Monat Hair Products Faces Hair Loss Class Action Lawsuit

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Miami, FL: A defective products class action lawsuit has been filed against hair products manufacturer Monat, alleging the company misrepresents its products as being safe and can aid in the regrowth of hair, when in fact, they cause irritation and hair loss.

Filed by consumers Trisha Whitmire and Emily Yanes de Flores, the complaint states that despite being aware that its products contain harsh chemicals that may cause sustained, significant hair loss, even after consumers stop using the products, Monat Global Corp, has concealed this information from consumers.

“Shamefully, hair loss claims are met with unsubstantiated claims of a ‘detox’ period that will cause increased hair loss before the purported benefits of Monat haircare products accrue or worse yet, suggestions to spend more money on still more expensive Monat haircare products,” the complaint states.

Plaintiff Whitmire states in the complaint that she purchased and used a variety of hair products from the company between January and October 2017. During that period she experienced hair loss. Her hair only started to regrow once she began to use different products.

Similarly, plaintiff Flores states that she noticed that her hair didn’t seem healthy while she was using Monat products, however a company representative told her it was part of a “detox” period. Her hair began to break, and she experienced burning and itching on her scalp, the complaint states. She claims that the problems she was experiencing led her to do research into the cause which led her to find others who experienced similar issues.

When consumers informed Monat of these problems, the company told them it was part of a “detox” period, urged them to purchase more products or blamed it on suppliers, according to the complaint. Monat even sued a woman who created a Facebook page for those affected by the allegedly faulty products, and otherwise covered up complaints, the lawsuit states.

The complaint also states that the products allegedly contain sulfates and petrochemicals, despite advertising the products as being free of such substances.

Whitmire and Flores claim they and others similarly situated were injured and had they known that the hair care products were deliberately misrepresented, they would not have bought them.

Whitmire and Flores seek to represent a class of people who have bought or used Monat hair care products since January 1, 2014.

The consumers are represented by Brian W. Warwick and Janet R. Varnell of Varnell & Warwick PA, Charles J. LaDuca and William H. Anderson of Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca LLP, John A. Yanchunis of Morgan & Morgan PA, and Joel R. Rhine and Dara Damery of Rhine Law Firm PC.

The case is Trisha Whitmire et al. v. Monat Global Corp., case number 1:18-cv-20636, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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Reader Comments

Very similar story. Began using product close to Thanksgiving 2017. Paid the initial $19.99 to become a VIP. At first, my hair was so soft. However, my forehead developed a rash...looked like acne. I had small red bumps (acne like) on my scalp as well. I thought perhaps it was part of the "detox" period. Then after close to two months, my hair started to fall out really bad. I have issues with my hair being very thin and a small bit of hair loss, but this was very healthy hair that I was losing. Breakage as well, but lots of healthy hair! Again, I thought this was part of the "detox" period. Finally, after my last order in February 2018, I quit using the product at the beginning of March. I am not noticing any regrowth from the hair that I lost.

Another issue that is upsetting is with the flexship...I have so much product that I don't know what to do with! I am afraid to give it to anyone for fear they will experience the same devasting hair loss. I am uncertain how Monat can expect members to purchase products, what monthly? I don't use that much shampoo! Also, I was told that continued use would allow me to not have to wash my hair every day. While using Monat, I had to. My hair was so flat and greasy the next day I couldn't go without washing.

Waiting patiently for regrowth! And hair with some life back in it.
Posted by Jacqueline Haas on

There is no way of knowing what the ingredients in the fragrance is now. so Jamie ross is saying... DID you all see the new report on Monat Dated June 7th 2018
Posted by Roxy Roller on

I started using the Monat detox product November 2017 for thinning hair. My scalp was itching and flaking. Didn't notice more shine and body as I was told I would. Up line told me this was a normal part of the detox process. Got through the first month and switched to another product for damaged hair. Within a few months, hair started falling out in chunks, started getting red raised sores and hasn't stopped for 3 months. I've lost more than half my hair. Finally stopped using and hair stopped falling out after about 2 weeks. I've had to wear a hat for the last 3 months. I've been taking collagen, biotin and using essential oils to try to get my hair to grow back. I'm getting over the hats and going to look for a wig. This has been the most horrible experience and my up line told me if I stop the shipments, Monat is going to charge me a penalty fee! They should refund all the money I've spent on products and the other methods I've been using to try to get my hair to grow back plus the hats and wig! The product is a rip off....Listen to Leah (Junk Free Momma's YouTube video clip) The product contains red clover leaf and is a photo estrogen (causes hormonal issues, cancer, etc) The product contains alcohol which will dry your hair out and irritate scalp. Also contains DHT. Do the research and don't recommend the products. Shame on Monat! What goes around, comes around and you know what Karma is!
Posted by Antoinette on

