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A lawsuit has been filed and is seeking class action status against the modular home builder alleging homes built outside Kentucky do not meet state building codes. The suit was filed in Federal Court in Lexington on behalf of hundreds of owners of All-American Homes in Kentucky.

The lawsuit alleges All-American Homes have consistently used building methods that do not comply with Kentucky building codes, used deceptive business practices, and violated the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act. The lawsuit also names the Kentucky office of Housing, Building and Construction, which relies on third-party inspectors to ensure modular homes constructed out of state meet Kentucky building codes, as a defendant. The case claims the state failed to ensure that a third-party inspector, that was supposed to keep tabs on All-American Homes, was actually inspecting the modular homes and had certified Kentucky building inspectors on staff.

Modular homes are built in sections in factories, transported and then reassembled on site, a construction process called an industrialized building system. A third-party inspector, paid for by the modular-home builder but approved by the state, then inspects the homes to ensure quality control and compliance with state building codes before they are placed on site.

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I also was placed in one of the All American Homes and had to replace flooring with tile had electrical issues and the AC went out over and over again. I just bought a new AC this past year. I have sought help and haven't received any assistance since I gained the home 9 years ago. I have googled and tried to find a phone number to report being scammed I had to paint the interior of the home it came just with white walls and I also installed a security system in the home. We put tile in the only bathroom because it came with sticky tile which wasn't adhesive and cut when they installed the tub. I did a punch list of all the problems nothing was repaired the insulation under the home wasn't in tact I have no subfloor and also had to pay for the spray insulation under my home. One night mare after the other and found smoky reside all over my home we thought we had a case of chineese drywall had a VOC test done and it was though the roof and unexplainable.

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I have a home star home built in Texas with a s/n of M1630. I live in Louisiana just outside of New orleans in Jefferson parish and bought this house 10 years ago. I have had problems since before the house was turned over to me with "shoddy work from people that could not speak or understand english. floors not put down correctly and still squeak pop and are not correct. I have a door to my room that will only close if it's cold for a week. I have a window that leaks from bad instal. I have hardy boards not calked, and some that fell down and had to be re nailed. My a/c unit on the outside looks like it was like it was "stolen" and when I talked to the contractor he said it was from shipping and they broke the feet rather than unscrewing the locks. (Judge Judy could not help me there the inspector said. I had problems with the cement, the a/c placement, the electric panel placement, doors, crakes in the walls the appliances they put in the kitchen, and all this was brought to there attention at least 15 times. twice the sent a person out to repair things but he was too busy to complete the work. one contractor punched over 100 holes in my ceiling and the work on the ceilings was 1/2 way done. I have trim pieces tat are still in primer.

I hate this house, that was made for me to love?
Is there anything in Louisiana about a law suet that could help me

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