Suboxone Antitrust Action Filed by 35 Attorney Generals

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Santa Clara, CA: The makers of the drug Suboxone, which is used to treat opioid addiction, are facing an antitrust lawsuit filed by 35 Attorney Generals.

According to their complaint, the AGs allege Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals and Indivior conspired with MonoSol Rx to switch Suboxone from a tablet to a dissolving film before the drug's exclusivity period barring generic competition expired. This attempted delay in the exclusivity period ran contrary to state and federal antitrust laws.

This action resulted in consumers paying more for the product, the AGs claim, and they have asked the court to stop the companies from continuing their alleged conduct. Their complaint also asks for relief for consumers and the states.

The AGs participating in the action include those from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

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Ive been a bupe patient for 6 years. I cant get off it And its destroyed my teeth. But at least im leagle now....

Posted by
Conrad Samuels
What a bunch of cry baby pussies trying to make a buck off a drug that more than likely saved their lives! I tried the strips when they came out...I actually liked them better for many reasons, particularly the convenience. However, it was always my choice whether I wanted the pills or strips...and at $80.00/per each 80 mg oxy...Suboxome seems like a heirloom that one finds in a pawn shop for pennies on the dollar!
If there was an was the FDA only allowing each doctor a limit of 35 patients early in its introduction...especially in light of the realization that the makers of pain pills, patches, lollipops, etc. created and introduced and is responsible for more accidental deaths annually than the combined deaths per year from all auto accidents & total annual murders COMBINED PER YEAR! And which is now responsible for the largest & current massive number of individuals who are now dependent & addicted to the Mother of all opiates ...Heroin!!!!
More than 210 million opiate prescriptions were filled in 2010, with close to 12 million people admitting to abusing these drugs by taking them for non-medical reasons.
Per the CDC, certain studies reveal that as many as three out of every four current heroin users were previously prescription opiate abusers.
The amount of painkillers prescribed in 2010 was enough to medicate every American 24 hours day a day for one month.
Deaths from opiate painkillers outnumber deaths from all illicit drugs combined.
Teen opiate use tends to be focused on Vicodin and OxyContin, as these are the most relatively easy opiates for many teens obtain.(EXCEPT WHEN I WANT THEM!). Also, younger users will be more likely to use these substances due to misperceptions regarding risk. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2014:
Accidental deaths from heroin addiction, for the first time since records have documented deaths out paced pain pill OD's...most likely attributed from those addicted to Oxycontin and the outrageous expense of Oxycontin on the street...going to a cheaper alternative and more deadly heroin.... and in the words of Dan Rather in referring to the Pharmaceutical companies that made & make fortunes convincing the public that pain meds are ok( as in the case with oxy’s)...FEA!

JC...6 back surgeries from 1986 - 2000, when Drs. continually managed my pain by prescribing opiates, ( Percodan, Percocet, Tylenol 3&4’s, Lortabs, Somas, right on up to when OxyContin became available….) and not in the amounts of 12, 16, Dr. wrote out scripts of Codeine - 4’s in 50’s & 100’s. Thank God for Suboxome, since 2008 it's the only drug that made me normal and stop the cycle of continually looking for opiates meds….the chase to find them on the street was brutal & tiresome!!!!

Posted by
aanita temple
I have used suboxone tablets and the strips and I would go for the tablets. the 2mgs strips did not keep me well like it was suppose to but the tablet kept me good all day long. I could only stay on the
tablets and the strips because suboxones cost so
much one had to be a millionaire to buy them or have very good insurance. The companies should be ashame of themselves they know we don't have the kinds money the stuff costs, then they pull us around by our noses ,so what are we to do go back to the pill mill where it started from or
back to the streets .I have been in this pain for over 3 years I wish you'll could see my legs, so what do I do now? rebates need to be give back to the patients.