Horrible product. Never had so much hair breakage. Promised refund but never got.
Posted by Anonymous on

I would love to join a class action suit on Monat. I too have had skin irritation on my scalp at times I have had tiny fluid filled vesicles on my scalp after using Monat. I also have had huge amounts of hair loss. I had stopped coloring my hair and started using Monat because i had been told it would give my hair a healthy sheen, increased softness,and smoothness. I was told it would cause my hair to be full. I have experienced the opposite. My hair has become very britlle and has been falling out in massive amounts I have been using it for 2 years consistently as I ordered through auto ship not as a distributor but as a VIP customer. I went to an Endocrinologist thinking maybe I had an underlying health condition like a thyroid problem. My lab values were normal. I do not have a medical reason for the hair loss and rash other than the dermatologist stating my pores are irritated at the skin level and the hair follicle. Monat has been irritating my scalp I went from washing it daily to to every third to 4th day and it has not gotten better. I am going to stop using Monat as it looks like I have lost half my hair and like it has been thinned with thinning razor shears from breakage.
Posted by Janelle Stahl on

My stylist recommended Monat due to my fine / thin hair. It was expensive but I thought having thicker hair with new growth and volume would be worth it. Like so many other posts, it was totally the opposite! My hair is now the thinnest it has ever been and very dry. I won’t even give these products away as I don’t want this to happen to others. Look online at all th negative reviews, not a company that stands by its word at it doesn’t refund for these purchases. Now I have to spend more money on products to get my hair healthy again.
Posted by Mary B on

My husband and I used Monat for a little over a year. We had irritation issues within the first 2 months. When we told our seller, we were told to try different products within the line to make it better but it never did.

My husband and I developed sores, had a constant burning and itching, and suffered incredible amounts of hair loss daily. Clumps were coming out in the shower and it was very scary. I blamed myself and thought it was my own body causing my hair to fall out but the second I stopped using Monat, my hair stopped falling out.

I see all of these people saying they LOVE Monat and it's awesome but it would be very interesting to note how many of those lovers sell it...imma guess a minimum of 50% if not 75% do.

While I agree the effects of this product will be different for everyone, it appears that the majority are having issues. It's very clear that this product is quite misleading and needs to be thoroughly investigated and warning labels placed.
Posted by Julie on

I bought into the whole Monat MP under a friend after using one time. My hair was really straight and smooth first time using. Then my shipment arrived and I started using as directed by my upline. My hair started to feel dry, the color changed and left a brassy undertone, my scalp had a burning sensation like hot spots all over my head. I was told over and over this was “DETOX”! It was not! Then my hair was shedding unreal amounts of hair. I used Monat for 1 1/2 months and lost 50% of the volume of my hair. No one can make up these results and why would any one who had bought into the $300 MP want to see that investment turn into such a bizarre and negative experience. I have always had beautiful thick heathy hair. It is dry now and strawlike and continues to fall out months after quitting Monat. I also saw a change in my period cycles. The biggest problem after doing more research is that the shampoo is not PH balanced which dries up the hair follicle and it falls out!
Posted by Katrina Proue on

My hair was so dry and thick in some areas, thin in other areas. After 3 months of using Monat I have soft hair, and growth by 2 inches. My eye brows are back!! My husbands bald spot on the top of his head has hair now!! We love Monat!
All of my family uses the product and we couldn’t be more happier!
Posted by Norma Stohlman on

Used the product for several months noticed dry flakey scalp was told to keep using the product to get through “detox” scalp started getting sores with scabs. Was told I would be refunded and have not been. Hair and scalp went back to normal within a week or so after I stoped using Monet. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Overpriced and causes damage.
Posted by Jamie on

I was told Monat would increase hair growth, and make my already thin head of hair full of volume and health. Nothing could be further from the truth. I used exclusively entire line from intensive repair shampoo to conditioners, masques, restore
treatment, $84.00 bottles of oil for topical- and at the end of eight miserable months- I decided the balding was evident- hair was shorter and broken and does not even grow now- UGH!!!!!!!
Posted by Sue H. on

This is the worse “hair care system” ever!! Made half my hair fall out and what is left is all broken! Hate Monat!!! Worse than the Wen scam!!
Posted by Lisa Morrison on

I have been using Monat since August 2017 and love the products! My 10 year old daughter also uses them.
Posted by BRANDI NORKUS on

All the bad symptoms people are describing is what I had before using Monat. Before Monat, my hair was oily, irritated, thin and full of break outs. I would wash my hair in the morning and by the evening it was oily and itchy. I also noticed that my hair was thinning my hair was everywhere, all over the carpet. I started using Monat last Fall and I never noticed a shedding stage. My scalp finally cleared up, my thinning spots started to fill in and I finally for the first time do not have to wash my hair every day. I finally have volume which I never had before. I'm sorry to those who have had bad experiences with this product, it sucks I know. I experienced all those symptoms before this product so I know how it feels. But I do have to say that Monat has been wonderful to me and I will continue to use it.
Posted by Angela on

