Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals' Mobic is a popularly prescribed drug that is considered by many experts to be chemically similar to the recently banned Cox- inhibitors. Mobic may be more dangerous than the recently withdrawn Vioxx. A veteran FDA scientist told a recent FDA safety panel that Mobic displayed a slightly higher rate of cardiac disease than that seen in Vioxx users.

This information is in a yet-to-be-published study prepared by the FDA, according to David Graham, Associate Director for Science and Medicine at the FDA's Office of Drug Safety.

Since Vioxx was banned from the US Market, Mobic has become the number one prescribed painkiller in its place.

The FDA's Graham, along with other scientists outside the FDA, analyzed data collected from California's Medicaid program covering more than 15,000 heart attack patients, making it the largest study to date on such side effects. It was discerned that the statistical risk of heart attack was 1.37% for Mobic, compared to 1.32% with Vioxx and 1.09% with Celebrex.

Interestingly, even though Mobic is considered a Cox-2 inhibitor in most countries, in the United States it remains classified as a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID). Yet numerous experts say that its chemical structure and physiological nature is very similar to that of the troublesome Cox-2 medications and that it should be classified as one and likewise, banned.

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Reader Comments

Posted by
I had aneck injury. Changed doctors. Was given steroid for 5 days. Then was prescribed Meloxicam. After 7 days of taking drug , I had a massive heart attack. Needed to be shocked back to life. Open heart surgery and 4 bypasses.

Posted by
Katie belton
I have taking mobic for approximately a year and just found out I am in 3rd stage renal failure..... I am told it is from the medication.

Posted by
Barbara Catchpole
After three days on Mobic I suffered a bleed from the small bowel which resulted in my having to be transfused two units of blood. I was in hospital for five days.

Posted by
I was prescribed meloxicam for muscle inflammation and a year ago this month was rushed to the ER with Pulmonary Embolism. Three of the four chambers of my lungs were completely full of blood clots. I was told that I probably wouldn't have lived another month had I not gone in to the ER.
I am a 41 year old mother of 4 who should not be faced with something like this because of a medication that has more side affects then benefits!
I live every day of my life in fear that the blood clots will return now that I am no longer on the blood thinners.
From the research that I've done I've read that they are likely to return within 3 years. I do not understand why my doctor will not keep me on the blood thinners to prevent this from happening.
Also, while in the hospital the ER doctor who discovered the blood clots in my lungs told me that taking Ibuprofen is also linked to blood clots! So I began researching hat as well! Most doctors disagree!! My doctor told me to take 600mg per day since I can no longer take the meloxicam for the inflammation!!! REALLY!?!?!?

Posted by
bryan seals
I've been taking meloxicam and come down with kidney faluiure.

Posted by
Greg Brown
Suffered ploblems from this drug

Posted by
Westley Rose
I have ulcerative colitis now that I was prescribed Muloxicam 15mg and had taken it for two years. There is no history of digestive issues in my family history. This is something I will now live with for the rest of my life. My Dr. didn't even warn me of potential side affects. What are my options if any?

Posted by
I suffered a stroke after taking Mobic a week while being on asprin. I am no longer able to work after losing use of my left arm and leg. I have been going to rehab at least three times a week for 16 weeks.

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