Kitec Pipe Corrosion

Kitec pipes and fittings may fail prematurely causing leaks and water damage to your property. At least one expert evaluation has found that Kitec pipes have a manufacturing defect that can cause corrosion in the pipes. Corrosion can result in leaks and other problems with your plumbing system.

Kitec corroded pipesKitec consists of flexible aluminum pipe sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of plastic pipe (PEX Pipe). Kitec generally comes in two colors: blue (for cold water use) and orange (for hot water use). The pipes are manufactured by IPEX USA LLC and have been used in houses as far back as 10 to 15 years ago.

Kitec pipe and fittings fail when they are exposed to water because of a chemical reaction known as dezincification, which results in reduced water flow and leaks. Dezincified Kitec pipe and fittings cause damage not only when they burst and leak, but also impair the ability of a home's plumbing system to effectively provide water to appliances and fixtures.

If you or someone you know have incurred property damage or economic losses due to failed Kitec pipes, or if you believe Kitec pipes may have been used in your home, contact Greg Jones & Associates for information on how to proceed. We can be reached at (910) 251-2240. Our primary office is located at 1202 S. 16th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401.

Kitek Pipe Corrosion Articles

Kitec Failed Fittings: Like a Ticking time Bomb
A residential plumbing system preferred by plumbers and contractors because it is less expensive, and easier to work with than copper, has a damning Achilles' heel that can be likened to a ticking time bomb: Kitec brass fittings that can fail and leak, putting a home's structure and contents at risk.

Consumers Worried About Kitec Pipes
Consumers are already writing to Kitec XPA pipes. Some report that their pipes have burst, while others are simply concerned that theirs could burst at any time and there is nothing they can do about it.

Kitec PEX Pipe: The Fuse May Already Be Lit...
Kitec Pipe: When Fittings Fail, your Home is at Risk
Second only to fire, a flood is one of the most-feared events in a home, given the damage water can do. Little wonder that homeowners are up in arms over Kitec pipes and fittings that fail prematurely.

Kitek Pipe Corrosion In the News

FEB-4-08: Homeowners Consumer Center is conducting a investigation in Washington state involving Kitec brass fittings. The probe was launched following the filing of a class action lawsuit in Nevada regarding the same fittings. [PRWEB: KITEC PIPE]

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Reader Comments

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Today I have discovered a pin hole in the cold water pex pipe behind a section of wall on the first floor of my new home.

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Homeowners insurance won't cover cost to replace plumbing throughout entire house. Water damage done to newly installed baseboards and one interior wall panel underneath stairs, replace oak stair rail and bannister due to water on base at foot of the stairs. Total replacement of drywall and shelving within kitchen pantry connected to stairs leading to second floor, pipe rupture occured underneath stairs and behind refrigerator and pantry. Other repairs that are at moment unforseen until further assessment done by general contractor.

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The new buyer is demanding that we replace all the piping that will cost us approximately $13,000. We cannot afford to do this. The pipes were put in 10 years ago with a 20 year waranty, so we are potentially out the sale of the house to this buyer if we cannot satisfy him. The sale of the house is hinging upon this problem. If the buyer agrees to allow us to fix the system, it will cost us $13,000. If the seller backs out completely, we will lose $402,000.

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Our homeowners association and owners have paid out about $30K so far on repairs and if these problems continue we are looking at a possible $400K retrofit.

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