Sprint Facing Deceptive Billing Class Action Lawsuit

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Santa Clara, CA: An unfair business practices class action lawsuit has been filed against Sprint Communications Inc, alleging the communications company has overcharged its customers through auto-withdrawals from their bank accounts. Specifically, the lawsuit, filed by Nadene Moore, claims that Sprint repeatedly overcharged her account on a monthly basis for wireless service on her computer. According to the complaint, Sprint withdrew $7 monthly instead of the pre-agreed $5 per month, causing Moore’s bank account to go into overdraft resulting in overdraft charges being applied to her account.

“In multiple instances, defendants have debited plaintiff’s and also the putative class members’ bank accounts extra funds on a recurring basis without obtaining a written authorization signed or similarly authenticated for preauthorized electronic fund transfers from plaintiff’s and also the putative class members’ accounts,” the complaint states.

Additionally, Moore claims that Sprint engaged in nefarious credit collection activities in an attempt to get more money from her.

Despite multiple overcharges of her account, Moore claims Sprint repeatedly contacted her, attempting to collect additional money from her, after she stopped the automatic withdrawals. According to the complaint, Sprint engaged in deceptive attempts to make her believe that she was behind on her payments through false representations of her debt.

According to the complaint, the practice of unauthorized overcharges was widespread, affecting “hundreds if not thousands” of Sprint customers.

The suit claims that Sprint is in violation of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Moore is seeking class status for all consumers who have been subjected to unauthorized account withdrawals by the wireless provider between January of 2016 and January of 2017, estimating the number of customers who were victims of unauthorized withdrawals could be in the “hundreds if not thousands." The ultimate size of the putative class will be established through an examination of Sprint’s records, the complaint states.

Moore is seeking statutory damages of $1,000 per class member for each of the alleged violations of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and RFDCPA, in addition to costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees and prejudgment interest via a jury trial.

The plaintiff is represented by Todd M. Friedman of the Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman. The case is Moore v. Sprint Communications, Inc., case number 1:17-cv-00188, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

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Posted by
Amber Neff
My husband and I had been with sprint for over 8 years . They were constantly over charging us . no matter how many times I call . it was the same thing over and over . every bill.. The final straw was we had purchased 3 lg g4 when they first came out . ah the factory flaw. Sprint would not replace the phones . even tho it was a factory flaw. Said the only way they could help us is if we added a additional line and replaced the phones that way . we go from paying 3 lines to paying 5 lines. Because of this .. I call sprint again a few months later because we can not afford the charges . I talk to a supervisor who says. They have a new plan unlimited everything for 150 a month . and since we are valued customers she will switch us to this plan. I respond with is this including all taxes and fees . She response with yes maam it does. Great!!! Lets do it . next bill comes ..almost 4 hundred dollars ..um well maybe it's new activation fees and things ?? I wait it out. pay the bill .. Then the next months comes the bill is still almost 400 dollars.. Now mind you in our years with sprint we have forked out thousands and thousands of dollars ..for service that barley worked at all.. THOUSANDS ..and calls are recorded so they have every conversation I have had with them ...and their lies in response.. Anyway. I was fed up I called sprint and ended service .recieved a bill for 2400 dollars ..they said I didn't return the phones but I have the receipt saying other wise ..but they sent us to collections. I called sprint . they said I need to take it up with the collectiin angency?? Um no you are the ones who sent us to them . saying we didn't return phones I have the reciept for stating other wise.. But I did call collection and explained to them that the charges were bogus ..but only getting them to take off 1000 dollars off the charges .needless to say I am not really happy . and im just buying my time ..sprint is a scammy company.. And deserve a really hefty lawsuit..

Posted by
7/16/17. Sprint definitely making up charges, told me they are charging 43.43 per day for a device that was reported lost stolen or damaged in 2013 after canceling service due to false promises, false contracts, service issues both cellular and customer. Please add me to this class action.

