Customers Upset About Defective Toshiba DLP Televisions

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Flint MIThe complaints are pouring in to LawyersandSettlements from customers who are unhappy about the short lifespan of their defective Toshiba television sets. Specifically, they are upset that the bulbs in the set burn out much more quickly than they were supposed to. Some customers say they even had to pay for replacement bulbs themselves, even though the warranty on their televisions had not expired.

Greg B. purchased his 52-inch Toshiba television in May 2005. He says that since that time, they have had to replace the bulb on the television three times. The first time the bulb quit working was just over a year after they bought the television. A new part was ordered and the bulb was replaced. Then, around 16 months later the bulb went out again. Yet again a new bulb was ordered and it was replaced. Then, on December 22, 2007, the bulb went out a third time. The part was not replaced until January 10, 2008.

DLP TVsLuckily, Greg's wife purchased the extended warranty, so Greg says they did not have pay for replacement bulbs. However, the process of having a bulb replaced can be a pain. Furthermore, the whole time Greg still had to pay his cable bill, even though he was without his television.

"In the past, Toshiba was regarded with good dependability," Greg says. "This is the first time I have seen something like this going on. The bulbs are supposed to last 5,000 to 6,000 hours on average. We were repeatedly short of that by about 4,500 hours.

"We waited over two weeks to have the television fixed this time. And, we were still paying the cable bill. That's two weeks of cable you can't use it for. The hard part is the time involved in trying to get this fixed. It takes two weeks—they have to come and diagnose the problem, then go and order the part because they don't keep it in stock. Then they have to come back to replace the part. It's rough scheduling times during the week to get it fixed."

Greg is not the only person upset about his Toshiba television. Daniel P. (not his real name) also purchased a 52-inch Toshiba television in May 2005. He says he did a lot of research on televisions to make sure he made an informed decision. Daniel says that he knew bulb life was an issue in such televisions, so he researched that topic as well and discovered that bulbs in Toshiba televisions were meant to last between 6,000 and 8,000 hours.

Daniel says that he got just over 1,300 hours out of his television before the bulb burned out. "I watched it a lot at first," Daniel says. "But that television is downstairs, so I bought a smaller HD LDC set for my bedroom, which is the television I watched more often. The one downstairs did not get as much use. But I was watching the set one day in December [2007] and I heard a noise that kind of sounded like a snap. Then the screen went black. I had the extended warranty on it, so some repair people were sent and they determined that the bulb had shattered—there was broken glass inside the television. I had considerably fewer hours than Toshiba had stated as their average hours for the bulb."

Even though he had an extended warranty, Daniel says he was still charged for a replacement bulb--$213.93. He says that at the time, he accepted the problem as the luck of the draw, paid for the bulb and left the issue alone. It was not until he was notified by a friend that Toshiba had an ongoing bulb problem that he looked into the issue further.

Having an item not work the way it is supposed to is an especially frustrating experience. Having to pay for that item to be fixed even after having purchased an extended warranty can be even more aggravating. Replacing the same item three times in a span in which it should not have broken at all is ridiculous, especially when a lot of money was paid for an item that was thought to be good quality. Unfortunately, these are all issues that many people who bought Toshiba television sets are complaining about.

Some customers, frustrated over their experience, are now investigating a lawsuit against Toshiba alleging the company misrepresented the average lifespan of the bulbs in some of its television sets.

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Purchased a L135OU December 2013, just blacked out on the screen. Sound still works, no picture. Green light is solid, no help from Toshiba.

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I have a Toshiba 46inch LCD 3D television which I only bought 22 months ago and I am told that the LCD board has given in. On consulting an engineer I am given to believe it will cost £1250 to repair, the set only cost me £600 and to make matters worse, they tell me it is wear and tear. I believe from my experience of working for a television company a few years ago, I do not think that a modern TV, which has no controls on it, (therefore it is never touched,) can possible be down to "WEAR AND TEAR". I will bring you up to date when I look further into this!!!

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I have a POS 46" Toshiba Regza. Three defective lcd panels. Toshiba says, "too bad, it's out of warranty". Nothing we can do --no, I misspoke, nothing we will do." Won't even let me talk to a person in authority.

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I also have the toshiba Regza 52RC535U and after only 3 years and 3 months, have a defective screen, which I was told would cost anywhere from $1200 to $1800 to repair which is way more than I paid for the set. If there is a lawsuit pending, I definitely want to be in on it!! I am getting the vertical lines on the right 1/3 of my screen, which apparently is standard on the Toshiba Regza televisions.

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Worst TV and Company Ever
Pros: none
Cons: will not last, defective products, no company integrity, difficult to reach anyone at toshiba
"Do not purchase Toshiba products. They are junk and they do their company does not back their products. I bought a 52" Toshiba LCD from Costco (this is not a knock on Costco, I am a big fan and I am happy to see they are not carrying as many Toshiba products) for $2000 on 7/2008. It now has vertical lines obstructing the view in the middle of the TV. It is out of warranty, but less than 4 years old. It was not over used or damaged in any way. After weeks of trying to get someone from Toshiba on the phone, I just got off the phone with their management dept., who very politely documented my complaint and told me there was nothing they could do since it was out of warrant. I told him that I would never buy a Toshiba again and he said, "I can certainly understand how this experience would leave you dissatisfied with the product. I am not that old, but I remember when nobody purchased extended warranties b/c products were expected to last. Don't expect your Toshiba to last. I looked online (google it) Toshiba TVs don't last and they commonly seem to have this vertical line problem. Pass it on to anyone you know considering a TV purchase. They will thank you in the future. Also, if you know anyone that purchased a Toshiba 52" Regza and had the vertical line problem please have them email me: Thank you."

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32 inch Toshiba LCD TV - Model: 32DT2U1
i got this tv from Best Buy. It broke down after 1 1/2 months!
I contacted Toshiba for repair. It needs a new Main Board (brain of the tv so to speak)- and now it's over a week and they are still waiting for the repair part to arrive AND they cannot even tell me when it's going to be fixed.

They make thousands of these tvs and they don't have a repair part? Totally unacceptable. The Nexicore repair dept said "order" and "ship" are two different things. The repair part could be back ordered and they can't come over to fix my TV until they get the part.

i demanded that they send me a tv in the interim if they cannot give me an ETA, but they refused. this could go on for months.

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i have a 2007 toshiba tv 50'' and im on my third bulb but im seein some high numbers on here someones ripin u guys off i only pay $95 a piece for my bulbs thts the housing and shipping included... word of advice by a vizio i also have to of them there 47'' there on night and day no problem what so ever..

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I have 2006 DLP 50HM66
That is on its 3rd lamp $430.00 and now I have just found out that it now needs a Light engine assembly 2nd time part #75002047 $610.00
I called Toshiba customer service asking for some help on the cost of this and they are ABSOLUTLY not going to help me in any way (I even asked them to discount the part) I never asked for anything free but they refuse to budge at all.
the customer service sickens me and I will NEVER purchase another Toshiba product as long as I live.
Before I finished my conversation I told them this and they are fine with it I guess (Since no assistance will be offered)

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