National Class Action Filed over Allegedly Toxic Spray Foam Insulation

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New York, NY: Two homeowners have filed a national defective products class action lawsuit against NCFI Polyurethanes and McGlaughlin Spray Foam Insulation Inc. The lawsuit contends that the companies manufactured and installed toxic insulation that can harm property and cause adverse health problems in people exposed to the product.

Specifically, the lawsuit, entitled Slemmer et al. v. NCFI Polyurethanes et al., Case No. 12-cv-06542, US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, alleges the companies sold toxic and defective spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation that emits toxic chemicals into the air. Although the foam was marketed as nontoxic and safe, it continues to emit toxic chemicals after installation through a process known as "off-gassing," the plaintiffs claim. Further, the lawsuit contends that the only way by which to end the problem is to remove the foam entirely.

According to the lawsuit "When applied, the resulting polyurethane foam is supposed to become inert and nontoxic."It also states "But SPF remains toxic after installation because either, as designed, it is impossible to become inert and nontoxic even under optimal conditions; or proper installation (and thus nontoxicity) is nearly impossible given the exacting set of installation requirements and inadequate training and installer certification methods."

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, SPF chemicals can cause numerous health problems including headaches, respiratory problems, neurological issues and eye, nose and throat irritation. Furthermore, SPF chemicals can spread to other parts of the home, causing damage and residual odors, the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit also alleges the SPF insulation contains aromatic isocyanate, which is classified as hazardous by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Repeated exposure to aromatic isocyanate can cause respiratory injuries and eye and skin irritation. The foam also contains other toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and a flame retardant known as chlorinated tris, which is banned in children' products, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit contends that the defendants' misrepresentation of the safety of SPF constitutes fraudulent concealment. They are also asserting claims of negligence, strict liability, breach of warranties, unjust enrichment and violations of consumer protection laws.

The toxic SPF insulation class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all homeowners nationwide whose homes contained SPF that was manufactured, sold, distributed or supplied by NCFI, as well as subclass of persons who owned or resided in property containing SPF foam that was sold, supplied, marketed, delivered or installed by McGlaughlin.

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spray foam sprayed by ct basement Seymour ct put on to to thick open cell with enough time ti dry as putting more on by I believe were immigrants who could hardly speak english and we lost everything to salty toxic taste so, spray foam after 2-3 days no smell hard to prove unless you live there it never goes away you taste salt in clothes mouth in air and toxic taste in everything soft

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conn basement had I believe 2 men not certified ti put small act of spray foam in small crawl space without telling us health effects or to leave the first 24 hrs and it was extremely hot that day, the 2 men just about spoke english, before you knew it the smell and taste permitted upstairs to main floor and when mopping floors throat burned washed walls same thing, before you knew it we had to rid our mattresses 3 of them and new 7000.00 leather living rm and lost more no gov branch helped, closed door and ct basement with warranty laughed at us and said don't call again. I sent Larry Janeski who advertises on tv and newspapers smiling crying begging to take out foam and never received signature back from certified letter or call from letter. I am told people with deep pockets own spray foam industry and media who I begged to take story declined, how did this happen in america why are they killing us and children by allowing this toxic product which causes cancer and other health issues to be had. These powerful peoples sold there souls and our fathers who fought for this country lost there lives for this, May God have mercy on you and bless our country. We now live with only 2 rockers and 2 beds everything gone from spray foam.

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wondering what a homeowner can do if he suspects a improper spray foam instal. i have a infant on a ventilator.

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