Practicas comerciales injustas

unfair business practicesEmpresa a consumidor
Las prácticas comerciales injustas pueden incluir fraude, la falsificación, estafas, engaños y actos opresivos o inmorales o de otras prácticas por parte de las empresas, en contra de los consumidores.

Las prácticas comerciales injustas abarcan problemas de tenencia, la compra de productos y servicios por los consumidores, reclamaciones de seguros y de cobro de deudas en caso de impago.

Negocios a Negocios
Las prácticas comerciales injustas pueden también incluir competición injusta de empresas tales como antimonopolio, la interferencia extracontractual, infracción de marca y "passing off". En los Estados Unidos, esta forma de competición injusta se govierna por la Ley de Lanham.

Otros incluyen las prácticas comerciales injustas de discriminación de precios, boicotear, conspirar para asignar mercados o clientes, y la monopolización.

Artículos Sobre Negocios Injustos

Injusticia de Comercio: ¿Está siendo Estofado?
Hacer un buen negocio, para la mayoría, tiene mucho que ver con la confianza y la reputación. Esta última puede tomar toda una vida, para crear y para destruir cuestión de la segunda. No es de extrañar que muchos empresarios dediquen tanto esfuerzo a la protección de la reputación. Que se tilda de a alguien que hace negocio injustamente en algo que encuentran abominable.

Las prácticas Comerciales Injustas en las Noticias

JAN-11-08: A man is suing Audi and OnStar for unfair and deceptive business practices, alleging that OnStar's switch to digital services made the system in his car obsolete and useless. [RECORD: UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE]

DEC-29-07: A restaurateur is suing J.P. Morgan Chase for alleged unfair business practices involving fees charged for insufficient funds. [REGISTER: UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES]

DEC-26-07: Samsung has filed a complaint with US authorities for alleged unfair trade practices and patent infringement by Sharp Corp. [BUSINESS WEEK: UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES]

DEC-13-07: A lawsuit seeking class action status was filed against the maker and retailers of a brand of organic milk that was allegedly not truly organic. The lawsuit seeks compensation for people who bought the milk and punitive damages. [FORBES: UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES]

DEC-07-07: A theater company filed a lawsuit against a local bingo hall alleging unfair business practices. The theater company claims the bingo hall owners created fraudulent charities in order to keep proceeds of bingo games. [TIMES-HERALD: UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES]

DEC-05-07: Several small business owners have filed a lawsuit against IPA alleging unfair business practices including fraud and racketeering. The suit also alleges that employees lied about consultant qualifications and misrepresented services. [HERALD: UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES]

OCT-22-07: A class action lawsuit has been filed against a mortgage and loan company for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Amerifirst, Inc. is accused of using automated dialing equipment to send recorded messages to residences. [RECORD: UNFAIR BUSINESS]

OCT-15-07: Two men convicted of sending pornographic spam under the Can-Spam Act have been sentenced to serve more than five years in prison. They were also fined $100,000, ordered to pay $77,500 to AOL, and will forfeit over $1.1 million in illegal proceeds. [INFORMATION: UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES]

OCT-10-07: A California man has launched a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming unfair business practices by the tech giant. The recent software update offered for the iPhone has turned unlocked phones into "iBricks". [TECH NEWS WORLD: UNFAIR BUSINESS]

OCT-5-07: Kentucky's Attorney General has filed suit against Purdue Pharma, makers of Oxycontin. The lawsuit alleges fraud, conspiracy, negligence and public nuisance by the pharmaceutical manufacturer. [BUSINESS: UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE]

SEP-19-07: A nationwide class-action lawsuit against Canada's cell phone companies has been certified by a Saskatchewan court. The suit alleges that cellular companies continue to charge an unfair "system access" fee under the guise that it is government regulated. [STAR: UNFAIR BUSINESS]

SEP-18-07: A couple whose home was partially flooded by a malfunctioning Whirlpool dishwasher has filed a lawsuit against Whirlpool alleging breach of contract. The plaintiffs allege negligence, fraud, and misrepresentation. [RECORD: UNFAIR BUSINESS]

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Last updated March 2 2016

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