Posted by
Ronnie McCullough
Hey I see so many complaints EVERYTIME sprint put another deceptive ad on social media! HERE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THIS ONGOING PROBLEM: either stop bitching or file a formal complaint with the FTC! @ FTC.gov
This is your only recourse! Sprints so called CUSTOMER SERVICE makes 8.00hr working from a call center contracted by sprint to handle all these pissed off customers! The CS reps could care less about your problem as you can see by their scripted responses to each and everyone you! These hourly employees have nothing to gain or loose by treating you like shit! No accountability and will lie to you in a minute! DO IT YHE RIGHT WAY FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE FTC!! Pretty soon the FTC will see their case load increase against sprint and hopefully get in their ass! Once a complaint is filed Sprint must respond to FTC/customer in a allotted amount of time or face penalties

Posted by
Ben Jackson
Returned to Sprint believing the 1% claim. Promises of cutting my bill in 1/2 were inviting.

I live in the SW corner of WA state.
A great deal of my business is sending pics via text or email. I may have been able to 20% of attempts. Sometimes I just gave up after 5 or more tries.

We were unable to use streaming or any 4G we enjoyed with our previous carrier. Even in The Tri-cites and Walla Walla the service was absolutely deplorable.

I had a great personal friend that was the local manager. Each time I would call:" I will check to re-set the Dixie tower". Then it would almost work for about 1/2 a day.

I paid my bill on time and in full. Upon leaving Sprint I had to pay all the device term. charges and balances (about 6 devices).

I submitted a formal complaint asking for some credit due to the 1% claim being so greatly in error and I did not receive the product I agreed to pay for.

2 people followed up and both admitted that they had no authority to make an adjustment. The second Customer service manager said she would have been able to help me and would be willing to, but I had paid all service oriented items and the balance was all on devices.

I asked if she could go back to the payments I made and re-apply them so she could credit me for the poor service. "That would have to happen at the local level. (Which is where I started, of course).

I am very interested in signing a class action lawsuit due to false claims and no responsibility after being unable to provide the service.

Posted by
Andrea Slade
I have been a customer of sprints for over 3 years every year I get charged an additional payment even if none of my payments are late or missed. When i call customer service they tell me no supervisor is available. Customer service rep says payments missed or late then change it to payment missed from previous year. Never correct terrible service different amount due every month. My payment started at 77 in aug of last year now my monthly payment is 115. Beyond frustrated

Posted by
Whiskey Sierra
Been with Sprint a long time. Got unlimited data + 1500 min talk family plan long ago. Two years ago leased a phone for $20/mo with a continuous 'service credit' agreement of $19/mo that extended beyond the lease so long as you bought the phone for $200 at lease end. This was, apparently, untrue. Now I have no recourse regarding this promise of service credit extension and must therefore either upgrade with new phone purchase/rental/lease or purchase the phone for $200 or extend the lease on a month to month basis.

Posted by
Tom Clemeenti
added a line to my account and now my bill \has more than tripled. plus they've lied to me every time i've called their service line.they also, without my permission changed my billing to paperless so i never know when my bill is due until its way past due then they threaten shut me off.

Posted by
Angel lau
I have been going through the exact same issue but in my case I now have to go all the way down to the only store in my city which is miles away to make my payment have been doing so for almost a year and I have read every single policy and terms and conditions and nowhere does it state I have to go down to make a payment for a whole year.

Posted by
Wayne withrow
Sprint is one to watch out for. We had our phones, they advertise how cheap their plans are. We had the family plan, and our bill every month was almost 700.00. Stuck in a 2 year contract it took everything we had to pay it. Their commercials are lies and very misleading. They changed to leasing, and thats another trap. Dont fall for it. We went to boost 4 phones unlimited everything 140.00 a month and they use sprint service.

Posted by
Jerome Mitchell
A lot of problems with phone .. truck driver alway on go let did not work . But 7th did not work

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