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My wife and I have been on Suboxone since it was given out in clinical trials at the University of Maryland . that's over 15 years and we are unable to live a normal life until we are all 100% off of this drug . we are both still on the medication and are unable to come off down to four milligrams. We need total need help or reply doesn't look like we'll ever come off need help . I feel the drug Suboxone has taken 15 years of our life we were off methadone for only 15 3 weeks and then we will put on Suboxone again we've been on it ever since thank you

Posted by
Bradley Grisham
Suboxone really help me get off of opiates it was a miracle drug for me at one time

Posted by
Mark Dion
Suboxone works great, however, I do feel the clinics have a vested interest in keeping you hooked. Myself, I have zero desire to continue taking pain pills, plus, since I'm a combat veteran, my body is broken. I will require future surgeries and being on suboxone makes that nearly impossible. Nevermind everyday life...if I need dental work, well, subozone blocks those, so I'm screwed. If I break a limb....I'm screwed. Most everyday occurrences leave me screwed. So I plan on weening off this medocarina by summer.

Posted by
Jose Arredondo JR
Suboxone Saved my Life I because addicted to Pain pills after thee many surgeries I had on my left Leg knee. Never used drugs in my life always a sober hard working Middle class citizens, In 2010 after I finally excepted the fact I was a legal pill popping addict I got help. By the way SUBOXONE is also great for Pain I have never ever taken any other medical I REFUSE to bring back that pill popping addiction. Okay I have complied with all the Requirements for thee Suboxone program here In New Mexico do my bi weekly therapist sessions and my Mandatory Drug test when I see my Doctor once a month Never violated. Nor have I ever failed thee Drug test. Just Recently thee clinic I go to for my suboxone Refills has IMPOSED Mandatory reduction of My Suboxone strips The primary care doctor and clinic have stated because of research done some place They stated that Only 2 strips of suboxone are needed per day Therefore I am only given 60 strips for thee hole Month. I have suffered with withdrawals feeling very Ill at times, If I need to take an extra half strip during Thee Very painful days I simply have to suffer and because if I don't SKIP That half doze I will simply run out of Suboxone, so I take my suboxone strip as prescribed even when I am in Pain I have to Suffer I was taking 3 tablets a day they I was taken off thee Tablets and given the strip instead They work just as well The suboxone is a Life saver and GREAT medication, But since this new Policy thee 1 size fits all therefore everyone has been cut off thee 3 dozes per day to just 2 strips a day I have seen many folks RELAPSE since this new policy has been introduced to all the Patients, I Preferred the tablets Instead of thee strips BUT thee clinic will not prescribe the suboxone Tablets any longer. I have complained to thee Clinic director and My Doctor Regarding thee amount of strips I am prescribed and thee strips instead of the Tablets. This so called research about thee amount of dozes thee Patients should take daily is Cruel. I was never asked nor was I a part of that so called research. I was not a part of this so called research, I asked thee clinic to give me a copy of that so called research but was never given one, Since I was not in agreement with is new Policy I have had problems with the clinic, I have voiced my displeasure of thee Medical practices regarding suboxone. I Point is this not all patients get thee same amount of Insulin or heart medication, NOT all people receive thee same amount of medications due to there health problems every one get medication according to there Medical needs Individuals get there different amounts of medication. BUT since thee clinic has stated this is our POLICY take it or leave it, REGARDLESS of thee needs. Why are Doctors allowed to tell us because of thee research done where ever and to whom ever This is a 1 size fits all suboxone patients when I give my Urine test every month there is always another person standing next to me In the bathroom while I Urinate into thee Bottle provided for thee Drug test, This is mandatory drug testing to remain on thee suboxone medication, We also have to do Random drug test at anytime we have to comply with thee STRICT guidelines I have no issues or worries with drug test because I DONT DO DRUGS or smoke anything I don't drink alcohol I am straight all the way. Why are we not allowed to decide for our selves if we want Tablet or strips and when have we been FORCED except thee reduction in our suboxone daily doses. This CRUEL Harsh Unnecessary Suffering all because of this so called research conclusions. 1 Size fits all. Suboxone is a Miracle Pain reliever and does not effect thee Mobility You don't get high you don't feel spaced out our have an Intoxicated feeling while on suboxone Excellent Medication, This is My own experience with Suboxone It SAVED MY LIFE and is great for pain as well.

Posted by
Brandy Jones-Barber
The cost for this medicine is absolutely ridiculous! I've had to take loans out just to pay for a monthly supply. No discounts can be used except for the manufacturer discounts and those are still not good enough to make this medicine affordable. Suboxone has saved my life. Thankful to not have a pill habit anymore. But the cost of Suboxone compared to pills evens out.

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