Monat is the best hair care on the planet! It has completely changed my hair and thousands of others. It's sad that stylists and other in the hair care industry are telling people their scalp and hair issues are due to a shampoo when they know better. Because people seem to hold their stylists in such high regard (doing 9 months of school) they believe what they say. It's simply not true. I will never use anything but Monat.
Posted by Jill Kennedy on

I have been using Monat for almost a year. In my first 4 months I experienced a slight increase in shedding and was told that it was part of the detox process. I continued using the products and sure enough the shedding quit. My hair is smoother, less frizzy, shinier, and growing new hairs throughout. I am a market partner and have a fairly small organization of 220 people. In those 220 we have had 3 that have been unhappy with their results. 2 of them being allergy issues, and 1 being dry and breaking. I will say that the one that was dry and breaking didn't use the product as directed either. If I thought Monat wasn't a great product I wouldn't be selling it. My own family has seen hair growth, and all around great results! Not every product is for every person and Monat has been an outstanding company all around!
Posted by Melani W on

L started to use Monat product end of october 2017, first 3 weeks was normal l thought, losing my hair was probably because l was in detox stage so l kept using the product until the end of december 2017. My scalp was irritated, lost more than a third of my hair.
My hair was so dry, like a straw and lots of breakage, hard to curl. Some nights l would wake up with my hair all wet from sweating, (lm past Menopause). Since l dont have much hair left, l noticed my scalp was shiny, like it was waxed and when l used my curling iron, there was a sticky build up left on my curling iron which l had to clean with a steel wool pad every time l used it, this had not happened before l used this product.L am frustrated,dissapointed and depressed with the condition of my hair, sorry l put my trust in these expensive products. L keep hoping this is just a dream and l am going to wake up, but its reality. Now l have to spend lots more money to try and get my hair back to normal. It cost me 35.00 to send the product back to the company and they wont refund me, l would never recommend this product, end of story.
Posted by Nicole Bellefleur on

I used Monday for almost 12 months and I started losing hair. It is a big Scam
Posted by Susana Lacayoa on

I bought this product for myself and my 16 yr old daughter. I used 1 time and my hair literally broke off 3 inches from my scalp in 6 (or probably more) areas. One side of my head is completely layered from this product. I was in the process of growing the layers out and now I am further back than where I started. I have been measuring it since I had to restart and although I can see it's growing from the scalp (regrowth color gains length) it continues to break from the bottom up. So it's at a stand still. Only in the areas that broke from the monat. How do I get in on this class action.
Posted by Melissa Kellington on

I used the product for 5 months. Started detox in month 4 and switched to a different line. At that point my hair started breaking off in chunks and thinned. I searched for help with my MP who looked to her upline for help. My MP was informed that the product would not cause this issue and that I was either using the product wrong or I must have a health condition that was causing the breakage. I used the product as advised on the packaging and on the website but was informed by several MPs in their marketing materials to use the product in a different way. When I continued to ask questions over social media on testmonial sites administered by senior MP's I was blocked and accused of being paid by competing brands to tarnish their name because they were taking market share. It has been 2 months since I stopped using the product and my hair is still breaking.
Posted by Shannon on

I used Monet products for approximately 1 month and experienced massive hair loss and itchy, painful sores over my entire scalp. I contacted the person I purchased Monet from and she said I was going through a detox period and to continue using the products. By this time I had lost so much hair that I was seeing bald spots all over my scalp and the itching had gotten so bad that I couldn't sleep. I tried contacting the company without ever getting a response. The person I purchased from was able to get in touch with the company and forwarded the information to me. I was told to stop using, which I already had due to the pain and hair loss. I was sent a form to fill out and was promised a full refund which I haven't received. As of today I still have a very painful itchy scalp and am still loosing hair. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!
Posted by Lisa on

It's so sad that all of you are here singing their praises. This lawsuit isn't up for discussion. It's happening and so will many others. Despite your wonderful experience others have had a horrendous experience. As a stylist I can assure you they aren't using the product wrong. I've also just seen a statement by Monat that there is no protein in the protein mask. Although many MPS have been telling everyone that there is. The company can't keep its stories straight and has sued anyone who leaves a negative review. Hopefully this is all repreremened soon. The company is digging it's own grave. If it had of addressed peoples issues we wouldn't be here. I really hope you all have liability insurance.
Posted by Catherine on

I used Monat for about a year. After about 4 months I started losing hair in RIDICULOUS amounts! My hair was also breaking off. It now looks like I attempted to cut my own bangs. My hair is thinner than it has ever been in my life. It's going to take a ton of time and patience to ever get my hair back to looking normal again. Monat was the worst decision I've ever made :(
Posted by Sarah Spencer on

