Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Medical Negligence Class Action Lawsuit Filed

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Oakland, CA: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan is facing a class action lawsuit over its alleged failure to properly treat patients with mental illness. Filed on behalf of three named plaintiffs, the lawsuit seeks to represent potentially the "thousands of other Kaiser members who have been harmed by Kaiser's systemic denial of timely access to mental health services."

Filed October 3, 2013, the class action alleges Kaiser contributed to the death of at least one patient who committed suicide. The lawsuit also claims Kaiser forced at least two other patients to spend thousands of dollars on mental health care outside of the company' health plan.

Four months ago Kaiser was fined $4 million by the state of California' Department of Managed Health Care for having "serious deficiencies" in its care of mental health patients. Those deficiencies included an overall lack of information for mental health patients and no systemwide approach to ensure that patients suffering from mental health issues were being monitored, which included Kaiser's inability to track how and when a patient was being treated.

The lawsuit was filed by Oakland-based law firm Siegel LeWitter Malkani. "Essentially, we want them to clean up their act," said Jonathan Siegel, the attorney who filed the lawsuit. Siegel said the lawsuit also seeks monetary damages but said the amount is unknown.

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Kaiser Permanente has been repeatedly negligent dangerous , and plain out disrespectful to myself and many other patients. After undergoing colon cancer surgery and treatments ( Aggressive Chemotherapy) . The surgeon told me- he fixed my Hernia while doing cancerous pollupt removal. I recently found out he used a bad mesh for the hernia repair . That has contributed to my health detrioating. I have been totally disabled from neuropathy and violent bouts of sickness and pain.
They have concentrated on my pain med issues , basically taken me off all almost cold turkey. But , they do not try to manage the pain or help my mental issues with any treatments. Just take me off more meds . So they do not get into trouble . But they will have me see my physiatrist every 3 months with 20 other patients in the room , basically embarrassing me about my condition. Since I also have been married 44 yrs and my wife is divorcing me. It Really makes you feel like a well cared Kaiser patient. I also just looked at my B12 levels that are 1795 . My primary has not mentioned These B12 drastic levels. But will prescribe me meds that are listed on my allergy list , that I am allergic to. Senior disadvantage and Kaiser senior population control.

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I also asked for mental health services and never received any services.

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I have been a patient of of Kaiser permanente mental health, and notice a lack of services. I have not
been able to receive any psychological services since
last year in March or 2015. I've had to contact member
services on several occasions because they would
contact me to tell me that the doctor would not be in.
I am sick and tired of not receiving services under
my membership through my employer. I run out of
meds, and the pharmacy contacts the doctor and he
refills med that's all he had done in the last 2 years.
Kaiser Mental Health Services has really deteriorated
I now see why. I would like to be involved with this
legal action if I can. You will see if I authorize you
to check my medical records. No help what so ever,
even when I do see.the doctor, he doesn't help me
with my problems. Just a waste of time.

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