Kinesio Sports Tape Subject of Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit

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Boston, MA: KT Health, the manufacturer of KT Tape, is facing a consumer fraud class action lawsuit filed by a consumer who claims the elastic sport and fitness tape does not relieve pain from injury nor provide treatment, as advertised. KT Tape is available at retail outlets including CVS, Rite-Aid and Target, among others, which are listed on the KT Health website.

Filed by Alexander Vuckovic, the suit alleges "KT Health does not disclose to consumers that if there are any health benefits to be obtained from KT Tape, they are limited to the placebo effect."And, "This case pertains to the false representations by KT Health which have been made in a concerted and orchestrated effort to prey on consumers' eternal hope that products exist that can quickly and effortlessly alleviate their pain."

According to the suit, Vuckovic bought KT Tape to try to relieve his shoulder pain. He purchased the tape after reading packaging that stated the tape would provide pain relief and lead to "faster"recovery.

However, after buying and using the tape, he found the product didn't perform "as claimed and advertised."Specifically, those claims include misleading advertising and marketing of the product to promote "the myth that its products work to treat a variety of sports-related injuries"including muscle pain and common injuries like runner' knee, golfer' elbow and shin splints, and that the term "Kinesio Tape"itself is "nothing but a scientific-sounding, made-up word."

Vuckovic asserts there is no scientific evidence to back up the premise that one can gain health benefits by "tensioning or adjusting" skin by applying stretchable sports tape. Nor is this clam supported by the medical community, the complaint states, and cites recent studies including several published in the Journal of Physiotherapy which allegedly reveal "the ineffective and useless nature of kinesiology tape."

Therefore, the lawsuit contends that the pseudoscience, together with KT Health' "deceptive and misleading claims,"and celebrity athlete endorsements, were responsible for "massive sales"of the tape.

"KT Health has used deceptive claims regarding the purported benefits of KT Tape to charge a premium approximately ten times the price of traditional athletic tape, and has achieved massive sales of KT Tape as a result,"the suit states. Further, consumers would not have paid such a price for the tape.

The suit accuses KT Health of unjust enrichment, untrue and misleading advertising, and unfair and deceptive conduct. Vuckovic is seeking class certification, restitution and disgorgement of KT Health' revenues to the class, and an order preventing KT Health from continuing its alleged false advertising and requiring them to run a "corrective advertising campaign."

Alexander Vuckovic is represented by David Pastor of Pastor Law Office LLP. The case is Vuckovic v. KT Health Holdings Inc. et al, case number 1:15-cv-13696, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

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Last updated November 7 2015

Reader Comments

Posted by
SO i guess thats WHY KT Tape now states that theres is no scientific proof on its instruction papers.

So in the end... What was the outcome?
Did this guy make any money or did he just end up spending loads on his freakin lawyer?

Posted by
Pamela S
I was introduced to kinesio tape by a physical therapist, and was amazed completely by the relief it provided. This tape is not simply a "peel and stick" at th he discomfort sites, there is a specific method to apply it, so if the Comair tantrum doesn't know the proper way to use it according to the injuries of human anatomy, and precise physical therapy uses, then he won't know how to apply it to receive the benefits. His case should be dismissed.

Posted by
This guy is just trying to get money out of them, I've seen Kinesio tape even work on DOGS that could barely walk, animals in general, they can't fake the results. They also sell animal versions.

You use it to support and stabilize he muscle, your rate of healing will also depend a lot on rehab and your diet. You want a protein rich diet, as well as leafy greens which can produce collagen rich diet.

Posted by
I never believed tape like this would work! The first time I put it on from 2 fingers to my forearm. I still had my pain and was disappointed. Then I started to search videos online and guess I should've read the instructions because there was a whole technique to putting on the tape. Stretch 50% here and 100% there the vids said. After putting the tape on and not stretching the tape in some areas and stretching it 50% 100% on other areas I was totally shocked to feel the pain relief of my fingers, hand, wrist and forearm. After using it for 4 days I started to tell everyone about it. I told them I had NO IDEA how it worked and didn't care because it just worked. My muscle pain was gone. Then I had elbow and knee pain and used it and again it worked. I initially didn't believe it would work at all, so there was no placebo effect here, it just really worked!
Like another person wrote....please, give this guy a buck or 2!
He probably never even put the tape on like he should. I love this tape and don't want this company losing millions to settle to avoid further loss and possibly not being able to sell KT tape when it really does work.

Posted by
Have been using on knee and shoulder for 2 years. It works. You have to adapt to your level of stretch needed. Someone just out to get money... looking for a quick such thing. Much better than any brace that's for sure.

Posted by
Todd thomas
This is frivolous bull.
Give the whimp his $5 back and don't use it anymore.
I use KT all the time. It works for me.

I hate lawyers for this very reason.

Get a life.

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