I used this product for one month. It caused the worst build up on my scalp, dandruff, greasy/itchy scalp and bleeding. It also caused my hair to fall out In clumps. I quit using it, emailed the company to let them know what it did to me and asked to cancel my VIP. They wouldn’t let me unless I paid $40.99 or placed 2 more orders. Never acknowledging my sore scalp and hairloss. Since then my hair has broken off to the point I had to cut 6 Inches off and get 2 treatments done at the salon to strip off all the monat buildup and help repair it. Also because of all the buildup it leaves on your hair l, my blonde highlights won’t take and have all turned orange. This company not only is destroying hair, but they are calling anyone who experiences this a hater and liar. Plus suing those for speaking out. I’ve never seen anything like this. This company is awful.
Posted by J. Rhoades on

I used Monat for about 6 weeks and developed the worst scalp issues I have ever had in my whole life. My hair started breaking, frizzing, just basically going crazy! I stopped using the product for 3 months and everything cleared up. I have it one more try, and the same thing happened, but it only took a week this time for my scalp to start flaking, peeling, scabbing, hair to start breaking, etc. I am done with this and was told when I called customer service that “because it’s after 30 days no refund.” UHM it took 6 weeks for this to happen...and I was also told by the person who sold it to me that I would have no issues with returns ever.
Maybe this stuff does work for some people, but for true cost and risks, it’s not worth it.
Posted by Faith on

I used Monat for almost 8 months. My first 4 months I thought I had wonderful hair! The last 3+ months I had increased hair shedding (more than what I had before using Monat), hair breakage (even though I didn't hear style my hair), hair thinning at my hairline, and hormonal changes (I wasn't pregnant or using any hormones during that time either). The only correlation was using Monat.

If they had accepted any responsibility for putting out a product with big claims (but not testing the final products on anyone), then this wouldn't be necessary. The problems reported aren't from only one ingredient: it's the combination and the concentrations used that seem to be the culprit.

To everyone saying it's made your hair great, that's great! But that does not mean these things have not happened to other people.
Posted by Heather D. on

I used samples of Monat a total of 3-4 times starting mid January 2018. After the first one or two shampoos, my hair was very soft and felt amazing to the touch, but it was extremely frizzy looking and uncontrolled which seemed strange to me. It was flyaway like I'd never had before. I assumed I had the wrong formula for my hair, so I asked to try a different one. I tried again a week later with new system with no changes to my hair, which was then turning into an itchy and dry mess. It wasn't just flyaway now, but looked like it was drying and breaking. It was also tangling like crazy with a simple rinse in the shower on non-shampoo days. I inquired and was told it was was a "detox" which sounded off to me, so I started doing my research and immediately stopped use.

Additionally, immediately upon starting the first set of samples, I suddenly got my period 1 week early. This has never happened before as I am extremely regular with my cycles. It lasted 1 day then came back a week later when expected. Upon continuing further use of the samples, I also experienced excessive hair loss in the shower, and an itchy scalp which has not gone away since halting use a few weeks ago.

I did not buy the product at this point after trying both systems and discontinued right away after realizing this was NOT a detox but my body reacting to a bad shampoo. I have Before/After pics which show the damaged, dry hair. Do not believe the detox marketing ploys; this product is NOT for everyone and can do lasting damage to your hair and screw with your hormones.
Posted by Mandee on

Monat has transformed my hair! I will never use anything else. I have been using the products for almost a year and love my results. My hair is thick and shiny!
Posted by Heather on

I started using this product Dec 2018. I did not like it at all at first and was told to work through the detox and you will love your hair. So, I pushed through and bought more products that were suggested to make things better. I followed my consultant's instructions to a T and I washed my hair every other day. I started noticing some hair loss and kept telling myself that it was the detox even though that did not seem natural to me at all. Then for about a week midway through I thought it was starting to work and I was done with the detox but I was still losing a ton of hair. So, I continued to use it until just a couple days ago. I started collecting the hair in my shower I was losing when I washed my hair. I was shocked to see how much it really was. It really hit home when I went to put a hair tie in my hair over the weekend and I am use to wrapping it around twice and it would securely hold my hair except this time when I wrapped it twice it fell out. I had to wrap the tie 3 times to get it stay. That's when I realized how much hair I had really lost. Even though I could feel it was thinner it didn't hit home until I went to put it in a ponytail. I have zero health issues and live a chemical free life which is why I tried this product because they bragged about being chemical free. I wish I had researched it more before I started using it. When I told my consultant my issues she always either suggested another product or I didn't follow the directions right or something that was my fault or issue. Even was told maybe I got a bad batch of shampoo due to the hurricane and they had to use a different manufacturer. There was always an excuse. All I can say is research some of their listed ingredients. SCARY!!! The sad thing is I had my teenage daughter using this as well. She experienced breakouts on her scalp and about half of her hair thickness is gone. She is lucky she started out with thick hair. Both of our hair is very damaged and we both have lots of breakage. It might be a miracle for some people but it has been a nightmare for me and my daughter.
Posted by Betsy E. on

