Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against 24 Hour Fitness

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Los Angeles, CA: A class action law suit has been filed on behalf of employees of 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc. alleging discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin and gender.

Plaintiffs claim that the giant chain of fitness gyms has systematically subjected minority and female employees to discrimination regarding promotions to management positions and equal compensation in violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and the California Business and Profession Code.

Lead plaintiff Raoul Fulcher Jr., who felt he was passed over for promotions because he is African American, said: "I am a competitor and I strive to be my best, but at 24 Hour Fitness that is not recognized."

At the Concord club, I was the only Latino Membership Counselor. I did everything I could to reach out to our Spanish-speaking membership, and yet I could not get a fair shake and the promotion I deserved," said plaintiff Richard Lopez.

"My work at the company was so valued that my Regional Vice President personally came to my club to give me a promotion, and yet after that, even though I hit and exceeded sales goals, I was denied any further promotion," stated plaintiff Rebecca Mason.

24 Hour Fitness, a privately held fitness club, has the largest gym membership in the world. Of the 400 fitness centers the company has established in the United States, approximately 200 fitness clubs are located in California, where they employ approximately 10,000 individuals.

This class action lawsuit challenges 24 Hour Fitness's improper patterns and practices of discrimination against its minority and female employees seeking promotion to managerial jobs and equal compensation in California. The suit asks the court to order 24 Hour Fitness to end its discriminatory employment practices and to provide back pay and damages to the employees who have been treated unfairly.


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I was requested by 24 hour fitness to come join their work force in Austin Tx, I was in TN and they pulled my resume online, I packed my belongings after a week of communications and left for Tx, when I arrived 2 days ahead of schedule, I was told by my female contact that my job was given away to a female. I questioned why and never received a clear answer of any kind only a multiple possible leads within the company across the city after their betrayal, I went to every lead and was rejected by everyone even with my vast experience in the field I went to Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Pflugerville Tx all 24 hour gyms, I looked online and noticed that their where many lawsuits against this company nationwide as far as CA. My final interview Pfluggerville Tx I was assured again that they would bring me on board I was asked did I have any closing questions, I responded with all the leads and broken promises within your company why would you not bring a person like myself on board, this completely caught the interviewer off guard and he stated that I will call you and bring you on board you would be a perfect fit for our staff, needless to say I received an email 3 days later stating that they would not be bringing me on board, that their company was looking to go in another direction, I quickly became angry wondering what direction that could be, my credentials met or exceeded all that the position required. I have been here 5 years and have not been able to land 1 position with any major gym here, I have seen no minority trainers at any of these facilities with exception of Gold's Gym but they only had one. I'm a veteran of the military, served my country and have to fight here like I'm fighting a foreign enemy for a job that I'm mentally, and physically able to handle. 24 hours is a very cocky and arrogant business that needs to be exposed for their racial practices, I would like to be included in any lawsuits, class action or not. I am ISSA certified and I encourage any company that has any dealings with this company or any other to pull your ads because this company truly has damaging practices that will affect your brand RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IS A CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION!

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