$3M Settlement Reached in Publicis Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit

This is a settlement for the Publicis Faces Gender Discrimination Class Action lawsuit.

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Santa Clara, CA: A $3 million settlement has been agreed in a gender discrimination class action lawsuit filed by employees of Publicis Groupe's MSL Group. The lawsuit, filed in February 2011, had originally asked for $100 million in damages.

According to the lawsuit, lead plaintiff Ms. Monique da Silva Moore and other female public relations employees in the U.S. claimed they were denied equal pay, promotion and other employment opportunities by Publicis and its PR group, MSLGroup. Ms. da Silva Moore, a former global healthcare director for MSLGroup, had worked for the PR agency for 13 years.

Jim Tsokanos, MSLGroup's U.S. president at the time, stepped down over a year after the claims were made. The suit described his behavior, specifically, the suit stated that despite ongoing inappropriate conduct and complaints, Tsokanos was promoted to Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Company's largest office in New York and ultimately to President of the Americas. In his new role, Tsokanos continues to make comments about the appearance of female employees often discussing their "looks" in front of other employees and during meetings. He is also known to take young female employees out for drinks frequently. Human Resources has never taken any action to end President Tsokanos' ongoing inappropriate conduct.

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I know how you feel. I am a female custodian who my supervisors have made me go clean a males restrooms when over a period of time he has neglected them. They wait till he let's them go and then sends me in to clean. They have hired a male supervisor over me when he was less qualified and then two months later fired him. I have filed an EEOC complaint but that has been passed to one male after another. I have tried to find an attorney but I yet to find one to represent me

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I filed a complaint with the EEOC against my supervisor, I work for US Fish and Wildlife and the discrimination continues as I write this. The EEOC is aware and Im about to begin my informal proceedings. Basically for over a year and presently, my Supervisor has not taken any of my complaints against my coworker of the opposite sex seriously. My complaints are the fact I was led to believe my coworker was in a designated position of authority which it turns out she was not.

This whole time she has been allowed to scrutinize my work, which involved forcing me to use a checklist which was authorized by my supervisor during a meeting with the 3. I told them I felt singled out since no one including my co worker of the opposite sex uses the one I made and no employee in the whole refuge turns in a checklist. I talked to my General Manager today and he agreed this was out of the ordinary.

The checklist involves work that me and my co worker are supposed to do as a team and it has just now come to my attention that she is not in a designated position of authority and in fact when I asked my General Manager why this occurred, he sympathized with me. I talked to my supervisor and my general manager and it appears they try to apologize. If the informal process does not offer me a financial settlement Im going to go forward with formal process and seek out an attorney.

I have 2 witness's and a log book containing checklist's I was forced to turn in to my co worker and supervisor going back to april. I also did work outside of my Position Description and some employees are in positions for that work and get paid thousands of dollars more then I. Just recently I took photos of stuff my coworker left for me to clean during my 4 days off and presented it to my supervisor at which point he said it was hearsay, again not taking me seriously. I then proceeded to show him the mess she left and he gave me no solution other then I would have to pick up after her. He recently told me her Government assigned vehicle was dirty and "It looked like shit" and he told me "You know, Marion(My coworker) is going to add this to your checklist" he then later told me I needed to clean her vehicle. When ever I try to show him evidence that im doing everything in the visitor center he blows it off as hearsay.

Im so emotionally drained, depressed, I have anxiety, I literally work all day outside which not in my job description and just today my general manager confirmed I was not hired to do that in fact 10% of what I do he said involved that type of work but im doing at least 98%. I dont know what to do and I have had thoughts of suicide.

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