$11.75M Wellbutrin XL Class Action Settlement Reached

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New York, NY: An $11.75 million settlement has been tentatively agreed in the Wellbutrin XL antitrust class action filed against Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc, and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). If you bought Wellbutrin XL® or its Generic equivalent, the proposed class action settlement could affect you.

This matter is a lawsuit against Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Inc., formerly Biovail Corp. ("Biovail"), and SmithKline Beecham Corporation doing business as GlaxoSmithKline and GlaxoSmithKline plc (collectively "GSK") (together with Biovail, "Defendants"), the companies that manufactured and marketed the antidepressant Wellbutrin XL.

The lawsuit, entitled In re: Wellbutrin XL Antitrust Litigation, Case No. 8-cv-2433, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, alleges the pharmaceutical manufacturers worked together to delay the availability of less expensive, generic versions of Wellbutrin XL. Anyone who purchased Wellbutrin XL or its generic equivalent in the following states may be eligible to claim part of the settlement, if it is approved: California, Florida, Nevada, New York, Tennessee and/or Wisconsin.

For additional information regarding this lawsuit, proposed settlement, and for obtaining a Claim, visit: http://www.wxlclassaction.com/.

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Reader Comments

Posted by
Tiffany Webb
Dewana Young, I feel and personally know your pain. Stop it now. Get off now. I end up homeless for two years. I went from $100K salary, workers' comp injury. 10 years of medication has cost me everything. My business, my condo. I had $250K in the bank 3 years ago. Now, I have nothing. The shopping was out of control. I couldn't stop. It WAS NOT ME. I use to manage huge financial projects, a genius with financials. Saved the City of Oakland thousands but suddenly I couldn't remember when I last used my credit card. My FICO is in the trash. I'm ruined. And the doctors could CARE LESS. If you have good one, hold on, if not, jump ship and find someone who will care whether you actually have a quality of life. If there's a class action sign me up. I'm tired of being a guinea pig. I'm still detoxing so forgive me if the sentences are flowing but the words are true.

Posted by
Dewana Young
I have been on Wellbutrin for years. I have developed symptoms similar to Parkinson's. Been to Neuromuscular Specialist at Mayo Clinic and Houston. No genetic disease but Was told it may be my medication and Mayo was concerned about Wellbutrin. After getting off all medications for 3 weeks my tremors decreased tremendously and my cognitive issues were improving. I introduced Wellbutrin first and was in a seizure like state, tremors and neuro problems became back worse. I quit after second dose. I have neuro muscular damage affecting all parts of my body. I live on pain meds daily. I have almost lost my personal business and am trying to sell. I've. basically become disable and can't function as a business owner, wife or mother. I'm 53 and my who world has stopped. I wonder if I have a claim. I only see claims for pregnant people. I have lost so much. Depleted savings. Husband has had to pull out of his retirement to help pay expenses. All because this medicine has damaged my neuromuscular system and only doctor/facility who half way regognized Wellbutrin could be causing and have caused damage is Mayo and I can't afford to go back for several weeks like they requested. They don't know if permanent and won't know as it may take years for my body to heal itself. Any help for me?

Posted by
Leslie Wirges
I took Wellbutrin for a few months and lost a great part of my eye sight. My eyes continue to get worse. This is not a medicine that needs to be on the market. Just wanted others to know.

Posted by
Please tell me more about this. I lived in, MN, ND and CO. Does that mean I can't be a part of the lawsuit?

Posted by
Angelique Regner
I have been on this medication for 8 plus years and came across an article regarding a class action suit. Just wanted more information.

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