Toshiba DLP Television Leaves One Family Feeling Ripped Off

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Washington, MIWhen John purchased his 44-inch Toshiba DLP TV at the end of 2004, he didn't skimp, but he feels Toshiba skimped on quality with the TV's defective bulb. When he replaced the defective bulb for the second time in three years (the first time was under warranty service), he learned of its astonishing price: more than $500.

"This is the most blatant violation of implied warranty that I could ever imagine," he said. "A three-year useful life for a premium television is obscene."

After moving to a new home, John and his wife decided to move their 27-inch TV into the bedroom and buy a new Toshiba DLP TV. John loves football and needed the large screen to better enjoy the games. Now with satellite TV, John was expecting to have years of service with the Toshiba DLP.

He was wrong.

DLP TV"We seriously considered scrapping it despite the absurd cost," he said upon learning that Toshiba wanted more than $500 for a new bulb. The first bulb was replaced within days of unpacking and setting up his new TV, and even then, the part was on backorder. "I said 'holy cow' at the price."

Toshiba told him that other distributors might sell the lamp assembly for less, and ultimately he found the part on an e-Bay sponsored link from a company in New Jersey. The total cost was about $125.

When the new part arrived, the retired automotive engineer noticed it looked different. The terminal on the side of the bulb was stalked to allow some wiggle room. That told him there were likely thermal stress issues in the early bulbs.

"It makes me think they had a thermal expansion problem," he said, adding that since Toshiba knew of these problems and have made corrections, he doesn't think he should be penalized by having purchased one of the first models.

What makes matters worse is that bulbs for newer and even bigger TVs are being sold for much, much less. In fact, the replacement bulb for his Toshiba DLP Model 44NHM84 is the highest priced bulb available for DLP TVs from Toshiba, he said.

"It's kind of ridiculous," he said. His initial TV research lead him away from LCD and plasma televisions as when their screens go, you pretty much throw out the entire TV as the cost of replacement parts is prohibitive. He believed that simply by changing a bulb with a DLP TV, the TV became a more reasonable purchase.

"It's not a bad idea but no one ever said the replacement bulb was $500 and expect it to go in three years," he said. "I feel like they created their own problem. Toshiba has a great reputation and this product doesn't even come close to fulfilling customer expectations."

He said that Toshiba's original part number for his defective bulb is now superseded with another number, indicating to him that the company is now using a better bulb.

"Clearly they knew they had a problem and they're ignoring it," John said. "If they had any customer sense whatsoever, if you're dealing with a really upset person, they wouldn't apply the standard burden rate and make a high-priced part."

He said he would never again purchase a Toshiba brand product as the company has made him suffer because he bought one of the first DLP models available.

"They ripped me off on the TV and then they ripped me off on the parts too."

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