Canadian Kugel Mesh Class Action

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Toronto, ON: A $300 million class action has been filed in Canada against the Canadian distributor of Kugel Mesh, Bard Canada Inc, an affiliate of the US corporations CR Bard Inc, and its subsidiary Davol Inc, on behalf of any Canadian who received a Kugel mesh surgical patch as part of an abdominal hernia repair and suffered medical complications or related health problems as a result.

Faulty Kugel mesh patches have been implicated in serious medical complications including perforation of the bowels and/or chronic intestinal fistulae—irregular connective tissue growths between the intestines and other organs. Patients have suffered internal bleeding, infections, and in some cases death.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants negligently breached their duty of care to patients in the development, testing, manufacture and promotion of their Kugel mesh products. The claim has not been proven in court.

This lawsuit echoes complaints filed in complaints by thousands of patients in the US who have suffered injuries associated with Kugel mesh.

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I have been hospitalized since Nov 30th 2017 after 3 fistulas broke through my abdominal wall causing a horrible infection Dec 28 2017 to remove a section of bowel and partial removal of mesh...Doctors were unable to remove all of it ...I'm still hospitalized due to ongoing compilations form surgery !!...for almost 25 years I have suffered with pain from abscesses that formed on the bowel where Bard mesh was entangled ...Need morphine every 3 hours in order to deal with the pain... This mesh has ruined my life to say the least

something needs to be done to stop the use of this product

Helen Gibson
April 2 2018

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I had open hernia surgery in Sept/2016.Started to experience sharp pain at incision area later that year.After ultrasound revealed small tear in incision area I was told to take it easy.They(the medical establishment) have not followed up with any advice or direction for me to take.This is now, my next step.

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I have had 5 hernia operations. 93, 2001, 2004 2011 and 2017.
93 was a hiadias hernia size of your fist. 78 staples
01 was a upper right stragulated bowel incessional hernia 87 staples
04 navel incessional hernia, navel removed. 98 staples
07 bowel obstructions started. Continued for years.
2011 lower left, hand width from navel. Large mesh shield 20cm x 25 cm
Bowel obstructions 3 - 4 a week. So many could not keep track.
Alert was if I was trying to throw up get to hospital. Stay of days in hospital
2017 shield fail. 20 staples. Staples just removed

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I had inguinal hernia surgery with a mesh put in, in dec 2010.. i was in such serious pain right away that i could not weight bare walking for the first 6 days without being assisted by my husband.. 3 1/2 mths after my surgery i went into hospital with 10/10 pain, vomiting, and severe bleeding from my bowels.. i was on morphine around the clock for 11 days and i could not eat for 11 days.. To this day (may 17-2017) i suffer from severe pain from the area of the mesh right along to the tip of my labia.. I have been suffering in disgusting pain for the 7 years since and effects me greatly at work... finally my family Dr has sent me to see a different surgeon to have this mesh removed.. I am scheduled to see him june 27th/2017.. PLEASE HELP ME!!! PS: the surgeon that did my surgery kept telling me it would go away with time!!!

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I have to go in for my 3rd hernia surgery in 5 years.My original surgery in my groin started giving me pain a few months later. I seem to be in the same boat before my 1st surgery.With a bulge that I try to contain when I sneeze or cough.Except now I have more pain below as well as up that side.I'm not sure if the Dr. will remove the original mesh when he goes in to repair in a couple months. I have a tiny protrusion at the end of my scar. I'm guessing it is the mesh end? Feels like it.

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Over the past 2 years, between the time the Kurgel Mesh was putting into me & the time it was taking out...... (June 19th, 2008 - June 15th, 2010) I've had 8 surgeries trying to get this healed & removed which caused a massive size hernia the size of a soccer ball. (not over exaggerating the size.) it took me almost 6 years later & seeing a couple of doctors in Canada $ U. S. A. to find a doctor that is willing to do such a danergeous operation as this. According to GUINNESS BOOK OF MEDICAL WORD RECORDS..... on November 2nd, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm the current record holder. I got it removed & had a hog-pin mesh put inside me on April 15th, 2016.

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I have had 12 abdominal surgeries and have had kugel bard mesh many times, I have had fistula, abscess' and have a lot of information medically. I have reference to some of the bard abdominal, meshes etc. Please advise.
Thank you
Roberta Doyle

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Headed for my third surgery in 10 years to clean up this mess.

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