Harassment Class Action

There are several types of harassment cases, including gender harassment, sexual harassment, police harassment, creditor harassment, and general harassment cases such as stalking or bullying. Harassment lawsuits can be filed against an employer, a co-worker, a neighbor, teacher, a student, a coach, or other persons.

Harassment is defined as any form of unsolicited, deliberately offensive behavior that has been requested to be stopped. This behavior can be physically violent or psychologically damaging.

• Racial/ Ethnic harassment: negative treatment toward an individual or a group based on characteristics of one's race, such as physical characteristics, language, culture, or religion.

• Gender or Sexual Orientation harassment: offensive behavior toward an individual or group based on prejudice toward their gender or sexual orientation.

• Sexual harassment: unwanted offensive behavior including sexual advances, quid pro quo, physical touching, vulgar language, pornographic displays, etc. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates state and federal law. [See more on Sexual Harassment]

• Stalking/ Bullying: continuous, deliberately offensive behavior that intrudes on the victim's privacy and/or physical/mental safety. This can include physical harassment as well as harassment via phone, internet or other electronic devices.

In many harassment cases, the victim does not have to be the person harassed but simply one person or multiple persons affected by the offensive conduct.

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Last updated February 23 2015

Reader Comments

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I have been be harrsed at my job . For example, ivwas atcwork making a drink in my boss who was having a bad day called me a bitch. i was doingvmy job not talking i had not said anyvthing to him. To cause this reaction from him
2 i am disabled On one occasion my boss hired a new cook who took my food slips in walked around the bar showing customers and staff my handwriting. All my food ordes were correct. I have bad handwriting due to my disabilitie. I believe this to violate the disability ack. In addition My boss son has embrassed me on two occasion . In addition iam forced to eat the foid from the kitchen even thiugh i informed my boss he gas a mouse problem. Last thing i have to see my doctor once a month. My boss son harresest me while iam at work he talks about me while am working, he has thew my shoes away and addition i have a bad knee in on two occasion he moved the chair so tgat i could not sit down. knowing i woke with a limp and cannot stand for long periods of time. Which i informed them at time of hire.

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I was in a Kroger's grocery store and every aisle that I went to, a employee was starring at me and following me and he would stop, so I asked the manager that I wanted to talk to her in private, that I wanted to handle the problem discreetly as possible.
I then asked a manager if she could talk to the employee and with a smirk the manager said she would, she then continued to finish what she was doing.
I then noticed the employee was continuing to follow me and my wife. My wife had lost or Kroger's gift card, them I noticed he was within 20 feet, I then got tired of being followed.
I said to the employee do you want to help us find our gift card, or keep following my wife and I around, then he said to me, it's my job to follow people and then I said to him, yes but it's not your job to harass us, so go follow other people then he said I will when I see them.
I said well there is about 50 customers, then he shrugged his shoulders, "like so what" he still continued the same routine.
Earlier before I approached the employee,I told the manager that she can check or persons and pockets.
So please i need some advice

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I cannot come home and just relax after a stressful day at work without getting bombarded by ADT phone calls or in person visitors to sell me a service i have no use for.

It has wasted my time, increased tensions between myself, my roommate and his wife ... and is a general invasion of my home privacy.

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