This is a settlement for the Automotive lawsuit.

Fairfax, VA: A class action lawsuit was filed against CarFax for allegedly providing services which were unfair, false, deceptive, and materially misleading. The suit claimed the vehicle history report provider could not check accident reports in 23 states and that the company's information was only updated every six months, so consumers could not find the truth regarding the history of the car they were purchasing. The class action was filed on behalf of car buyers who purchased a CarFax vehicle history report before Oct. 27, 2006. The lawsuit claimed CarFax violated state consumer protection laws by not properly disclosing terms and conditions for, and limitations of, CarFax vehicle history reports. Under the terms of the proposed class action settlement, consumers who bought CarFax reports could get free or reduced price reports, or they could choose to have CarFax pay part of the cost of having cars inspected for signs of past problems. (Jan-22-07) [CONSUMER REPORTS: CARFAX SETTLEMENT]

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Posted by
D Connelly
Post reply for James Falcone. That sounds like a typical cop wanting something for free..(i owned a restaurant for a while and had to deal with these stupid cops and i refused to give them free food, gave them free beverages but they wanted it all free and they do not eat like you are doing them a favor they eat like they are owed a weeks worth of groceries all in one meal) You know they do walk in to restaurants and expect free food and beverages and if you dont give it to them free they make it very clear that if you need them they will not come as fast as they would if the food was free. So what your saying does not come as a shock to me at all. If they wanted to make such a big deal out of it like they did when a normal person just would not have bought it and left it at that, no not these people they wanted a free car is what they wanted cause he is a cop and they are owed everything dont you know....smh A normal person would not have bought the car and just left it alone...These people wanted to make a big deal out of it and they knew that you did not know about the history of the car because they knew it happened before you bought the car and they seen it was not on the Caffax so they were just being typical low budget trash wanting stuff for free.... Glad your wife gave his wife a verbal ass whipping. she had it coming i am sure....Good for your wife! She is my new hero! Never bow down to a cop because he wants to be a bully. To hell with him and his wife......some people should not be allowed to breed much less have a badge and a gun and he has all three...badge, gun and a kid,,,,,doomed to have their nonsense repeated one day by their brats i am sure........Good for you for sticking to your beliefs and not backing down to these thugs....

Posted by
James Falcone
I bought a Volkswagon Jetta in apporximately 2003 that had a Carfax report to show a clean history. I went to sell this car a few years later and the purchaser was a police officer for his daughter.
He said when he ran the VIN report, it showed the car had two accidents in Virginia before I owned this vehicle. I asked the officer for a copy of this report but he did not comply, as he only wrote down on paper what he had found. I had offered to reduce the price of the car if I was able to file the 5000.00 claim Carfax had offered at the time, for the accuracy guarantee on the report.
This cause a huge fight between my wife and the purchaser's wife, who was accusing us of trying to scam them, which then led to all of us fighting, thus me losing the sale and having to sell my car for about 3800.00 less than I was asking. I don't really have a trust of Carfax from their accuracy standpoint.

Posted by
My husband purchased a car in fall 2004. At that time the dealer presented him with a CarFax report that was clean. We went to trade in his car a few days ago and suddenly it shows undercarriage damage occuring in Feb 2004. But on the report it says CarFax did not start reporting this until Feb 2007. Also, a Ford garage did some work on wiring in his car and recorded the wrong milage and now CarFax will not allow the Ford garage to correct this. So dealers will not accept his car as a trade in. So we are out $18,000 because they didn't report the undercarriage damage in a timely manner and because they won't let the dealer correct a mistake.

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