Abusive credit card fees, California:

Improper late fees, overlimit fees, fees for goods or services you did not request, undisclosed fees or improper penalty interest

A law firm is currently investigating and litigating class actions involving credit card issuers who charge improper fees. Such issuers entice potential customers to join up with promises of assisting them in developing their credit, or having access to extra cash. These issuers then charge numerous fees which their customers find difficult to avoid - and even more difficult to pay. Many customers end up with steadily increasing debts comprised largely of fees, which are compounded with penalty interest charges.

If you feel you have been a victim of unfair fees or broken promises by your credit card company, and would like to participate in a class action against them, or if you have information concerning credit card practices that you believe are wrong, please fill in our form on the right to submit your complaint.

Unfair Credit Card Practices

Documentation of consumer action recomendations to U.S. Senate Banking Comittee Oversight Hearing on unfair credit card practices. [TRUTH ABOUT CREDIT]

If your injustice does not match the complaint described above, please use this form to register your complaint. Thank you.

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With my monthly budget I am unable to pay this increase. I will have to consider either not paying them or consider bankruptcy and ruin my credit. I was told there is nothing that can be done to leave the account either opened or closed the way it is now. Either way I will have to pay the increase.

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