I have been using Monat exclusively since May of 2016. My hair is thicker and healthier than it has been since I was a teenager. My entire family is also using the products and loving them. We will never use anything else for our haircare. We absolutely love Monat.
Posted by Jennifer Franklin on

I absolutely LOVE Monat !
Posted by Daisha Smith on

I am a stylist and nothing worked on my hair but MONAT. My hair has never been this healthy. I have tons of happy clients, friends, & my entire family loves it! My dad went through extensive chemo treatments this year and barely lost any hair at all! Very happy!
Posted by Angela K on

I started using Monat in March 2017. 3 months later my hair was falling out in clumps and breaking off. My beautiful long, thick, blonde hair is now thin and extremely damaged. The front of my hair broke off into bangs. This company is EVIL and anyone who continues to sell it after all of these legitimate complaints is just as evil.
Posted by Kathryn Skuba on

I absolutely love these products!!! I have been using them for 3 years. It turned all my newly found gray course wiry hair back into what my hair felt and looked like when I was in my 20's!! It's thicker and shinier too. I have people ask me all the time what I've been doing with my hair and they always want to run their fingers through it. I have to admit, I can't stop touching my hair either!! Miracle products!!! The autoship or flexship as they call it is SO easy too!! I only order when I want, not stuck on a monthly schedule at all!!
Posted by Kimberly on

I started using MONAT in September. I was told it would helps my hair grow faster. It would be healthy and fuller. Well I gave it a try because I naturally have thin hair and what girl doesn’t want beautiful thick, healthy and shiny hair? I will admit the first few washes my hair did look great. But after only a few weeks I started experiencing really bad itching in my scalp and horrible cystic type acne on my face, my neck and around my hairline. I also had a few small sores that came up in my scalp towards the end of my using. The itching became so bad though it would wake me in the middle of the night- it was painful. My hair was ridiculously greasy at the scalp. I would wash it and within a few hours it looked as though I hadn’t washed it in days. It was also very flaky (like severe dandruff) yet the ends were dry. It felt almost like straw. I was loosing tons of hair in the shower and when I would brush. I was convinced by my MP that my breakage was actually new growth. After looking back at pictures it is clearly not new growth since I now have several bald spots. It is more noticeable around my face. I was told all of my issues were part of the hair detoxing and to just push through it if I wanted to have amazing hair. The problem is the detox lasted the entire time I was using the product and only became worse by the time I eventually stopped.

I also noticed while using MONAT that my natural hair color was changing. (I do not color my hair and I only blow dry it Occasionally using cooler temps. I don’t flat iron my hair and have only curled it 2 maybe 3 times in a little over a year) My hair is naturally dark brown. The strands that didn’t turn brassy while using the revitalize line and the IRT line turned gray/white. It is the strangest thing. All I can hope for now that I have stopped using is that my natural hair color will come back.. (especially the ones that turned gray).

I also had severe migraines the entire time I was using the product. I didn’t realize that the cause was MONAT until after I stopped using the products. Within almost a week after stopping use my migraines were gone. (Very strange) I won’t even mention the crazy mood swings and the weight gain.

I have talked with my stylist who recommended a few products to help heal my scalp and my hair. Luckily for me I didn’t have damaged hair before I started using MONAT or my situation may have been a lot worse.

I really wanted to love this product and have the results that some of my friends were having however that did not happen for me. Instead I’m left with far less hair that is damaged and broken.
Posted by HW on

I tried Monat for 3 months and my hair seemed dried out and I felt like I had way more breakage than usual. I moved on to Oribe products and my hair has never looked better!
Posted by Kerri on

I used the product for just over four months and at first saw amazing results, then I started noticing how much I was losing in the shower. It was insane. It scared me so I had a full blood work up and it was perfect, then it clicked, the only thing that changed was my shampoo. I immediately stopped and within a week or so, It stopped. I thought I was the only victim, until I found many terrible reviews online.
Posted by Amy on

Loved it the first three months... then hair starting falling out in clumps! :( And the sores on the scalp are just awful. Red, itchy, just ick. I’m sure it works for some, but I’ve heard way more horror stories.
Posted by Sarah Hart on

I absolutely love Monat, I haven’t had healthier, more manageable hair in my entire 43 years of life! Prior to Monat my hair was frizzy and unmanageable. I was getting Brazilian blowouts 2x per year and has to wear my hair up on summer days so it wouldn’t get frizzy. Now, over 2.5 years later, my hair is smooth, managable, healthy and no more harsh Brazilian blowouts for me any more! Truth will prevail!
Posted by NLO on

