Maytag and Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine Recall

On March 21, 2007, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of about 250,000 Maytag-brand washing machines and about 20,000 Samsung-brand washing machines - both brands front loading washers -- due to a potential fire hazard.

Maytag washer recallTo date, Maytag received five reports and Samsung received one report of incidents involving ignition in the circuit board. Water leakage onto the electrical connections to the washing machine's thermal sensor could cause an electrical short and ignite a circuit board, therefore creating a potential fire hazard to consumers.

All of the machines were made by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., of South Korea. The washers were sold at major department and appliance stores throughout the U.S. from April 2005 through August 2006 for between $1,000 and $1,200.

Brand Models and Serial Numbers

The Maytag washers have model numbers beginning with MAH9700 or MAH8700.

Maytag serial numbers ending in the last two letters identified below are subject to the recall:

2006 JA JC JE JG JJ JL JN          

The Samsung washers have model number WF306BHW or a model number beginning with WF316. Samsung serial numbers with the six-digit number 100001 through 799999 prior to a letter at the end of the serial number are subject to the recall. Consumers are advised to contact the Maytag and Samsung immediately and arrange for repair - do not return the washer to the place of purchase.

Maytag Washer Articles

Maytag Has Lost My Trust
"I told my lawyer that my biggest complaint against Maytag is this: I have lost my trust in them," says Nancy Brazell. "After reading comments from other consumers on various websites, (and there were hundreds) most of them said they didn't receive any help from Maytag at all, they had incurred large expenses and some said their washer was inoperable."

Maytag Involved In Another Recall: This Time Washing Machines
Maytag and Samsung have announced a recall of around 270,000 front loading washing machines. The recall was announced after Maytag received reports of five incidents in which the circuit board ignited. Samsung received a report of one such incident.

Maytag's All Washed Up
Maytag already settled one class action lawsuit with its front-loading washers a few years back, but its problems are far from over - it just got slapped with another recall, leaving many consumers even more frustrated - both with their washers and how Maytag handled the first recall.

Maytag Washer Recall in the News

Maytag and Samsung Washer Legal Help

If you purchased one of the Maytag or Samsung front loading washing machines listed above, you may qualify for damages or remedies that may be awarded in a possible class action or lawsuit. Please click here to fill in our form to submit your complaint to a lawyer for a free evaluation.
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Reader Comments

Posted by
Theresa Klenk
We purchased a Samsung front loader in January 2011. Since the very beginning after a few uses it had a mildew/ mold oder. It has never gone away cleaning the filter door etc with bleach doesn't help either. Not only dealing with the oder after only 6 years it seems the motor is going. This washer & dryer were the most expensive we've ever purchased & the last. Ill go back to Whirlpool it's cheaper & lasted 15 years. Never had any problems. Samsung in my opinion should replace consumers with replacements

Posted by
Throwing away my new Samsung front loading washer! The mold odor is so bad I can't breathe. My clothes smell worse after washing than before washing. Samsung doesn't care what a poor product they sell to people for a LOT of money. Never buy this product - EVER!

Posted by
my dryer was not even on and yesterday caught on fire got in 2006 thank

Posted by
Cynthia Fara
We purchased a Samsung front loader washer and dryer total $982.59, On 8/7/2011.

The mold and smell, is horrible, we have to clean the washer each time before using it once a week, if not the smell and mold would get on the clothes when taking them out of the washer rub against the rubber in the door which has a lot of the mold and then rubs against you and irritates your

Most the time you have to rewash the clothes again due to the smell.

Posted by
Cherden Hurley
I see were Whirlpool and Sears, sames makers, have reached a settlement and will give people $500.00 towards a new washer. Where is Samsung in all this?? I have Samsung front loading, steam, the gray ones and I hate the thing. The mold is so bad. Have to clean it once a week. I leave the door open for at least 15 hrs everyday do to entering through my garage. I can't wait for this thing to break so I can get a new top loader, and a cheap one!

Posted by
Lynn Metzler
I was never contacted re the mildew issue on my neptune front load washer.MAH5500BWW. I purchased these 2002 ? Washer & dryer. Now I'm reading about the mildew issues and bearings going out. Mine are going out now. It makes the very loud like a jet taking off sound on the spin cycle. From what I read it's a very expensive repair. So said to see all the recalls. May tags not what I grew up with. We were a generational maytag family. I even gave my daughter our set washer & dryer when she got married. The set was 23 yrs old and she continued to use them for another 8 yrs. Please help.

Posted by
Constant strong mold odor. Circuit board has had to be replaced several times. Washer leaks and hasn't stopped leaking even after repair. Washer vibrates so badly that the washer will not stay in one place in my laundry room. Washer will not spin clothes completely; must run it several times on the spin cycle to fully extricate the water.

Posted by
The triangular cast pot-metal bracket that supports the drum assembly corroded so badly, it exploded into many pieces during the spin cycle. The premature deterioration (4 years old) of this part is unacceptable and expensive ($265.00 - part only). A simple coating of this part to protect it from water or the use of a water resistent metal would have resolved this problem in the first place. My 30 year old Maytag is still in servicable condition (no break downs from day one!).

Posted by
I purchased this set for $2500 on July 30, 2006 and (of course after their lousy one year warranty) so far have had to replace the circuit board in the washer to the tune of $500 out of my pocket, with Maytag offering a lousy 15% on the part as restitution (the repair was $200). Now I read they are voluntarily replacing these faulty circuit boards because they have been known to start fires! No notice to me about this "little" problem even though I registered my appliances with them the day I bought them and they had my full contact info!! Of course they tell me it's too late to get the circuit board for free because mine already blew up...
NOW the dryer drum is cracked! It will cost me ANOTHER $500 to fix. It has thumped terribly since day one but their consumer affairs department says I should have known that this indicated a problem and had it checked out before the warranty expired. I guess I should have pursued that engineering degree instead of economics. I have read countless accounts of the SAME problems with these machines on the internet and want to know why a class action suit has not been started. Maytag makes LOUSY machines and offers a 15% rebate as "compensation"...

Posted by
Since May 17, 2008 when I accepted delivery of the machine, I have been unable to do a load of laundry because of an LE code. Three service calls still have not fixed the problem. The machine just sits there. The last tech said he believes it's the control panel. The door won't open. Nothing works. I have had to go to the laundromat, wasted 3 days of work waiting for service, travel expenses to the laundromat were incurred, and clothes were stuck in the washer for 1 week while we waited for a service call. We called Maytag and received RUDE treatment. They even hung up on us.

Posted by
South Carolina
No damage at present, but am fearful the if GFCI fails, there is a real danger of either electrical shock or fire. I have four grandchildren under the age of four in my home. Neither they nor my wife ( who has suffered a stroke in the past year) should be subjected to the probability of an electrical shock

Posted by
This washer has been serviced twice since March of 2007 and only operates properly when 4 to 6 items of clothing are washed during one cycle. Sometimes limiting items in a load isn't enough to prevent the machine from dangerous bouncing. Maytag has created a product that is threatening to damage new plumbing in my home and cause bodily harm to approach it for the purpose of shutting it off while it is malfunctioning. The repair service has refused to return. They stated there is nothing more they can do for this machine.

Posted by
I was sent a brush to "clean" the washer, but the smell stay in, I try to control it with bleach, but now my family develop a sensitivity to bleach and my husband developed a rash that does not go away. In 2005 I was sent the brush, no letter or anything, just instruction on how to properly clean the washer. Since as I said before because I have to use so much bleach my family has develop a sensitivity to it, but if I do not use bleach the mildew smell comes back and my husband rashes also come back.

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