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A class action lawsuit has been filed claiming that people with nonviolent misdemeanors were illegally strip searched at Knox County jail. Strip searches are legal in Maine as long as detainees have been charged with a felony that is drug related or involves weapons. A detainee charged with a misdemeanor can only be strip searched upon reasonable suspicion of contraband. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of those charged with nonviolent misdemeanors and who were strip searched at the Rockland jail between November 19, 1996 and December 31, 2004.

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I was detained in Warren County, Tn Circuit Court. After my ex husband was found guilty violating Bond, bail, and a Order Of Protection, his attorney pulled out a fill in the blank bench warrant and I was stopped at the door going out of the courthouse. I had missed a court date on Jan. 20th, 2017. I had the flu, sinus infection, bronchitis, and a stomach virus, but the judge didn't care in Dekalb County, Tn. Despite my Dr. Statement Judge Hollars went ahead with court and issued the attachment. The Dekalb County Sherriff dept. picked me up at the County line. Never read me my rights, couldn't make bond, stripped searched me, made me bend down and cough, and take a shower. Never got to use the phone for an Attorney. Sheriff Patrick Ray and Officer Russell both stated it was not against the law for my ex to come on the property, because we had not been thru a divorce, he owned as much of that property as I did, he could cut the phone line, security system, cable, internet, services off. He could get into the car, move what was in the floor and put it into the front seat. Slash my back tire on passaenger side. I asked if the knew what an Order Of Protection meant. He was charged with Aggravated Assault and holding me Hostage. The warrant Commissioner said he could not charge him with anything but shooting at me as I ran away. Because in Gen. 1 the Bible says the 2 shall marry and become one. Therefore, he had every right to push me into the cabinets, take my keys away, call me awful names, throw a glass vase at me, pull a loaded gun on me as I tried to call 911. He told me I didn't want to take out an Order Of Protection because this would ruin his life. He had spent several hours talking to Mr. Fleming, while he spent 12 hours in jail, but was never charged with Domestic Violence, and he is a good old boy. Works night at Schneider Electric and plan on retiring in a couple of years. If I do this he will never be able to hunt or fish. I told him that Mr. Fleming works days, he just wanted you to think he was not home when the police showed up. I showed him the text messages that Mr. Fleming had text me asking why the law was at the house and that was his choice and me and him are suffering the consequences. The District Attorney added holding me hostage after I talk with the State Attorney General's Victim Advocate Renea Grant, 2 days before the Grand Jury met. I had an Officer's name and badge number that had used a jimie to break into the house so I could get my keys. Mr. Fleming's son was there and witnessed it. He had got to talk with his dad while he was in jail. I could not make Bond, speak with anyone for 7 days while I was in jail.

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