I bought Monat in the middle of 2017 but did not start using regularly until November 2017 at that time my hair seemed fine just some hair loss that I was assured was “detox” but starting in December 2017 my hair began the break, fall out in large amounts, would no longer get curly, itching scalp, and I began to get sores on my scalp. I stopped all products at the beginning of January 2018 and have since received over $200 in treatments including Malibu, olaplex, and a haircut making my hair much shorter than I prefer.
Posted by Brittany K on

Monat made my hair fall out in clumps! Horrible products, company, and customer service.
Posted by Samantha Bolling on

I’ve been a stylist for 10 years and have trained with some of the best in the industry. My license is just as “valid” as those trying to play the card here. The majority of us stylists do not have formal training in product formulation. So many stylists playing formulator that are crying out about particular ingredients within Monat when they are using pro brands that contain the same exact ingredients! The only research they have done is on Facebook and it shows within this lawsuit. So many inaccurate statements within these documents I don’t even know where to start. I’ve used Monat for 3 years with nothing but incredible results. For me, my family, and my clients. Not ONE SINGLE significant issue. Have I had people not “like” it. Absolutely, that’s with anything. While I do not doubt SOME of the reports (people can be allergic to anything) I find it so hard to believe all this fuss when there’s organized groups persuading people to leave fake reviews “even if they’ve never used it”. MOST jumping on have never even used the products. The same people that are behind law suits are the same people pushing these groups. I’ve never been called so many awful names by grown women that I don’t even know all over a shampoo. This whole notion that the “opinions of MPs don’t count because they get paid” is ridiculous and seems to be the anthem of this group. The truth is, the majority of people that join the company do it for the discount because they LOVE THE PRODUCTS. They aren’t doing it for the money. I’m EXCITED for this lawsuit so it can put to rest some of these allegations!!!
Posted by Stylist of 10 years on

I have stood behind the chair as a stylist/master colorist for over 30 years and licensed in 3 states. My education has always been so important to me and I continue to learn something new constantly. When there are new products, processes or techniques I always want to know as much as I can about them. Now because of social media a buzz begins on this magical new line of hair care products available and I am curious to know more about them. I was quite reluctant to find out more because the line was not a professional line but was now being sold by so many stylists and available in salons. Many stylists that I am friends with on social media avenues were now selling the products and sounded so excited about them. I also noticed many stylists that travel to teach educational classes and have a huge amount instagram followers are just raving about the line like it was simply magical. It is obvious that Monat targeted them due to the amount of followers they have.

Over several months many stylists had reached out to me about the Monat line and sent me some samples to get me to try the products. I can honestly say from the few samples I tried I was not impressed and definitely did not see any amazing results like I had heard/read about all over social media. I really did not see any difference in my hair and probably did not expect to from 2 or 3 samples of a shampoo and conditioner. I never even thought any more about using the line nor learning anything else about it.

I moved to a different state in the spring and had wanted to connect with a few local stylists to trade favors, educate with as well as network with like minded individuals. I befriended a stylist(I will call her Rose) in my area and we were taking care of each other’s hair and always talking shop. Rose is now starting to use more organic and healthier options behind the chair for her clients. One day, a few months ago Rose comes into my salon and we were doing services on each other and she mentioned one of her stylist friends Holly was going to come by during her visit to share some info on a new line of products. Right away I knew exactly what it was and why she was coming. When she arrived she started talking bad about all the chemicals in professional products and how they have toxic ingredients. I know ingredients, the purpose of them and the necessity of why they are in the products. I defended most of the professional products and ingredients she was bashing but had an answer for everything I said. Holly was mind blown by all I knew and could not understand why I am not working for a professional company as an educator because of all of my knowledge. She even said if she ever needed to know about a product or process she would call me to pick my brain. I can honestly say she was very new to the Monat cult and could not answer any of the questions I was asking about the product line.

Rose did not know about the negative feedback about Monat because she is not someone that uses any forms of social networks. She thought it sounded so great because of all the essential oils in the products and how healthy it claimed to be. She ended up joining under Holly to become a Monat customer. She gave me a bottle of the Renew shampoo and Replenish masque for me to try and offer her my feedback. Even as hesitant as I was I offered to use it to give her my honest opinion. I had even called Monat to inquire about the process of becoming a market partner and was about to buy the largest package that was over $1000. I received all the emails about how the process goes, what I need to do to join and what I needed to do to become a partner. Then I decided to hold off on buying it before I try it on myself first to see if it was as great as I had heard. I requested the MSDS sheets and I was unable to get them without signing up as a professional market partner. So....I began using the Monat when I washed my hair which was 2-3 times per week. After the first month and a half I noticed more hair loss when I washed my hair. Typically I may lose 10-15 hairs at most when I shampooed my hair. This was more then normal but did not think to much of it. As I continued to use it I began losing so much more hair to the point of being nervous about why a shampoo and conditioning system could cause hair loss as excessive as this. I stopped using the products and the hair loss was happening more and more with no end in site. I began to actually save the hair I was losing in a jar for a visual(I almost wish I didn’t because it has caused major depression). I normally to not bring my phone into the bathroom when I shower but if I did bring it in I started taking photos of the size of the hair balls that I lost during my shower. I thought I needed to start to document what was going on.

