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A class action lawsuit has been filed against the vocational school for allegedly defrauding students. The lawsuit was filed in Pierce County Superior Court on behalf of Oregon students alleging the Business Computer Training Institute (BCTI) falsely promised prospective students it would train them for high paying professional careers. The suit alleges the school recruited vulnerable people outside welfare and unemployment offices, and enrolled students who could barely read and write.

The class action alleges BCTI graduated students regardless of academic performance and left many with student loan debts. Instead of high paying jobs, many graduates wound up working at department stores, fast food restaurants or telemarketing firms. BCTI provided computer training and had seven campuses in Washington and Oregon when it closed in 2005.

The school's owners recently settled a similar lawsuit filed on behalf of BCTI students in Washington state. More than 1,300 students received a share of the $13.25 million settlement.

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Reader Comments

Posted by
hannah Dipaula
I would like more info as I attended bcti

Posted by
William R.
I was approached by a gentleman telling me about BCTI, I decided to attended. When you walk in they have a lot of pictures on the wall of people who graduated and got jobs, so I decided to join. I wanted to do the technical part (learn how to build computers) but they told me I needed to learn how to work Microsoft office first. I started and it seem like a great place to be, everyone was so friendly and helpful at first. I struggled at 10 key and the typing test and they always assigned another student to help me. I wasn’t getting much help from the instructor. and the results was me not finishing tests in time causing me to fail, so I stop going. They called and asked me what was going on, I told them how I felt and what I wasn’t getting eventually going back. The curriculum was so fast and it was hard to take in with all the programs they had you trying to learn.

I found out about the class action lawsuit on a Friday before the lawsuit. By this time, I had nothing stating I went to BCTI and I wasn’t close to the county it was held in. Plus I had a fulltime job and I could not just give late notice that I wasn’t going to be there Monday.

Long story short, I’m stuck with a loan and education nothing but a complete waste of time and no job, in debt, and stress. I can’t get a loan to go back to school because this shows up as defaulted. Nonstop phone calls from the debit collector, and no income tax return for over 15 years. Please help me.

Posted by
Erin Swift
I went to BCTI GRADUATING IN 1992. I was targeted outside of a welfare office. I was desperate to be off welfare, making me a good target. Their job placement got me a job that was doomed to fail. I was let go after three weeks. The company wouldn't show me the mistakes they said I was making or how to fix them making it an inevitable failure. After that I tried to utilize the job placement again only to be told I was no longer eligible for their help. After working a couple temporary jobs I was hired at a convenience store and fuel station at a wage of $5.00 an hour. I couldn't even meet my own needs with a wage that low let alone make student loan payments but I believe that was minimum wage at the time. I stayed in retail for the most part since graduating and now I'm on Social Security Disability on a fixed income of less than $750.00 a month and in low income housing.

Having a student loan debt has haunted me every day of my life after graduating BCTI effectively keeping me from being able to further my education in a dagree program at a community college because my student loan debt shows up on my credit report also causing a low credit rating, so in my view BCTI damaged any chance for improving my credit score or my financial health.

Posted by
I graduated from BCTI in July of 2000 and I didn't not get any help from BCTI nor did I find a job. I asked to utilize their facility as it stated in the contract to find a job but was told I could not as i was no longer a student. I have to pay for the loan that I didn't not get full benefit from, this is crazy to me. What can I do if anything?

Posted by
wesley clay
i want to BCTI november 99 graduated june 2000 was not able to find a job anywhere i ended up going to job corp graduated there still wasnt able to find a job till 03

Posted by
When I graduated I couldn't obtain any job in that field, and later when I wanted to go back for further training, they told me no. Even though it was in the contract that I could go back any time I wanted, free of charge.

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