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If you purchased State Farm Auto Insurance in California between 1997 and 2002, you may have paid an illegal "accident surcharge" - for California policyholders only.

State Farm accident surchargeState Farm Auto Insurance allegedly charged California drivers an additional illegal fee for previously uninsured motorists, violating the California Insurance Code, which prohibits an insurance company from considering an individual's lack of prior insurance as a factor in determining auto insurance premiums and Good Driver discounts.

This action is in direct violation of California Insurance Code �1861.02(c). This landmark insurance initiative prevented insurance companies from discriminating against new drivers and previously uninsured motorists and consequently charging those people higher insurance rates.

It is alleged that the State Farm Auto Insurance company has been utilizing an inappropriate insurance surcharge on policies sold in California since 1997. It is reported that if the insurance company could not verify previous auto insurance, then the agent would place a surcharge on the insurer's premium, claiming that their accident record could not be properly verified.

California residents and policy holders of State Farm car insurance seek a class action lawsuit and compensation for damages on the basis that the insurance company was allegedly in violation of the California Insurance Code since at least 1997.

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Your State Farm Auto Insurance Complaint

If you were charged an additional fee on your auto insurance premium or auto insurance quote, you may qualify for damages or remedies that might be awarded in this class action case against State Farm Insurance. Please fill in our form on the right to submit your complaint and we will have a lawyer review your State Farm Auto Insurance case.
Last updated June 25 2014

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I joined State Farm in January 2013 ($109/ monthly), in February 2013 I tapped the bumper of someone's car. When policy renewal time came in June 2013 my rates went up 80%, to $185/month. My jerk of an agent said "well we had to pay out $7000, we have to get that money somewhere".
To-Date I am still paying $156/month.
Is this surcharge hike legal? oh I even increased my deductible and deleted medical to have the $185/ month
I'm looking to change my car insurance again so decided best to really do research before I sign the dotted line.
Jennifer Ward

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