Studies Raise Concerns for Risk of Bladder Cancer From E-Cigarettes

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Santa Clara, CA: Data from new studies now show there may be a link between vaping e-cigarettes and bladder cancer. Researchers presenting their findings at the 112th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA), revealed that 90 percent of inhaled nicotine is excreted in urine, which concentrates the bladder’s exposure to the carcinogen. The studies identified links between the use of e-cigarettes and bladder cancer risk.

One study compared the urine of e-cigarette users to that of non-smokers. Urine samples were examined for five known bladder carcinogens that are either present in traditional cigarettes or common solvents believed to be used in some e-cigarette liquids.

The results showed urine from 92 percent of e-cigarette users tested positive for two of the five carcinogenic compounds.

In another study, researchers looked at the effect of nicotine and its metabolites on DNA repair and mutational susceptibility. They found e-cigarette smoke induced tumorigenic DNA damage in bladder mucosa.

Overall, researchers predicted e-cigarette smokers have a high bladder cancer risk.

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I began using a vape and would like to know more about this case

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I smoke e cigarettes. A pulomonologist recommended I use them instead of smoking cigarettes. A cardiologist has now told me they are dangerous to the heart due to the nicotine being dangerous to the heart valves. I'm going to start keeping receipts and names of all the products I use. The nicotine comes from big tobacco, btw. Look it up.

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I Smoke E-Cigarettes

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