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A group of attorneys is investigating claims that H&R Block does not correctly compensate certain IT employees for the overtime hours they work. Some of these IT employees work for companies who are hired by H&R Block as independent contractors. The attorneys are also investigating whether these "independent contractors" and H&R Block are joint employers of the IT employees. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that employers pay all workers an overtime premium (time and a half) for all hours worked over 40 in a given workweek. The FLSA, though, also provides exemptions for certain categories of workers, who may be compensated by a salary and not paid an overtime premium. These exemptions are for executives, professionals, administrative employees, and outside sales employees.

Also exempt are computer programmers, computer systems analysts, and software engineers. These exemptions, however, are very specific, and employers must take great care to properly classify those workers they claim are exempt. An employee does not fit into the computer programmer exemption simply by working with a computer, but rather must do particular types of computer work entailing an adequate level of expertise and independence. These attorneys are investigating claims that H&R Block has improperly classified certain computer and IT personnel as "exempt" under the computer programmer exemption when, in fact, the duties they perform do not qualify them for that exemption. Qualified claimants could be entitled to backpay for all overtime premiums improperly withheld for two years or, if the violation was intentional, for three years.

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I sent in my Expense Report that we use to calculate miles traveled on our own vehicle around May 25th-30th. Apparently, they said after May 16th, expense reports will not be paid off. But they didn't tell us that. They told us that it could be delayed another 2 weeks or so. I had personal matters to take care of and filling out the expense report was a very big hassle in the first place. We actually got the expense report later around Feb. I worked October of 2006 and never even got an expense report for travel. H&R Block owes me more than $450.00 in reimbursement and now they said they won't pay me because it's end of the fiscal year. I worked my ass off for this company and they won't even pay me now. All the techs feel what I am feeling. We all feel like they are trying to cheat us over mileage, etc. It's a really big hassle to fill out these expense reports. I sent them an email, numerous calls, but still not a response.

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