Thimerosal, Vaccinations and Autism

Thimerosal, a mercury based chemical, is the most commonly utilized preservative in medical vaccines and biologic products utilized in the US today. In vaccines, Thimerosal is often used to kill viral substances used in actual vaccines in addition to preventing the growth of bacteria in the vaccine product after production and packaging. Several vaccines that are recommended for children and sometimes required under state health codes contain Thimerosal as a preservative.

However, over the past several years a number of reports have pointed to a possible connection between mercury containing Thimerosal and Autistic children.

On July 7, 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Public Health Service issued a joint statement alerting clinicians and the public of concern about Thimerosal as utilized in vaccines as a preservative. The form of mercury found in Thimerosal, ethyl mercury, has allegedly been connected to neurological, behavioral, motor, cognitive, as well as immune and sensory disorders, especially in children.

The FDA has suggested that some infants, based on the timing and dosing of certain vaccines, may receive more than the recommended safe dose of ethyl mercury at one time or another. The symptoms of mercury poising in children are disturbingly similar to those of autism.

This could be an explanation for the apparent increase in autistic children since the early 1990s. In fact, the large number of children diagnosed with autism seems to be directly related with the recommendation of both the hepatitis B and HIB vaccine to infants in the early 1990s onward. Autism is an extremely disabling mental/neurological disorder that is most commonly characterized by impairments in communications skills, social and cognitive functions.

Thimerosal Autism Articles

Autism Case has CDC Scrambling to Reassure Vaccine Safety
Since Edward Jenner's Cowpox in the 1800's that was used as protection against smallpox, we have all been given vaccines to prevent some kind of disease. Whether it was the Polio vaccines given to some of our parents and grandparents or Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccines given in the past three decades, we have been vaccinated for one reason or another. Nowadays, a child cannot attend public school without a complete vaccination record.

Thimerosal in the News:

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My son has been hospitalized for seizures. He has had to have speech, occupational, and physical therapy. He is developmentally delayed and is on medication for ADHD. He will require therapy and special care the rest of his life. Prior to his seizures he was ahead developmentally. I find it difficult to believe that vaccines had nothing to do with his regression and seizures. It has been a tremendous struggle for our family emotionally and financially.

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For 18 years my son has lived with Autism as a result of vaccines he received as an infant. He did not develop normally and was labled as develompental delayed his whole life, his speech was delayed, he can barely write his name, he get upset easily, you can not rearrange anything in his environment withouth causing him to shut down. He is disoriented to his surroundings, he can't have a normal teenage live, driving, dating going to social functions. He does not understand why he can't be like others his age, he has had seizures, even thought of hurting himself.

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My son, can't speak and he's going to be 4 in February, he has less motor skills than children his age, he doesn't understand things you tell him to do, it has been very difficult to potty train him, he throws fits, he bangs his head on hard concrete floors, he flaps his hands, he throws things, he gets aggravated very easily, he never wants to sleep.

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My son has been kidnapped by a disease that has caused him to not talk, to not communicate, he doesn't even know how to play with children his own age, not to mention his brother who desparately wants to play with him. He can not funtion as a typical child his age. I can't work full time. My family and I have to watch over Deven 24 hours a day. My husband and I can't go on trips alone. Devens' identity has been stolen from him, and he can't get it back.

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She became non-verbal within 24 hours of her vaccination at 11 mos old.
She till this day is mostly non-verbal, greatly impaired communication, suffers from many issues, is sensitive with hearing,
Cannot take care of herself, needs to be bathed, groomed and assisted in daily living activities.

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