were current on their monthly mortgages with Bank of America but nonetheless were reported to credit bureaus by Bank of America as being delinquent in their mortgage payments.

According to the complaint "despite the fact that Plaintiff was making timely payments in full for her mortgage and that those payments were being cashed by Bank of America, [the Bank] began reporting [Plaintiff's] mortgage loan as late and began to charge late fees on the account."

The complaint further alleges that not only did Bank of America "falsely report to the various credit bureaus that Plaintiff was late on her mortgage payments, Bank of America failed to make any notation or reference to her involvement in the modification program."

Consequently, "Plaintiff began to receive correspondence from her other creditors . . . informing her that her accounts were being closed out because of the negative reporting on her credit reports."

The suit further allegest that although Ms. Estrada formally disputed the false information with the credit bureau, BoFA has failed to correct her credit information and false reporting information on her credit report. This has resulted in the plaintiff suffering severe damage to her credit history, among other things.

Bank of America Credit Bureau Reporting Class Action Legal Help

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Reader Comments

Posted by
Adisak Vacha
Bank of America are claiming that I owed them money $895 from my son credit card. Who was passed away !! In July 2016 . I already sent them
Death certificate , reported and did every thing
But still Bank of America sent bill ( credit card )
To the debt collector , kept harassing me
About this bill. This is NOT my bills nor my responsibility. I had know knowledge about these bills. My son who passed away did not leave any
Assets nor anything behind. How Bank of America used illegal tactic sent a letter transformed the name
My son name to my name into the account ??
And said I owed them the money ??
Please help.!

Posted by
Joseph l. Wiese
Bank of america claiming they were part of my bankruptcy which they were not and I have copy of bankruptcy papers, but reporting on my credit report that they were. Have tried direct contact with consumer protection bureau and credit agencies but none seem willing to resolve this issue. They had originally claimed they bought my mortgage after mt bankruptcy had already been discharged. Because of the untruth to this they were involved in previous class action lawsuit I did not sign up for but recieved settlement check when they lost. How can they file claim on my credit after that?

Posted by
Can Bank of America report status as 90-120 days late on an paid in full account years later? This ruined my credit and they won't fix it.

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