Cancer Connection: Protopic and Elidel

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Quakertown, PA"My wife broke out in nasty rashes and the doctor assumed it was eczema so she was prescribed Elidel," says Fred Laincz. "Her rashes cleared up but at the same time she became very sick." Betsy Laincz, 59, was diagnosed with liver cancer and passed away last month.

Elidel and Protopic cancer grief"Betsy used Elidel for well over a year before she got really sick," says Laincz. "About two years ago she had a battery of tests and was diagnosed with liver cancer - she had used Elidel one year prior. Right away this medication seemed very suspect. The cancer doctors were very surprised that she had primary liver cancer; apparently it is highly unusual in Caucasians because liver cancer normally occurs from some other cancer in the body, such as breast cancer or skin cancer.

"We mentioned Elidel to her physician but he was looking for a cure, not a cause. However, there isn't a cure for primary liver cancer except a transplant. That was out of the question: by the time Betsy was diagnosed, the mass of her tumors was over the limit to be eligible for a transplant.

"My wife was a registered holistic nurse -- she had a fantastic diet and took care of herself. She ate macrobiotic foods and the last thing she thought she would die from would be something like liver cancer, which is usually caused by drugs and alcohol. She never had any psorrosis of the liver either -- which would normally happen as a stage before liver cancer.

Betsy and I brainstormed about how, what, why, where. Being a nurse, she read that Elidel was dangerous, and we did some more research about it online. We found out that people who took Protopic and Elidel had other cancers (such as leukemia and Non-Hodgkins lymphoma), not liver cancer.

But we were always so confused about why this happened, especially when the doctors told us that it didn't make sense. Maybe now that I have the opportunity to tell this, people will start paying attention. Maybe there are some people out there with liver cancer who used Protopic or Elidel and haven't yet made the connection."

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