Castleberry's Recall Includes Dog Food

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Augusta, GAWhile many people are removing Castleberry products from their kitchen shelves in light of the recent recall due to botulism contamination, they may not realize that the recall also includes several varieties of dog food.

Dog food items recalled by Castleberry's include:
  • Irish Stew Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs;

  • Chinese Take Out with Sauce with Vegetables & Chicken Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs;

  • Southern Style Dumplings with Gravy with Chicken & Vegetables Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs; and

  • Hobo Chili with Chicken Pasta Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs.

Castleberrys dog victimPets develop many of the same symptoms of botulism as humans do, including muscle weakness, drooping eyelids, and difficulty swallowing. Additionally, they may have difficulty holding their head up and their tongue may hang out of their mouth. Although there is no specific treatment for animal botulism, medical care may be helpful so people with pets displaying symptoms of botulism should contact a veterinarian immediately. Symptoms can develop up to 10 days after the animal has eaten the contaminated product.

In humans, symptoms of botulism include double or blurred vision, drooping eyelids, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, slurred speech, and muscle weakness. Botulism can lead to paralysis, respiratory failure and death. Anyone with symptoms of botulism should contact a physician immediately.

Although most people experience symptoms of botulism between 18 and 36 hours of eating contaminated food, symptoms can actually occur as early as six hours and as late as 10 days. If not treated, botulism can cause paralysis of the face, arms, breathing muscles, and legs.

Four cases of botulism linked to Castleberry food products have been confirmed; however officials are investigating possible cases of botulism in other states including Hawaii and California. Reports indicate that the patients became seriously ill, some requiring ventilators to help them breathe. One of the patients, a girl in Grade 7, was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of paralysis. Her brother, who was also admitted to hospital, has been released and is recovering.

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