I mentioned what was happening to Rose and she thought I was crazy and even a product from the drug store would not cause this amount of hair loss. I have no reason for this kind of shedding at all. I have no stress, no change in medication, no surgeries and no ailments. The only change I had made was using Monat. When I asked friends on Facebook that were Monat market partners about the hair loss they told me I needed to buy other Monat products and switch up what I am using. I would interrogate them and asked so much about the cause, they could never answer me other then saying my hair was going thru a detox phase and once I finish detoxing my hair will be amazing. Then they blocked me from being their friends because I called their bluff by informing them hair does not detox and that was a bunch of crap!

I want to say I used the products about 2 1/2-3 months at the most. My hair loss has not stopped even after doing Malibu C crystal gel treatments, Un Doo Goo shampoos and Olaplex treatments. Since I stopped using the line I am still losing quite a bit of hair with each shampoo and have been for months. My hair was always super healthy, colored every 6 weeks with a demi permanent color with 5 volume peroxide, I never use any thermal tools because I had beautiful soft curly hair that just needed a bit of a styling product and it looked great. Now I have lost over 1/2 of my hair which was always thin and fine and now my scalp shows thru and is very visible and I am absolutely devastated what Monat has done to my hair. Each and every hair I lost has fallen from the root with a healthy, white papilla still attached. This shows signs that this is not breakage but my hair and scalp is being suffocated by all of the oils in these products. I also had sores and abrasions on my scalp which I never ever had prior to using Monat. My head itched all the time but that did not happen until about 2 months of using the products. I even had my husband check my head several times for head lice.

Now even Rose noticed some hair loss and quit using the products as well. She tried to get out of her auto shipments and no one ever answered the phone, so she needed to cancel her credit card to get out of the Monat cult. She also mentioned that another friend of hers that was a major market partner with Monat has experienced the major hair loss as well and finally said she had enough and got away from selling/recommending the products.

Then there is Holly who came and tried to convince me I needed to use this line and it was so healthy and had nothing harmful in the bottles and it was much better then any professional product she used or sold to her clients. She had seen a post I had posted online and had the audacity to tell me that I needed to lose all of that hair and I can thank Monat for the shedding and how great my hair will be when it grows in. She said Monat reformed my hair and scalp and how my hair needed that and it will only get better if I would continue to use it. Of course she begins to blame it on something going on with my body internally and no one loses hair like that from Monat. She is insisting that I keep on using it and my hair will be so much better then it was before(which was super healthy, shiny and full as ever for me). The messages kept coming, telling me that no one else has had loss as extreme as I did and now their hair is growing in so thick and healthy(considering she has been a market parter for maybe 6 months at best) how could they be seeing thick hair in that short of a period. This is obviously someone blinded by the all mighty dollar and thinking she will be getting a shiny, new car from selling this crap. I hope for her sake she gets rich over this because soon enough she will lose all of her clients that had any faith in her. How could you look someone in the eye and say their are losing extreme amounts of hair but stick with it...crazy...just crazy.

I have ethics, integrity and I am very honest with my clients and refuse to sell a product or offer a service that I think may cause damage to their hair. All the money in the world could never change that and my reputation means so much more to me then a few dollars. I now make sure to not perform some chemical services if anyone mentions that they have used any Monat products without going thru an extensive clarifying process and I still will not guarantee exceptional results due to the use of those products hindering my job. I have more education then many stylists I know and value my education and my career. To know anyone without any knowledge of hair, hair loss, scalp disorders and diseases of the scalp can sell this line of hair care really frustrates me. The market partners are programmed to sell at all costs with no integrity whatsoever. My heart is breaking for going against my gut and giving this product a shot and I am still paying the price. I am so sad for all the others experiencing this and even more issues due the the use of Monat. I called and emailed the company to discuss my issues and no one responded to me but I knew in my heart I would not hear back. I have now contacted several news agencies, the BBB, the FDA and I am not finished and I will not go away quietly.

