Not-For-Profit Hospitals

Many hospitals around the country are "not-for-profit" and have been granted a tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. In exchange for their tax exempt status, these hospitals are expected to treat patients even if they don't have insurance and even if they are unable to pay the hospital bill. The patients without any money, or the older patients, will have Medicare or Medicaid. The patients who are employed generally will have medical insurance through their employers. But, the patients who have a little money but no health insurance are not so fortunate. It turns out that because Medicare, HMOs, and private medical insurance companies, have a lot of bargaining power with the hospitals, they negotiate hospital fees down.

Whereas the patient without any medical insurance at all is often charged two, even three times as much as the person with health insurance. Not only that, these so-called charitable not-for-profit hospitals employ some abusive techniques to collect on their bills.

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