That is my story and I can only hope one day my hair returns and I can put this nightmare behind me.
Posted by Lori R. on

I have had nothing but success with Monat. My hair is in the healthiest shape its ever been. My whole family uses nothing but Monat. Not one of us has ever had a problem. I live this product, and will never use anything else!
Posted by Amanda R on

16 months using Monat, have never had healthier hair in my lifetime, love these phenomenal products !!!! There’s nothing better to be had, glad I started ????
Posted by Shelley Sauer on

Monat has saved my hair, it's better then ever now! Iv been using it for about 3 months and haven't experienced any thing off about it.
Posted by Jessika Beyer on

I have been using Monat since June of 2017... my hair has never looked more amazing! My husband’s hair has actually become fuller and thicker since July 2017. My entire family uses the product and even my Bonus son who has severe eczema uses with zero reaction. In fact we put the rejuveniqe oil in his lotion and it has made it so much better. I will never use anything different .
Posted by Nicole Isozaki on

I wanted to love this stuff... I really did! I know products in this channel can be TOP OF THE LINE AMAZING. When I started using their Rejuvinate line I noticed my hair coming out way more than normal. I was told I was detoxing and it was fine. My husband who is an ER Doc finally spoke up and told me the amount of hair I was loosing was insane over the last few weeks and what was I doing differently? I told him nothing outside of using this new shampoo line. He told me that I either needed to stop immediately or go get my Thyroid checked because this was NOT normal and hair did NOT 'detox'. I stopped using it and my hair stopped falling out. I'm so thankful I didn't keep going and that it didn't get worse!!!!!
Posted by Aubrey Bence on

I started using Monat in March of 2017 then started loosing significant amounts of hair every time I shampooed. I was assured it was the detox process. I stopped using it and my hair stopped falling out, then went back to using it until my head started itching so bad I couldn't stand it, plus dandruff which I have never had before. I stopped using it in January 2018. I have a picture of how much hair I was using after each shampoo.
Posted by Kit DiNatale on

I started using Monat in March of 2017, and like everyone else, I loved it at first. Eventually, my entire scalp broke out in sores, my hair started falling out BIG TIME, and broke off really bad. I quit using Monat in Dec. 2017. It has taken until this week, Feb 22, 2018 for the sores to go away. I am still experiencing some hair loss and breakage, but am using products to correct the damage caused by Monat.
Posted by Rhonda Jorgensen on

Was using a Monat product line, as directed, and experienced scalp irritation, massive hair breakage & hair loss. Problem is solving itself slowly since I have stopped using the products.
Posted by Sarah Hilligas on

I started using Monat in October and it seemed to be working well. Then by thanksgiving I had lost the hair in my eye brows and had chunks of hair coming out of my head. My scalp is always so dry and I have scabs all over my small. I have stopped using monat but I now have bald patches in my head and my hair is paper thin. I had to get extensions in my hair to help.
Posted by Dusta Cundiff on

I have been a hairstylist for almost 10 years now and have yet to see a product so destructive. In the last month we have had atleast 8 people come in so upset about their hair from the use of Monat . I have a client that is always platinum blonde and the last two times i have done her hair were aome of the most stressful times of my hair career . Her hair wouldn’t lift past gold , her hair has been falling out and is way more thin than it ever has been , and an inch wide section broke off where it would not lift . My client came in today and her bob was to her shoulders in the front and it broke off to about her ear underneath the top layer . I can’t stand to see the integrity of my clients hair go to shit any longer . Monat is not what they have made it to be , it is by far one of the worse products out there . I have about 15-20 other people who I’m trying to get to write in on this , they have similar things that have happened if not worse . The only people who LOVE this product is the ones “ selling it “ and making money off of it . It needs to be banned , it is horrible for your hair !
Posted by Natalie jensen on

I had the same results as the girls with the case and Chelsea Tucker. Monat worked well at first then made my scalp very painful itchy and scaby along with breakage and dry and also greasy. I used a different product that wasn't monat and my hair has been more healthy my scalp hasn't been as itchy or burning and my hair has been more manageable and less greasy.
Posted by Kat brown on

I being using Monat since January 2018 as well as my sisters and brothers and few friends and everybody is happy!! So far NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL!! ????
Posted by Maria on

I use to nothing but Monat products on myself, my family and my clients. No complaints and healthiernhair than ever!!
Posted by Mariah Winn on

I noticed I have been losing way more hair then normal!!! My dr suggested I have my thyroid checked, but clearly it’s something more!!
Posted by Sarah Jensen on

Monat has given me the best hair of my life. I have never had any irritation and my whole family has been using it for a year and we are all super happy.
Posted by Angelika M on

Monat has made my hair AMAZING! I will never use anything else!!
Posted by Jaci Rhodes on

I used Monat from July 2016 until December 2016. At first, Monat make my hair feel better than ever before! And then around November, I began to get irritation on my scalp. The irritation kept getting worse and worse, resulting in scabs and wounds from me scratching. I began using a different product, and the irritation has subsided. Monat, essentially ruined my hair!!!
Posted by Chelsea Tucker on

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